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Ben Monson wins 2010 Los Angeles gyoza contest

updateThe Gyoza top 3 from the eating contest twitter

Ben Monson 189, ends Joey Chestnut’s 4 year streak
Erik “The Red” Denmark 134
Kevin Ross 116

Omniblast has a picture of the contest

The gyoza contest should start at 4:30 eastern, 1:30 Pacific.

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Val Bromann reports that Ben Monson has won the IFOCE rookie of the year for 2010.

2010 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest field

(Bumped & Modified originally posted June 27)

The following people won a slot in the 2010 Nathan’s finals by winning a qualifier. The second column is the number of hot dogs eaten in the qualifier (click on the names to see their contest history)

2010 May 6 29 “Big” Ben Monson Las Vegas, NV
2010 May 8 38.5 Eric “Badlands” Booker Foxborough (Boston), MA
2010 May 8 18 Bryan “Big Sexy” Beard San Jose, CA
2010 May 15 23 Peter “Pretty Boy” Davekos East Hartford, CT
2010 May 15 28 Tim “Gravy” Brown Newnan, GA
2010 May 29 40 “Notorious” Bob Shoudt Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 5 29 Erik “The Red” Denmark Tempe, AZ
2010 Jun 6 12 Andrew Bosque Virginia Beach, VA
2010 Jun 12 34 Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas Norfolk, VA
2010 Jun 13 23.5 Sean “Flash” Gordon Thackerville, OK
2010 Jun 19 13 Kristopher Adams Fayetteville, NC
2010 Jun 19 30 Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti Charlotte, NC
2010 Jun 26 46 Tim “Eater X” Janus Queens, NY
2010 Jun 26 25 Crazy Legs Conti Escondido, CA
2010 Jun 26 28.25 Juliet Lee Fishkill, NY

Allen Goldstein received a slot by leading the wild card standings. Here are the wild card standings according to results in the eatfeats datbase (qualifier winners not listed):

2010 May 8 28.75 Allen “Shredder” Goldstein Foxborough (Boston), MA
2010 May 15 27 “Jammin” Joe LaRue Newnan, GA
2010 May 29 25 “Buffalo” Jim Reeves Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 5 25 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan Tempe, AZ
2010 May 29 24.5 Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 26 24 Micah “Wing Kong” Collins Fishkill, NY
2010 Jun 5 22 Damon “The Omen” Wells Tempe, AZ
2010 Jun 26 21 Brian “Dud Light” Dudzinski Queens, NY
2010 May 29 20 Dave “U. S. Male” Goldstein Atlantic City, NJ

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Punching Kitty: Ben Monson set Crown Candy Kitchen record

Punching Kitty has an update on the malt record recently set at the Crown Candy Kitchen by someone claiming to be Kevin Ross. The owner of the Crown Candy Kitchen, Andy Karandzieff, posted a picture of the record setter, and it is definitely not the Kevin Ross who qualified for the 2008 Nathan’s finals.

The “Kevin Ross” claimed to have completed the Pointersaurus, but no information is available on Pointer’s Pizza facebook.

update Barry Stagg reports that the #7 ranked eater (Ben Monson) ate the King Kong Burger challenge in 8 minutes at Ray’s Franks in Houston.

update #2 KSDK and the Riverfront Times have articles.

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Top Nathan’s qualifier debuts since 2005

Here are the five best Nathan’s qualifier debuts since 2005 according to the eatfeats database:

2006 Jun 17 1st 38 12 min Chip “The Phenom” Simpson Bloomington, MN
2008 May 10 2nd 30 10 min Patrick Vandam Apple Valley, MN
2007 Jun 9 2nd 28 12 min Juliet Lee Charlotte, NC
2007 Jun 28 2nd 26.5 12 min Brad “The Lunatic” Sciullo West Chester, PA
2007 May 19 2nd 24 12 min Tim “Gravy” Brown East Hartford, CT

The new poll asks how many hot dogs will Ben Monson eat in the Las Vegas Nathan’s qualifier. has an article about the contest.

A list of 15+ HDB Nathan’s qualifier debuts since 2005 in the eatfeats database follows after the jump:

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George Shea announces that Ben Monson will compete in the first Nathan's qualifier in Las Vegas on May 6.
Ben Monson has posted some pictures from trips to the El Torrito All You Can Eat brunch and the Hometown Buffet with Damon Wells. He also posted a picture from a recent lunch consisting of 5 pounds of green beans and a pound of turkey. has a short interview with Ben Monson, who will look to extend his winning streak against Joey Chestnut on Wednesday.
In a forum thread, Ben Monson reports he completed the Big Foot Challenge at I Love Big Al's in Vancouver, Washington and received a prize package containing a 46 inch TV, a home theater system and a Playstation 3

Ben Monson eats 59 pancakes at IHOP AYCE

The International House of Pancakes recently restarted its all you can eat offer. An IHOP official told Ken Hoffman of the Houston Chronicle that the all time AYCE pancake record is 46, which is contradicted by Ron Koch’s total of 50 pancakes in 2008.

Andrew “A Bomb” Lane has a blog entry about eating 23 pancakes at IHOP. His server told him that he no longer hold the record at that location; a woman ate 40 pancakes earlier in the week.

A member ate 26 pancakes in 45 minutes, which he claims is 2 less than what Pete Czerwinski ate.

update Jan 11 Ben Monson has posted pictures to from his trip to IHOP today where he ate 59 pancakes (via comment)

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The video of Ben Monson attempting to break Joey Chestnut's Quadruple Bypass burger record in August is available at the Heart Attack Grill's facebook.

Ben Monson wins Jose’s flautas

WINNER!! Bad Ben Monson with 65 flautas in 8 min.!! on Twitpic

update #5 Jose’s facebook has a contest gallery

update #4 SDNN has a slideshow

update #3 NBCSanDiego has a video and article which calls the winner “Ben Munson”.

update #2 The rest of the results are on the MLE facebook

update The top 5 from the MLE facebook:

1) Ben Monson 65 flautas
2) Joey Chestnut 56
3) Erik “The Red” Denmark 45
4) Eric “Badlands” Booker 43
5) Ben Taylor 41

Joses twitpic page has some pictures

Joses’s flauta contest is expected to start a 4 pm Pacific time (7 pm eastern)

Badlands Booker has posted a picture from the contest site.

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Ben Monson has posted pictures to of what he believes is his highest calorie (totalling 29,100) meal ever consisting of a bag of trail mix, 6 BLT sandwiches, 6 containers of ice cream and 4 glasses of milk.