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Three random Oregon Coast eating challenges
big burrito Burrito Challenge Casa Del Sol Seaside, OR
3 lb. burger Forby's Burger Challenge Forby's Family Diner Coos Bay, OR has not been finished in 117 attempts
spicy burger The Challenge Burger Forby's Family Diner Coos Bay, OR burger has spicy toppings
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DailyAstorian.com has an article about former MLE competitor Cameron McKirdy, who has reached 10,000 subscribers for his Survival Bros youtube channel.
Lincoln City Homepage has an article about Ryan "Max Carnage" Rodacker's victory in a Pronto Pup eating contest held at Otis Pizzeria in Lincoln City, OR.
Joey Chestnut will be a food judge at Beach, Bacon and Brewfest at Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, OR on Saturday.
The Schooner in Netarts, OR will hold a hot wing contest, an oyster eating contest and a pickle eating contest on September 18/19/20 awarding a total of $2000.
PamplinMedia reports that Joey Chestnut will judge a cooking contest Saturday at Chinook Winds in Lincoln City, OR, site of an IFOCE rib eating contest from 2003 to 2010. This will preclude him from doing the Buffet Bowl at the Buffalo Wingfest and probably make travel to Sunday's wing eating contest unpleasant, which he is still doing according to a Daily News Online interview.
The Daily Astorian has an article about Cameron McKirdy winning $8200 on the game show Let's Ask America .
News Lincoln County reports that Stephanie Torres ate a 7 pound Super Ultimate Monster Burger in 14 minutes to win an eating contest held at the Newport Cafe in Newport, OR (video)
The Newport (Oregon) Cafe will hold a Super Ultimate Monster Burger eating contest on October 5 awarding $1375 ($1000 to the winner). Stephanie Torres and Max "Carnage" Rodacker are expected to compete.
Ryan "Max Carnage" Rodacker and Stephanie "Honey Badger" Collingsworth were the first two person team to finish the 12 pound pizza challenge at Cobblestone Pizza in Toledo, Oregon (video | pictures) (via email)
The Schooner in Netarts, Oregon will hold a oyster eating contest on Saturday awarding $1,000 to the winner.
An oyster eating contest awarding $1000 to the winner will be held at the Pearl Street Oyster Festival in Netarts, Oregon on September 10. Teams will consist of a shucker and a swallower.
Youtube has a video of a hot dog eating contest to raise money for public parks emceed by Cameron McKirdy.

Joey Chestnut 6peats Chinook Winds ribs

update July 12 ChinookWindsCasino.com has full results

update The top 5 of the Chinook Winds rib eating contest, via the MLE facebook & Bryan Beard comment

1) Joey Chestnut 9.5 lbs, wins for 6th straight year
2) Pat Bertoletti 8.5 lbs
3) Ben Monson 7.65 lbs.
4) Erik Denmark 5.5 lbs.
5) Ryan McKillop 4.5 lbs.

The Chinook Winds youtube page has a video of an interview with Joey Chestnut after his win.

The contest should start at 3 pm Pacific, 6 pm eastern.

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The MLE facebook lists Joey Chestnut, Pat Bertoletti, Ben Monson and Erik Denmark as expected entrants in Sunday's rib eating contest at Chinook Winds in Oregon.
A press release about the July 11 rib eating contest at the Smokin' at the Ocean, Barbecue & Brew Fest at Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, Oregon lists defending champion Joey Chestnut, Erik Denmark and Cameron McKirdy as expected entrants.
IFOCE.com announces that registration for the July 11 rib eating contest at Chinook Winds on the Oregon Coast will open tomorrow.
The youtube page for Chinook Winds Casino has videos of the recent rib eating contest in which Joey Chestnut set a record.

Mac_KenzieKopp: Joey sets Chinook Winds rib record

A caption to a twitpic by Mackenzie Koppert reports that Joey Chestnut broke the Chinook Winds rib record by eating 8.8 pounds.

update The eating contest twitter has the top 3:
1. Joey Chestnut 8.8 lbs.
2. Erik Denmark 6.7 lbs.
3. Jason Erb 4.2 lbs.

The previous record was 8.4 lbs. in 2006

update #2 KGW has an article and video

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KGW has an article about the rib eating contest at Chinook Winds on July 12 and a video of a rib eating contest between Joey Chestnut, Erik Denmark and Cameron "Consumption" McKirdy.
A press release for the rib eating contest at Chinook Winds Casino in Oregon announces that Erik Denmark and Cameron McKirdy are also expected to compete along with Joey Chestnut.
IFOCE.com reports that registration for the July 12 rib eating contest at Chinook Winds in Oregon will open at noon today.

2009 Chinook Winds ribs July 12

ChinookWindsCasino.com has been updated with information about this year’s Smokin’ at the Ocean BBQ & Brewfest. Joey Chestnut is expected to defend his rib eating title at the rib eating contest on July 12. The top 4 finishers at an amateur contest on July 11 will receive a berth in the IFOCE contest.


Daily Astorian has an article about Cameron "Consumption" McKirdy hosting a "gurgitating clinic" at a contest for high school students.

Link Buffet: January 10, 2009

  • (from Pierre Abry) Food Network page about tonight’s episode (at 6:30 pm) of My Life in Food starring “Crazy Legs Conti , a dreadlocked veteran, Lovely Juliette [sic] Lee, a petite 100lb female rookie, and Patrick Deep Dish Bertoletti, a talented up-and-comer”. The episode will not be rerun in the near future and the series is not available online, so watch it when it is televised if you want to see it.
  • Segments from the new tracks on the Best of Hungry & Focused are available on Badlands Booker’s myspace page
  • Wing eating contest at the Den Again in Racine, Wisconsin January 25 $500 first prize
  • Facebook page about the Seaside, Oregon mayoral campaign of “Consumption”
  • Blog entry about Frank Pastore, former Big Texan record holder, from a resident of Pastore’s hometown
  • Video of Joel Podelsky’s cheeseburger eating contest at a Newark Beaks game
  • Wing eating contest in Beijing
  • Don Lerman’s baked bean record (but not Lerman by name) was mentioned on Who Wants to be a Millionaire recently according to a Ray Meduna email

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Chinook Winds ribs results and gallery

Erik Denmark has posted a blog entry about Sunday’s rib eating contest at Chinook Winds casino on the Oregon coast which contains a picture of the official score sheet and a gallery. There is also a link to a a contest report by The News Guard.

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