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Three random West Midlands eating challenges
50 wings Man vs. Crust - Bucket O' 50 Wings Crust Shirley, England, UK can have hot or BBQ wings
50 oz steak 50 oz Steak The Cricketers Arms West Bromwich, England, UK
big burger Berry Big Berger Challenge Logan Berry's Coventry, England, UK
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BirminghamLive has an article about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran being the first person to finish the breakfast challenge at the Picnic Basket in Marston Green, England.
Leah Shutkever will make the first attempt at the Not So Holy Challenge at Holy Moly in Birmingham England on February 3. The challenge consists of four burgers and fries.
Leah Shutkever faced off against strongman competitor Eddie Hall in a five pound chicken and chips challenge at the Digbeth Dining Club. (Eddie Hall's video).
Birmingham Mail has an article about Leah Shutkever completing the mixed grill challenge at Rowley Bar and Grill.
Mission Burrito announces that Leah Shutkever was the first person to finish its "El Criminal" burrito challenge with a time of 10 minutes in Birmingham, England. update Leah has uploaded a video
Rub Smokehouse in the UK will award £500 in Rub Vouchers to the fastest finisher of its Nugzilla giant chicken nugget challenge if he or she can break 6 minutes. Andy Salisbury currently has the fastest time of 6:20. (via Chronicle Live)
Leah Shutkever has produced a video of her attempting to eat 10,000 calories in an hour at the Rub Smokehouse in Birmingham.
In her latest video, Leah Shutkever attempted two challenges from the Flaming Grill in one session.
The Sun has an article about Leah Shuktever titled "The Perfect Woman?" focusing on her video of eating 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts in 72 seconds.
Leah Shutkever has been annouced as having the fastest time for the Parmazone Challenge (4:37) at Rub Smokehouse & Bar in Birmingham, England for the month of November, winning her the first prize of £1000 of vouchers.
Rub Smokehouse & Bar (locations in Birmingham, Nottingham & Newcastle) will award £1000 in vouchers to the person with the fastest time to finish two of its Parmo sandwiches in November.
The Daily Mail has an article about Emma Dalton's wedding to David Jones in Bromsgrove, England on Friday. The nuptials had a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme, with guest receiving golden tickets.
Leah Shutkever won a £250 voucher from the Rub Smokehouse in Birmingham, England for having the fastest time to finish the cookie burger challenge in June.
The Daily Mail has an article about Lauren Jackson's attempt at the 5kg (11 pound) Brussel sprout challenge at Smokey's in Walsall, England. (video)
Emma Dalton was the first person to finish the breakfast sandwich challenge at Big Dave's Cafe in Bromsgrove, England. update Nov 10 The Bromsgrove Standard has an article.
Express and Star reports that Emma Dalton ate a 7 pound burrito at Smokey's in Walsall, England in 15 minutes to defeated member of Insane Championship Wrestling.
The Birmingham Mail a article and gallery about Emma Dalton, whose eating challenge winning streak when she failed to finish two waffle challenges at Crust in Shirley, England in under 20 minutes. (Leah Shutkever did the double challenge in 12 minutes.)
Emma Dalton has started a youtube channel documenting her eating challenges. She currently has videos of her successfully completing 6 challenges at restaurants in the West Midlands of England.

Digesting England by the pound / eatfeats region

Citizens of Hope & Glory,
Time goes by – it’s “the time of your life”.
Easy now, sit you down.
Chewing through your Wimpey[*] dreams,
They eat without a sound;
Digesting england by the pound.

Young man says “you are what you eat” – eat well.
Old man says “you are what you wear” – wear well.
You know what you are, you don’t give a damn;
Bursting your belt that is your homemade sham.

Genesis, “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight” (1973) (That is Phil Collins on drums)

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The Daily Mail has an article about the Christmas sandwich challenge offered by B.E.S.T. Cafe in Birmingham, England which contains a kilogram of turkey, 8 bacon-wrapped sausages, a box of stuffing and over a pound of Christmas pudding.
Express and Star has an article about Randy Santel finishing the burger challenge at Smokey's Joint in Walsall, England on Friday. Randy recently completed a tour of the United Kingdom where he completed six eating challenges. update Oct 25 The Glaswegian has an article about Randy Santel finishing the Bunker Buster Burger Challenge.
Jamie McDonald set the record of 17 minutes for the 72 ounce steak challenge at the Branded Bull Steakhouse in Birmingham, England.