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Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT has settled a lawsuit with the family of Caitlin Nelson who passed away after choking in a 2017 pancake eating contest held by her sorority. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.
Sacred Heart University in Bridgeport, CT announced they will sue its food service provider that produced the pancakes used in a fatal pancake eating contest held March 2017. (The current athletics director of SHU is former New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine, who ate 120 pancakes to win a contest when he was a college student.) update Tim Janus has offered to testify in favor ot Chartwells, the food service provider.
The Hartford Courant reports that the family of Caitlin Nelson is suing Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT for allowing a pancake eating contest on March 30, 2017 that resulted in her death following choking. The objective of the lawsuit is not just to exact monetary damages, but to "expose the danger of amateur eating contests and to prevent other families from experiencing such a tragedy".
Newtown Bee has a report on the "Celebration of Kindness and day of remembrance" held in Newtown, CT on October 27 to honor Caitlin Nelson, who passed away after choking in a pancake eating contest held at Sacred Heart University in March.
The Connecticut Taco Festival will hold a taco eating contest in Danbury, CT on August 26 awarding $1000 to the winner. Registration is available for $40 today (usual fee $100).

Choking in college pancake contest results in fatality

update April 10 The New York Post has an article about the funeral | Video about funeral

update April 6 A funeral mass will be held Saturday in Westfield, NJ. The official autopsy lists the cause of death as accidental asphyxia.

update April 5 InsideEdition has an interview with Fairfield Police Sgt. Mike Paris who says “Her mouth was compacted with pancakes, almost to her teeth.” (video)

The Fairfield Daily Voice reports that a college student who was hospitalizated aftter choking in a pancake eating contest at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT on Thursday passed away. The University held a vigil yesterday in her memory. update CTPost and TapInto have articles giving the name of the deceased as Caitlin Nelson from Clark, NJ. Her father, James Nelson, was a Port Authority police officer who passed away when the World Trade Center collapsed on September 11, 2001. update #2 The New York Post has an article reporting that Caitlin Nelson’s allergies were not a factor in the incident.

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A female student at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT was hospitalized yesterday after choking in a pancake eating contest held at a Greek Life dinner yesterday night. She is currently in stable but critical condition.
Mike Cardillo of The Big Lead has a report about competing in yesterday's taco eating contest at Taco Loco in Bridgeport, CT. He finished second by one taco.
The Norwalk (CT) Boat Show will hold a wing eating contest on September 22 awarding a Spirit E-210 Grill.
Fairfield Weekly reports that the 2009 Ash Creek Saloon rib eating contest will be held later this year. Previous contests were held in August.

Humble Bob wins Ash Creek Saloon ribs

(from comment) The contest page for the Ash Creek Saloon rib eating contest has been updated to list the top 4 finishers:

1. “Humble” Bob Shoudt 6.8 lbs. ribs in 12 minutes $3000 prize
2. Joey Chestnut 6.6 lbs.
3. Tim Janus
4. Juliet Lee 5 lbs.
5. Eric “Badlands” Booker
? Crazy Legs Conti
? Lars Anderson

This is Bob Shoudt’s first victory over Joey Chestnut since the controversial meatball eating contest in Atlantic City in 2006.

update ConnPost has an article which reports that Badlands Booker came in 5th and also claims that Pat Bertoletti competed, which appears to be an impossibility with the demise of the Concorde.

update #2 Full official results are available

update #3 Victoria Fee has four pictures from the contest.

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Link Buffet: July 13, 2008

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Pat Bertoletti defeats Joey in CT ribs reports that Pat Bertoletti defeated Joey Chestnut at the rib contest at the Ash Creek Saloon in Fairfield, CT today.

update The Daily Southtown has a profile of Bertoletti from before the ribs co ntest

update #2 The Stamford Advocate also has an article about the contest.

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Ash Creek Saloon Ribs preview

The Connecticut Post has a preview of Saturday’s rib eating contest at the Ash Creek Saloon in Fairfield, CT containing an interview with returning champion Joey Chestnut.

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Joey hopes to break 10 lb. in Nugget ribs

The Sparks Tribune has an article about the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook off containing a quote from Joey Chestnut saying he would like to hit double digits in pounds in the rib eating contest.

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Ash Creek Saloon Ribs registration open

Registration for the IFOCE rib eating contest to be held at the Ash Creek Saloon in Fairfield, CT on August 25 is now open. The purse is $5000.

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Joey wins CT ribs


Ash Creek Baby Back Rib contest, Fairfield CT

1. Joey Chestnut 6.15 lb in 12 minutes
2. Chip Simpson 5.8 lb
3. Bob Shoudt 5.05

This is probably Joey’s smallest margin of victory over an American since he defeated Sonya in OT at the Asparagus Festival.

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Tim Janus’ summer 2006 plans

The Norwich Bulletin reports that Tim Janus will return to his home state to compete in the Ash Creek Saloon Baby Back Rib-Eating Championship in Fairfield, CT Aug. 13.

This article about an egg roll qualifier for the North Dakota Rhubarb Pie contest says that the 6th (Janus) and 12th (Crazy Legs Conti) ranked eaters might travel west to compete in that event on July 29.

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