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Upcoming New York City eating contests
2018 May 31Wing Eating Contest Salud Bar & Grill Brooklyn, NY
2018 Jun 9Donut Eating Contest Pour the Core Brooklyn, NY
2018 Jun 24INathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier - women NY Mets Ballpark Queens, NY
2018 Jun 24INathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier - men NY Mets Ballpark Queens, NY
2018 Jun 27Hot Dog Eating Contest Offside Tavern Manhattan, NY
Three random New York City eating challenges
tacos Taco Eating Record Hop Devil Grill Manhattan, NY
8 hot wings Hot Wing Challenge Brooklyn Tap House Brooklyn, NY
4 lb. plate of curry The Curry Challenge Kenka Restaurant Manhattan, NY plate contains 2 lb. rice and 2 lb. meat
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Bidding for good is currently taking bids on a judgeship at the Nathan's finals. The current bid is $100 and bidding closes tomorrow. Moeny received will go th the Childern's Museum of the Arts.
NYDailyNews has an article about the possibility of a partnership between Takeru Kobayashi and Feltman's of Coney Island, whose founder claimed to have invented the hot dog in 1867. Feltman's owner Michael Quinn says "We'd love to work with him in the future. I'd have to see if we could afford him."
Merrit K has an essay about Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle's yotube channel for Real Life Magazine, which he calls "much more in common with extreme pornography than traditional athletic performance". His video's will be part of an exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens starting Friday.
Wayne Algenio won today's EastMeetEast Singles Ramen Eating Competition held at the Gotham West Market. Takeru Kobayashi was the judge. update Extra Crispy has an interview about the event with Kobayashi who ate three bowls of ramen in 19.6 seconds before the contest. update Apr 30 Wayne Algenio has a video
Takeru Kobayashi will judge and do an exhibition at a ramen eating contest sponsored by the dating website EastMeetEast in New York City on April 23. A Craigslist post seeks female competitive eaters for the contest.
Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle ran the New York City Half Marathon in 2:06:39 this morning.
Bob Shoudt & Wayne Algenio teamed up to eat a bucket of meatballs in 32 seconds at the Meatball Shop in Williamsburg, NY and win the first prize of a 10 person food and drink party on Daniel's Chicken Bus. Bob Shoudt also ate 48 meatballs at That Meatball Place in Patchogue, NY to win $1000. update Wayne Algenio video

2018 Nathan’s qualifier schedule

Update: The schedule has been posted and registration is open for all qualifiers on
Notable omissions include all NASCAR qualifiers and the NYNY Casino in Las Vegas which has held a qualifier every year since at least 2003. The Mets ballpark takes over as the longest running qualifier site.

MLE announces that the 2018 Nathan’s qualifier schedule will be released at 2pm Eastern today.

The Cincinnati Reds May 18 and the New York Mets June 24 are probable sites since Nathan’s Famous is listed as a sponsor for those game dates.

A qualifier will not be held at the San Antonio Big League Weekend next month since that event will not take place in 2018 due to the NCAA Final Four being held at the Alamo Dome.

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The New York City Hot Sauce Expo will hold 7 spicy eating contests over April 21 and 22. $1000 will be awarded if the Guinness record for eating Carolina Reaper peppers is broken.
Nef Jones has placed a casting call for a New York City area competitive eater to appear in a food-related ad for the TNT cable network. The winner will receive $1500 for a shoot the week of March 12.

2018 Finkies awards winners

The Fink Beats the Stomach announced the winners of their “Finkies” awards for 2017, which were based on online polls:

Rookie of the Year: Rene Rovtar
Showman of the Year: Beard Meats Food
Male Competitive Eater of the Year: Joey Chestnut
Female Competitive Eater of the Year: Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco
Emcee of the Year: Eric “Badlands” Booker

Darron Breeden did not agree with the Rookie of the Year choice. Molly Schuyler and Miki Sudo have yet to comment on the Female of the Year award.

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2018 Finkies Awards nominations

The Fink Beats the Stomach Podcast announces that they will hold their Finkies award ceremony at Flannery’s in Manhattan on January 13. The public can vote for the nominees who are: Read the rest of this entry »

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48 ounce steak eating contests are listed as part of "a toxic culture of sexual harassment" in an article by statnews about biotech hedge fund OrbiMed Advisors and its managing partner Sam Isaly. The company claims that the eating competition, which awarded $200 to the winners, were voluntary and were discontinued in 2013. has an interview with Yasir Salem about his plans to run in the New York City Marathon on Sunday, which will be his 12th marathon in 2017. He hopes to qualify to ride in the 3000 mile bicycle Race Across America in 2019. update Nov 6 Runner's World lists Yasir Salem's time as 4:41:33 in a roster of celebrity entrants. His time was about three minutes behind former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber.
Gonzalez y Gonzalez in Manhattan will hold chimichanga eating contests on October 28 and 31 awarding $100 to the winner.

Dave Brunelli & Jenn Cheng defend Stitch wing titles

Results from tonight’s wing eating contest at Stitch in Manhattan from Stephanie Wu

1) Dave Brunelli 75 wings in 8 minutes, $250
2) Wayne Algenio 31, $100
3) “Chunky Dunk” 30, $50
? Jo “Gavonne” Rose

1) Jenn Cheng 39, $250
2) Stephanie Wu 34, $100
3) Kate 19, $50

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Stitch Bar in Manhattan will hold a wing eating contest on Wednesday awarding $250/$100/$50 along with non-cash prizes to both the top 3 men & women. reports that defending champion Molly Schuyler will miss Saturday's bratwurst eating contest at Bierhaus NYC. The contest will award $750/$500/$250 to the top 3. has an article about Leon "Justice" Feingold being forced out of a leadership role in Open Love New York, a "sex positive" group advocating polyamory, after he did not eject a member accused of physically abusing women from the association. Feingold competed in the Nathan's finals three times, but has not been active in Major League Eating since 2005. He also was a pitcher in the Israeli baseball league.
The Hofbrau Bierhaus NYC in Manhattan will hold its bratwurst eating contest awarding $750/$500/$250 on October 21.

2017 Chef One Dumplings contest

update Sept 26 Full Results have been posted

update Stephanie Wu has the female & male prizewinners
1) Molly Schuyler 119
2) Jenn Cheng 58
3) Giovanna “Gia” Ragano 42
4) Stephanie Wu 32
5) Deborah Van 30

1) Dave Brunelli 84
2) Bob Shoudt 75
3) Wayne Algenio 72
4) Dimitry “The Ukraine Train” Shchupak 60
5) Brian Seiken 48

The NYC Dumpling Festival facebook has pictures and mini-profiles of several competitors.

Comments (89) has an article on how Tony Danza became the judege for the meatball eating contest at the Feast of San Gennaro in New York City on September 23.
Registration is now open for the 2017 Chef One Dumpling Eating Contest that will take place in Brooklyn at the Atlantic Antic Festival on September 24. As in previous years, the contest will award $2000/$1000/$500 to both the top 3 men and women. (via Stephanie Wu) has a casting call for a food challenge event in New York City on August 26. Selected participants will receive $100 and the winner will receive additional prizes. (via Billy Carson)
Jenn Cheng, runner-up in the women's division of the eating contest held at the 2016 NYC Dumpling Festival, has started a competitive eating instagram at Her first post announces that she set the record (3:30) for the vegan burger challenge at The Organic Grill in Manhattan.
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