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Don Lerman has posted his account of the 2001 Nathan's finals. Don believes he should have finished third in that contest behind Takeru Kobayashi and Kaz Arai.
Don Lerman is posting his competitive eating autobiography on his blog. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Don Lerman announces that he is dropping competitive eating coverage from his website due to lack of interest.
Don Lerman reports he won today's wing eating contest at Dukes by eating 69 wings in 7 minutes. Duke's facebook has a picture of Lerman holding the trophy. update A gallery has been uploaded.
The University of Wisconsin's student paper lists Don "Moses" Lerman, "Jammin" Joe LaRue and Chris "The Mad Greek" Abatsas along with defending champion Ian Hickman as expected entrants in Saturday's National Food Court Eating Championship in Madison, WI. update The Daily Page has a longer preview and The Onion's AV Club has a youtube guide to competitive eating.
"Jammin" Joe LaRue, Don "Moses" Lerman and Chris "The Mad Greek" Abatsas are listed as expected entrants in National Food Court Championship in Madison, Wisconsin on February 5.
Don "Moses" Lerman has posted a video promoting Sunday's Latke Eating contest at Zan's Deli, where he will attempt to defend his title.
Don Lerman announces that he has had new dental implants installed and expects to return to the competitive eating circuit.
Don Lerman reports he tied for first place with Will Millender in the burrito eating contest held today at two Baja Fresh locations in Manhattan.
Don "Moses" Lerman has started a new blog at update Lerman has also started a twitter page at
An article about the Couch Potato Olympics is illustrated with a picture of Don "Moses" Lerman and Pat "from Moonachie" Philbin from a 2006 Nathan's qualifier. reports that Ed "Cookie" Jarvis, Kevin Lipsitz, Don Lerman and Don Lerman's nephew Ryan Urban are competing in a "Biggest Loser" contest.
A picture of the latke eating contest at Zan's Deli in Lake Grove, Long Island won by Don "Moses" Lerman appeared on the front page of The Times of Middle Country.

Don Lerman wins Zan’s latkes reports that Don “Moses” Lerman won the latke eating contest at Zan’s Deli today. Paul “Pork Slap” Arcaria was second. According to the eatfeats database, this is Lerman’s first win in a sanctioned contest since the August 2004 Nathan’s qualifier in Saratoga Springs, NY.

update Don Lerman has posted a video announcing his retirement from competitive eating to his blog.

update Dec 15 Recent comments for this post not pertaining to the latke contest have been moved to the “Abuse Room” thread

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Don Lerman has uploaded a new Gustoff Zhychick video to
Don Lerman's blog has changed its focus from competitive eating to Jewish topics. The most recent blog entry lists famous Jewish athletes.
Don Lerman compares himself to Humpty Dumpty in his latest blog entry. has a slideshow of its curry eating contest.
CNN has an article about the health risks of competitive eating. Don Lerman is listed as a retired competitive eater even though he participated in the Go! Go! Curry! contest in May.

GJoe wins Go! Go! Curry!

update #3 Midtown Lunch has a contest report

update #2 has a contest report

update Metromix has an article with 44 pictures containing official results:

1. Joe Menchetti 26 bowls
2. Dale Boone 25
3. Don “Moses” Lerman 23
4. Masato Tomita 16
5. Paul Arcaria 13

The article has pictures of Don Lerman’s and Paul Arcaria’s apparent reversals (Don Lerman claims he did not reverse)

update Time Out NY has a gallery

(Don Lerman is in white, Dale Boone in red)

5:47 Don Lerman 3rd despite his reversal, Masato Tomita 4th, Paul Arcaria 5th

5:45 Joe Menchetti is the winner, Dale Boone 2nd

5:42 It looks like Don Lerman is reversing

5:41 The contest has ended

5:26 The contest has started

5:17 The introductions have started. Don Lerman is the first to be introduced, Dale Boone the second.

The webcast of the Go! Go! Curry! finals has started at

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If you click on the picture on Don Lerman's latest blog entry, it will take you to a British dentist's website.
The qualifier leader board on has been updated and lists Paul Arcaria as the new leader with a time of 55 seconds. Don Lerman is in second place.
The facebook page for Maraschino Ice Cream has a video of Don Lerman's victory at the hands-free eating contest held during its grand opening
(from MosesNews) MidTownLunch reports that some local amateurs are upset about Don Lerman competing in the contest held at Go! Go! Curry!.

Don Lerman takes Go! Go! Curry! qualifying lead

Midtown Lunch reports that Don “Moses” Lerman has taken the lead in qualifying for the finals of the curry eating competition sponsored by Go! Go! Curry!. Lerman posted a time of one minute even at last night’s qualifier. The blog entry contains a quote from Crazy Legs Conti.

update Video of Don Lerman at Go! Go! Curry! has been posted

Don Lerman has posted a blog entry

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