2001 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest category

Japanese competitive eaters on “Matsuko Deluxe” show

Takeru Kobayashi appeared on today’s episode of Matsuko Deluxe a show starring a plus-size transvestite. Additional guests include:

  • Takako Akasaka, 3rd place in 2000 Nathan’s and first woman to exceed 20 hot dogs in a Nathan’s July 4 contest
  • Nobuyuki “The Giant” Shirota 3rd place in 2004 Nathan’s and winner of 3 out of 4 Food Battle Club contests
  • Kaz Arai 2000 Nathan’s winner and 2001 Nathan’s runner up

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In a medium.com post, Darren Rovell says that a report on Kobayashi's victory in the Nathan's 2001 finals where he doubled the pre-existing record was the most sent ESPN.com article of 2001.
Don Lerman has posted his account of the 2001 Nathan's finals. Don believes he should have finished third in that contest behind Takeru Kobayashi and Kaz Arai.