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The Jamaica Star has a profile of competitive eater Jeremy "Gravy" Brown, who reportedly ate 13.5 pounds of dumplings.
Lazy Croc's BBQ in San Pedro, Belize will award $1000 BZD (about $500 US) to a customer that can finish its "Deal with the Devil" spicy wing challenge.  update March 23 The San Pedro Scoop has a report about the contest won by Wade "The Gringo".

Joey Chestnut defends Taco Bell Why Pay More? Title

update August 11 El Neuvo Dia article about Tim Janus (via Marcos Billy)

The top 2 from the Taco Bell Why Pay More? challenge in Puerto Rico

1) Joey Chestnut 52 tacos
2) Tim “Eater X” 43 tacos

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Taco Bell Puerto Rico's facebook page has a video of an interview Tim "Eater X" did on local television to promote tomorrow's Why Pay More Challenge?
Registration for the Why Pay More! 2012 Soft Taco Challenge in San Juan, Puerto Rico on August 10 will open today at 6 pm eastern on update August 1 Joey Chestnut says he will not be allowed to defend his title.

Joey Chestnut wins Taco Bell challenge, Janus & Stonie tie for 2nd

update 9:51 The Taco Bell facebook has a gallery

update 7:57 Official results:
1) Joey Chestnut 53 tacos in 10 minutes
2T) Tim Janus 48 tacos
2T) Matt Stonie 48 tacos
4) Eric “Badlands” Booker 34
5) Pete Davekos 31
6) Sean Brockert 10

update 7:35 Yentzen reports that Joey Chestnut ate 53 burritos to break the previous record of 48.

update 7:31 (I think these are the results. The audio is difficult to make out) 1) Joey Chestnut 2) Tim Janus 3) Matt Stonie 4) Badlands Booker 5) Pete Davekos

update 7:22 The contest is over

update 7:13 The contest has started and the video is down again.

update 7:08 The video is back on an professional introductions have started.

update 6:12 The event appears to be opening with an amateur contest. The signs have both number and prices for the amount of tacos eaten.

The contest should start at 6pm according to Taco Bell Puerto Rico’s facebook page.

update A webcast of the contest is available on UStream

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Registration will open on at July 11 (12 pm eastern) for a Taco Bell soft taco contest to be held July 29 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The total purse will be $5,000.
Micah "Wing Kong" Collins reports he is leaving Guantanamo Bay in Cuba with other unnamed MLE eaters. update Eric "Steakbellie" Livingston also traveled to Cuba. update Sept 9 JTFGTMO has a video showing Hall Hunt and Sean Gordon also traveled to Cuba. update Sept 9 #2 mentions the trip.
InsulaTV has a video from the Taco Bell Challenge in Puerto Rico where Sonya Thomas ate 53 tacos in 12 minutes.

Man vs. Food July 21, 2010 (Puerto Rico) episode links

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Sonya Thomas reports she ate 53 tacos in 12 minutes in Puerto Rico, raising $6,625 for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico Taco Bell facebook has a post and gallery. has a pre-contest article and video.
The MLE facebook announces that Sonya Thomas will participate in the Taco Bell Why Pay More soft taco eating challenge in Puerto Rico on July 15. Takeru Kobayashi ate 64 Taco Bell burritos in Puerto Rico in 2009.

AOL on IFOCE Guantanamo Bay trip

AOL News has a report on the report on the trip to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base by three IFOCE members on Labor Day weekend:

Tim “Eater X” Janus, “Pretty Boy” Pete Davekos and “Crazy Legs” Conti — the fourth-, 13th- and 14th-ranked eaters in the world — boarded a C-40 Clipper at a private airstrip in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Saturday, for the special Pro-Am Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.

The plane — a military version of a Boeing 737 — circled Castro’s island nation, so as not to invade Cuban airspace, before reaching the base.

“Every moment was completely thrilling,” Janus told AOL News. “I don’t know if it was top secret by a military definition. But it was definitely secret. They told us we weren’t allowed to talk about it.”

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IFOCE Guantanamo Bay Labor Day event has a report about an event held on Labor Day to entertain the military personnel at Guantanamo Bay Navy Base. Tim Janus, Crazy Legs Conti and Pete Davekos sat out the lucrative Labor Day weekend contests to compete in a Pro-Am Nathan’s competition paired with a member of the armed forces.
The only coverage of the event I could find is a brief mention on Traveling Miles.

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Kobayashi eats 64 Taco Bell burritos in Puerto Rico

A video of Takeru Kobayashi eating 64 Taco Bell burritos at a recent charity event in Puerto Rico has been posted to youtube. A caption says the duration was 15 minutes. Kobayashi’s most recent blog entry is about his trip to Puerto Rico.

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Kobayashi's latest blog entry reports that he is currently in Puerto Rico to do a charity eating contest for Taco Bell.

Link Buffet: November 12, 2007

Cayman Island conch fritter results reports on a conch fritter eating contest held during “Conchquest 07”, a celebration of conch in the Cayman Islands:

The first-ever Cayman Islands conch fritter eating contest was held on Saturday 3, November.

Deal Ebanks, 48, from West Bay chewed up seven other strong competitors by devouring 43 conch fritters in six minutes, clearly threatening the world record of 45 held by Joe Menchetti.

The contest, sponsored by Cayman’s favourite rock station 96.5 CayRock and Lipton PureLeaf Tea, was held at Macabuca at the Cracked Conch before over 200 spectators with eight entrants competing for a CI$1,000 cash prize.

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Cayman Islands conch fritter contest has an article about Conchquest 07:

The day will culminate with the official Cayman Islands conch fritter eating contest.

96.5 CayRock Programme Director and Morning Show Host Ben Maxwell said: “We hope to attract contestants both locally and internationally. The current conch fritter eating record is 45 fritters in six minutes – held by ‘gentleman’ Joe Menchetti.”

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Barbadian claims Guinness onion eating record reports on the Barbados World Record Festival:

The event of the day though was the onion-eating competition, which last year’s pizza-eating Guinness Book record holder Nyron Weekes was hoping to swallow. This time around he was no eating match for Samuel Grazette.

It took only three big bites and it was all over in an amazing 48 seconds. The previous record was held by an Italian in 1.29 seconds. [I assume that should be 1.29 minutes or 1 minute 29 seconds]

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Barbadians attempt Guinness pizza record

The bajanreporter reports that Barbadians (residents of the Caribbean island of Barbados) will attempt to break the Guinness record for eating a twelve inch pizza, which is claimed to be 2 minutes and 58 seconds. A qualifier will be held at Sheraton’s Pizza man Doc restaurant on March 24, and all eaters who finish their pizzas in under four minutes will appear at a contest at the Barbados World Records festival on March 31.

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