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Three random Frederick, MD eating challenges
1.5 lb. burger The Monument Captain Benders Tavern Sharpsburg, MD topped w/ chili, cheese, hot sauce, fried pickles, onion rings & dipping sauce served w/ chili cheese fries
big sandwich Key to the City Eating Challenge Frederick Keys games Frederick, MD 10 1/3 lb. burgers, 2 lb. bbq pulled pork, 1 lb. onion rings
12 in burger Burkinator Challenge Burkett's Deli Hagerstown, MD includes 3 large orders of chili fries
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The Frederick News Post has an article about Molly Schuyler finishing 2 Avalanche challenge burgers at Chubby's in Emmetsburg, MD.
A Key to the City Eating Challenge containing 10 1/3 lb. burgers, 2 lbs. bbq pulled pork and 1 lb. onion rings is available at Frederick (MD) Keys home games. Diners who can eat the massive sandwich in under 90 minutes will get it for free.
The Hagerstown (MD) Suns need one more competitor for a July 4 hot dog eating contest awarding a gas grill.
Chubby's BBQ in Emmitsburg, MD has a gallery of an unnamed woman who is the first person to finish its "Avalanche" burger challenge.
RoyRogersRestaurants has a video of the roast beef slider contest and MajorLeagueEating's youtube channel has coverage of Martorano's meatball eating contest. has a podcast of Pete Davekos' interview on Monday to talk about the Roy Rogers roast beef slider contest.
MSNBC has a video about the Roy Rogers roast beef slider contest, Bob Shoudt (now at has a contest report and Brian Seiken has a report and video.

Notorious B.O.B wins Roy Rogers Roast Beef sliders

update Nov 16 #2 Brian Seiken has a contest report and video

update Nov 16 has a news video and the Frederick News-Post has an article and slideshow

update 3:02 The eatingcontest twitter has a twitpic of the result form

update 2:32 The results are being announced on

1. Bob Shoudt 37 sliders in 8 minutes
2. Sonya Thomas 33
3. Juliet Lee 26
4. Badlands Booker 25.25
5. Russ Keeler 22.75
6. Crazy Legs Conti 21
7. Micah “Wing Kong” Collins 20 (or 21)
8. Brian Subich 19.5
9. Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin 18.5
10. Pete Davekos 17
11T “Wild” Bill Myers 14
11T “Beautiful” Brian Seiken 14
13 Steve Spinosa 13
14 Karl Ford (?) 9

update 2:20 The contest should be over now. Pat Philbin has posted a lot of pictures to his twitpic page. reports that introductions for the professional contest will start at 1:45pm.

Pete Davekos did promo contests on ABC2 and 98 Rock yesterday.

Comments (30) has a list of the competitors at the Roy Rogers Roast Beef Slider Eating World Championship.
The Roy Rogers twitter announces that Sonya Thomas and Crazy Legs Conti will compete in the November 14 roast beef slider eating contest. "Notorious" Bob Shoudt and Pat Philbin are other expected entrants.
Registration for the Roy Rogers Roast Beef Sandwich Eating Championship will open tomorrow at 3pm.
Rich Shea confirms that the Roy Rogers Roast Beef Sliders Eating Contest will be an IFOCE contest with a professional and amateur division. The contest will take place in Maryland on November 14.