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2013 Jun 151st?? Wing Eating Contest Levittown, NY
2012 Jun 101st?? Pickle Eating Contest Westbury, NY
2011 Apr 21st697 min Wing Eating Contest Manhattan, NY

Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle has uploaded a video of him breaking Don "Moses" Lerman's butter record of 7 1/4 pound sticks in 5 minutes.
Don Lerman has been announced as a judge in Sunday's National Bagel Eating Contest awarding $500.
Don "Moses" Lerman headlines the latest edition of Tablet Magazine's Unorthodox podcast. During the program, he tries to eat as many latkes as possible in five minutes.
MLE has posted a 2001 edition of its Gurgitator publication to twitter. Article topics include Kevin Lipsitz & Lorraine Arrol's marriage, the Glutton Bowl, Gut Buster, Cookie Jarvis' rookie of the year candidacy, Don Lerman's Cloud Burger record and the top 70. There are 2 people in that list currently ranked: Badlands Booker (#9) and Brian Seiken (#65) (Large images: page 1 | Page 2)
Don "Moses" Lerman announces he will attempt an eating challenge before the end of the year that he claims will prove he is the "world's greatest eater ever".
Don Lerman reports that "Krazy" Kevin Lipsitz completed a 10 pound pizza challenge at Naked City Pizza in Las Vegas with a mystery partner.
The Jerusalem Blueprint has an article about Jewish competitive eating asking why there are not more ranked Jewish competitive eaters. George Shea calls Crazy Legs Conti the only high ranked Jewish eater and Don Lerman is billed as the "Sandy Koufax of competitive eating". There is no mention of Dave "US Male" Goldstein.
Don Lerman is selling a set of his false teeth for $500. One of the dentures for sale was used recording Eats of Strength.
The runners-up column in the Wing Bowl Wikipedia page has been vandalized so that Rich "The Gavone" Sica is listed as having finished second (with 323 wings) in 2003 instead of Don "Moses" Lerman. "Bill 'El Crackhead' Simmons" is listed as the runner-up in 2011.
The Long Island Press has a report on the Kosher Barbecue Championship mentioning Don Lerman serving as a judge.
Don "Moses" Lerman will judge the eating contests held at the Long Island Kosher BBQ in Westbury, NY on June 9.
Buzzsaw Magazine has an article about Don "Moses" Lerman, who says he has retired from competitive eating for good. His biggest regret about his competitive eating career is that he did not start it when he was younger. (via The Lerman Report)
Don Lerman has a personal reason to be happy about the bankruptcy of Hostess, producer of Wonder Bread.
Don "Moses" Lerman was one of the subjects Franklin Foer and Marc Tracy, editors of Jewish Jocks, discussed on National Public Radio's Morning Edition earlier today. update Nov 24 has a full transcript including host Linda Wertheimer's praise of the Lerman section.
Washington Jewish Week's article about the new book Jewish Jocks mentions the section about Don "Moses" Lerman.
Jewish Jocks: An Unorthodox Hall of Fame was released today. The section about Don "Moses" Lerman, part of which can be read on Google Books, credits him as the innovator of competitive eating and the popularizer of techniques like water training. The book's twitter has links to excerpts and other information.
The upcoming book Jewish Jocks (to be released October 30) will have a section about Don "Moses" Lerman (titled "The Ben Franklin of Competitive Eating") along with other Jewish sports figures like Sandy Koufax, Mark Spitz and Bobby Fischer. (via biographies615) update The New Republic has a section from the book about Arnold Rothstein, alleged fixer of the 1919 World Series.
Don Lerman announces he won a rib eating contest held in Hempstead, NY.
Brian Seiken has uploaded a segment about competitive eating from the Sally Jesse Raphael show that originally aired in 2002. Eric "Badlands" Booker, Don "Moses" Lerman, Rich Shea and Lorraine Arrol appear.
Don Lerman announces he tied for first at the pickle eating contest held at the Long Island Kosher Barbecue Championship.
Don "Moses" Lerman is still upset about having his picture on Nathan's "Wall of Fame" painted over. He also believes he was third in the 2001 Nathan's finals.
Brian Seiken has uploaded "Gutbusters" to youtube: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3. The 2002 Discovery Channel program documents the efforts of Ed "Cookie" Jarvis, Don "Moses" Lerman and "Krazy" Kevin Lipsitz to qualify for the Nathan's finals.
Don Lerman announces he set a house record at a Buffalo Wild Wings location by eating 12 habanero hot wings in 1:25.
Don Lerman has updated the appearance of
Don Lerman announces he intends to sue the United Nations for using his image in a video titled "Don't be a Pig".
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