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2015 Jan 30?11330 min Wing Bowl 23 - local Philadelphia, PA
2015 Jan 30?11330 min Wing Bowl 23 - national Philadelphia, PA
2014 Jul 414th10 10 minNathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest - men Brooklyn, NY

Pat Bertoletti wins Wing Bowl 23 for 1st competitive eating “major”

Here are the top 10
1 444 Pat Bertoletti – ate 51 wings in final 2 minutes
2 440 Molly Schuyler – first loss in over 15 months
3 280 Notorious Bob Shoudt, top local
4 260 Tiger Wings & Things
5 219 Tim “Gravy” Brown
6-10 Quazy 123 1st half
6-10 Skin & Bones 123 1st half
6-10 El Clownador (Sean Gordon) 113 1st half
6-10 Moe Train 107 1st half
6-10 Matt & Cheese 96 1st half
11 “Love Handles” 95 total according to report
? “Stormin Norman” college winner
DQ Mick Foley – disqualified for cheating

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The Wing Bowl twitter incorrectly claims that this was the closest Wing Bowl Ever. The 2005 and 2011 Wing Bowls were decided by 1 wing.

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Wing Bowl 23 odds released

The official odds for Wing Bowl 23 have been released. The “Unknown Eater” is not listed as a local despite being billed as a Philly area resident during his qualification stunt. Some of the favorites:

  • National Prize: Molly Schuyler 2-1 “Unknown Eater” 4-1 Pat Bertoletti 5-1 David Brunelli 5-1 Tim Brown 9-1 Mick Foley 10-1 Joe Menchetti 12-1
  • Local Prize: David Brunelli 4-1 Bob Shoudt 4-1 “Egghead” 5-1 Sean “El Clownador” Gordon 5-1 “Skin & Bones” 6-1 Kevin Ambs 8-1

update has an article about Wing Bowl preparations making the claim that the “Unknown Eater” has defeated Molly Schuyler. Her only documented loss was to Jamie McDonald in a 2013 pumpkin pie contest. has an anti Wing Bowl column

Thrillist has a list of 11 things you didn’t know about the Wing Bowl.

Philly Voice has a preview. Angelo Cataldi calls Molly the big favorite and says that Kobayashi declined to participate after learning that she would compete.

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Sean Gordon receives Hooters finals spot

The field for Thursday’s Hooters World Wing Eating Championship has been announced. Sean Gordon has apparently received a wild-card berth after eating 94 wings to finish fourth in the Panama City, FL qualifier. 94 wings was not the most by someone finishing outside the top 3: Jeff Butler, Steve Hendry, Juan Rodriguez, Andrew Kogutkiewicz and Corey Fanguy all ate more(94+ results after jump)

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Dave "US Male" Goldstein has a facebook post about finishing the Philly Broad Street 10 mile run with Sean "Flash" Gordon and Micah "Wing Kong" Collins. (via email)
Main Line Today has an article about east Pennsylvania competitive eating featuring Brian Dudzinski, Sean Gordon and Bob Shoudt (billed as the oldest competitor on the MLE circuit).
The facebook for the US Naval Base in Guam has pictures of a slider eating contest. Crazy Legs Conti, Eric "Steakbellie" Livingston and Sean Gordon were participants.

2012 Nathan’s finals coverage Part 2

General contest links

Competitor-specific links

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2012 Nathan’s Las Vegas qualifier

update Apr 30 The Las Vegas Sun has a gallery

update Apr 29 Haute Living has an article and NCAADave has a video

1) Sean Gordon 30 HDB, defends Las Vegas qualifier title
2) Rich LeFevre 27 HDB, takes wild-card lead
3T) Juan “More Bite” Rodgriguez 22 HDB, MLE debut
3T) Ron Koch 22 HDB

1) Juliet Lee 27 HDB, will compete in Nathan’s finals for 6th straight year
?) Mary Bowers 9.5 HDB, takes apparent lead in women’s wild card race

update 6:51 Winners have been announced. Sean Gordon has repeated as the male champion w/30 HDB. Juliet Lee is the female winner w/ 27.

The contest is about to start.

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Sean Gordon’s parents in motorcycle accident

Red Knights has very sad news about Sean Gordon’s parents, Gary and Janea Gordon. After a motorcycle accident on Saturday, Janea passed away as a result of injuries and Gary was hospitalized and is currently in critical condition. A CarePage for Gary has been set up (via email) update care page link changed

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Sean "Flash" Gordon conducted a wine tasting for to determine what type of wine goes best with Nathan's hot dogs.

Sean Gordon wins Nathan’s Las Vegas qualifier, Stephanie Torres 3rd w/23 hot dogs

update Apr 28 Naader Reda has a video (via Stephanie Wu)

update Apr 26 #2 Naader Reda and Robin Leach have blog entries.

update Apr 26 Don Sturdy has a gallery

update Apr 25 Gaming Today has an article which claims that Adrian Morgan qualified for the finals.

6:47 Naader Reda has the top 3
1 Sean Gordon 30 hdbs
2 Adrian Morgan 27
3 Stephanie Torres 23 4th woman to break 20 hot dogs, best female debut of 10 minute qualifier era

6:44 It appears Rich LeFevre is competing according to this picture

6:38 The contest has started

6:27 Introductions have started

Some thoughts before the qualifier:

  • Sonya Thomas Nathan’s debut was 18 hot dogs in 12 minutes with no previous eating contests. Juliet Lee ate 28 in 12 minutes after competing in the IFOCE for almost a year.
  • Unresolved questions about the women’s division: Will Sonya Thomas receive a bye since she is the women’s record holder | Will there be a women’s wild card? (if two women exceed 10 hot dogs at one qualifier)
  • The differential between the men’s and women’s Nathan’s prizes has been receiving some critical media attention: Time | | Jezebel

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Daily Local has a report on Sean Gordon and his trip to Guantanomo Bay in Cuba with Eric "Steakbellie" Livingston and Micah "Wing Kong" Collins. updated 10:39 am
Micah "Wing Kong" Collins reports he is leaving Guantanamo Bay in Cuba with other unnamed MLE eaters. update Eric "Steakbellie" Livingston also traveled to Cuba. update Sept 9 JTFGTMO has a video showing Hall Hunt and Sean Gordon also traveled to Cuba. update Sept 9 #2 mentions the trip.

2010 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest field

(Bumped & Modified originally posted June 27)

The following people won a slot in the 2010 Nathan’s finals by winning a qualifier. The second column is the number of hot dogs eaten in the qualifier (click on the names to see their contest history)

2010 May 6 29 “Big” Ben Monson Las Vegas, NV
2010 May 8 38.5 Eric “Badlands” Booker Foxborough (Boston), MA
2010 May 8 18 Bryan “Big Sexy” Beard San Jose, CA
2010 May 15 23 Peter “Pretty Boy” Davekos East Hartford, CT
2010 May 15 28 Tim “Gravy” Brown Newnan, GA
2010 May 29 40 “Notorious” Bob Shoudt Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 5 29 Erik “The Red” Denmark Tempe, AZ
2010 Jun 6 12 Andrew Bosque Virginia Beach, VA
2010 Jun 12 34 Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas Norfolk, VA
2010 Jun 13 23.5 Sean “Flash” Gordon Thackerville, OK
2010 Jun 19 13 Kristopher Adams Fayetteville, NC
2010 Jun 19 30 Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti Charlotte, NC
2010 Jun 26 46 Tim “Eater X” Janus Queens, NY
2010 Jun 26 25 Crazy Legs Conti Escondido, CA
2010 Jun 26 28.25 Juliet Lee Fishkill, NY

Allen Goldstein received a slot by leading the wild card standings. Here are the wild card standings according to results in the eatfeats datbase (qualifier winners not listed):

2010 May 8 28.75 Allen “Shredder” Goldstein Foxborough (Boston), MA
2010 May 15 27 “Jammin” Joe LaRue Newnan, GA
2010 May 29 25 “Buffalo” Jim Reeves Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 5 25 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan Tempe, AZ
2010 May 29 24.5 Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 26 24 Micah “Wing Kong” Collins Fishkill, NY
2010 Jun 5 22 Damon “The Omen” Wells Tempe, AZ
2010 Jun 26 21 Brian “Dud Light” Dudzinski Queens, NY
2010 May 29 20 Dave “U. S. Male” Goldstein Atlantic City, NJ

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Sean Gordon wins Winstar Casino qualifier

update June 14 Patrick Michels has a contest report for the Dallas Observer.
Adrian Morgan has a gallery.

update 3:00 The eating contest twitter has the top 4:

1) Sean Gordon 23.5
2) Crazy Legs Conti 23
3) Adrian Morgan 20.5
4) Nate Biller 14.5

update 2:50 Sean Gordon is the winner with 23.5 HDB

update 2:40 The qualifier is over, but results have yet to be announced.

update 2:20 The contest has yet to start. It looks like the WinStarWorld twitter will have real time updates.

The qualifier should start at 2 pm eastern, according to the Adrian Against facebook.

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DailyLocal has an article about Sean Gordon who claims he dips his hot dogs in a secret ingredient. Sean Gordon surprises at Patriots Place

update #2 WHDH has a video and article

update dmspring has a flickr gallery There is also a picture on twitpix

2:10: davekos and goldstein tie 1/23 hdb’s sean gordon advances to CI w/26 – George Shea confirms

The top 4
1) Sean Gordon 26 HDB
2T) Allen “Goldstein” 23 HDB
2T) Pete “Pretty Boy” Davekos 23 HDB
4) Russ Keeler 15.5 HDB

1:59 – 5 mins in goldstein and davekos w/16 each

12:58 introductions have started according to

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Wilmington (Del) Hot Dog results

(From Sean Gordon)

At Frawley (Blue Rocks) Field, 8 minutes

1. Sean Gordon – 17 HDB
2. Joel “The Cannon” Podelsky – 13 HDB
3. Gabe Venit- 11.5 HDB, 2nd contest (first was qualifier)

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Lancaster hot dog results

Megamunch has a report from today’s hot dog eating contest in Lancaster, PA where he finished 5th. Sean Gordon from Philadelphia won the contest.


Humble Bob wins Shoo Fly Pie contest

from megamunch & steakbellie

1. Humble Bob Shoudt – 9+ pounds 8 minutes ($2000 prize)
2. Tim “Eater X” Janus – 8+ pounds ($500)
3. “Cincinnati Kid” Nathan Kunce 5.5 pounds ($100)
4. Crazy Legs Conti – 5.4 lbs
5. Brian Subich – 5 lbs range
6. Micah ‘Wing Kong’ Collins – 4.9lbs
7. Steakbellie – 4.6lbs

Brickhouse Braunstein looked to be 2 slices into his second pie (2.6 lbs pie)

Dave Shoffner, the author of megamunch, ate 2 lb. 7 oz.

Dave Shoffner also has a flickr gallery of the contest

Amateur Contest
1. “gooey” Sean Gordon 3.75lb ($250 gift certificate)
2. Chris “the hunk” Brunk 3.5lb
3. Intimidater” JD Slater 3.1 lb

results updated June 25, 4:37 pm

updated 11:18 pm Steakbellie has a gallery also, and wonders why Dave Shoffner’s galleries lacks any pictures of Eagles cheerleaders

Updated 6/30 6:09 pm Steakbellie has posted a blog entry about the contest

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