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Marketwatch reports that the live episode of Man vs. Food televised from Miami was the highest rated Travel Channel program from the first quarter of 2010 and also an all-time record for a live program on that channel.
Rabbitman333 has videos of Adam Richman attemping the 48 ounce steak from Don Shula's steakhouse during the live episode of Man vs. Food: Part 1 | Part 2
The announces Dave "MegaMunch" Shoffner's picture of the 120 ounce steak at Gregory's Steakhouse in Allentown, PA has won the Fan vs. Food Photo contest.
The Burger Beast has a blog entry about attending the broadcast of the live episode of Man vs. Food
All four "Babe vs. Food" videos are available on

Site of a free 48 ounce steak

The 48 ounce steak at Shula’s Steak House does not offer any awards besides being added to the finishers list, but Sam’s Steakhouse in Terre Haute, Indiana and Marshall, Illinois has a 48 ounce steak that is available for free. The time limit is 20 minutes, same as Adam Richman’s goal time. Bodybuilder Isabelle Turell received a free 48 ounce steak in 2008.

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Dave “Megamunch” Shoffner is Man v. Food picture finalist


Dave “Megamunch” Shoffner, who has a competitive eating website at, is one of the three finalists for the Man vs. Food photo contest. Text A to 66789 to vote for Dave.

You can also vote
by tweeting A, B or c to

update Here is the blog entry on megamunch where the picture of the 120 ounce steak at Gregory’s in Allentown, PA was taken.

update #2 Will Millender at Chick & Ruth’s Delly in Annapolis is #4 in the list of Fan v. Food Photo Contest winners.

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Behind the scenes of MvF live episode

Youtube has a video about the construction of the set for tonight’s live episode of Man vs. Food. The show’s facebook page lists what will be involved in the program:

300 guests, 150 crew members, 120 minutes of MvF fun, 68 degrees (tonight’s forecast), 48oz Porterhouse, 16in Cuban sandwiches, 10lb hamburgers, 8 hi-def cameras, 6 NFL players taking spicy hot wings challenge (including Dhani Jones), 5 food stations for guests, 1 giant Man v Food Live scoreboard.

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Man vs. Food February 3 (live from Miami) episode links

Travel Channel Episode Home Page | Episode Guide | Slideshow | Fan v. Food photo contest

Babe v Food promo videos: Nori (milkshakes) | Jen (chili cheese fries)


411Mania interviews Adam Richman about the episode

list of Miami area eating challenges
in the eatfeats database

updated Feb 11 Episode writeups: Slashfood | Sun-Sentinel

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In a Sun-Sentinel interview, Adam Richman reports that he is writing a book described as a "culinary snapshot of 13 American cities" that will be released this fall. Adam Richman also did an interview for MyFoxHouston.

Man vs. Food live episode links

Some links about Wednesday’s live episode of Man vs. Food from Miami:

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ESPN's Sportsnation has a poll asking if Adam Richman of Man vs. Food is more reckless with his body than snowboarder Shaun White.
Jimmy Mares and Adrian Morgan have submitted pictures to the Man vs. Food photo contest.

Adam Richman ESPN chat session

Adam Richman’s chat session on has started. He says he would like to retry the Carnivore Challenge pizza in Atlanta with Greg “The Great Moomsi” Maloomian as his partner. Some pictures from Adam Richman’s appearance on ESPN First Take earlier this morning are available on twitpic.

A podcast of Adam Richman’s appearance on the Paul and Young Ron Morning show is also available.

update A video clip of Adam Richman’s appearance on First Take is available.

Here is information about the Hall of Famer burger challenge attempted by Adam Richman and John Ritchie on First Take.

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The Travel Channel's youtube page has a Babe vs. Food video of a bikini clad challenger attempting to consume a plate of chili cheese fries in under two minutes.
Adam Richman will do a chat session on tomorrow starting at 1 pm eastern to promote next week's live episode of Man vs. Food.

Competitive eaters in Man vs. Food photo contest

Man vs. Food is running an eating challenge photo contest. The following competitive eaters have submitted pictures. (I will add more links if they are submitted)

Paul Barlow & Hall Hunt
Will Millender
Pat Bertoletti.
Dave Shoffner (“Megamunch”)
Russ Keeler
Bergg (Bergg vs. Food)
Joel “The Cannon” Podelsky added

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An application form has been posted to the Man vs. Food forum for fans who would like to watch the February 3 live episode in person.
(via BurgerBeast) The Travel Channel's website has a restaurant list and a slideshow for the February 3 live episode of Man vs. Food
Youtube has the commercial for the February 3 episode of Man vs. Food that will televised live from Miami. Adam Richman will appear on ESPN January 27 to promote the episode.

“Live” episode of Man vs. Food filming tomorrow reports that a portion of the “live” episode of Man vs. Food will be recorded at Don Shula’s Steakhouse at the Alexander Hotel in Miami tomorrow between 1 and 2:30 pm. The session is open to the public.

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MiamiToday reports that the live episode of Man vs. Food received a filming permit for Domino Park, Domino Park Plaza and Miami Beach citywide.

South Florida burger challenge reports

Clay Cartland has set up a website documenting his Miami-area eating challenges at The December 17 entry describes his setting the record for the Doomsday burger at Kingdom and confirms that the restaurant will appear on the February 3 live episode of Man vs. Food. The blog also has a link to donate to Feeding South Florida.

The Broward-Palm Beach New Times has an article about a five pound “Beast” burger challenge attempt at the restaurant owned by former Miami Dolphin Kim Bokamper in Plantation, Florida.

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The twitter for the Alexander Hotel reports that the live February 3 episode of Man vs. Food will be televised from the Shula's Steak House located inside that Miami Beach resort.

Man vs. Food eating challenge picture contest

The Man vs. Food home page has the following announcement:

We want to see photos of you taking on your own food challenges across the country. Your photo could be selected to appear on-air during our 2-hour Man v. Food LIVE event on February 3 at 9 E/P.

The photo contest begins on Wednesday, December 16, at 10:30 p.m. EST and ends on Tuesday, February 2, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

The contest rules indicate that photo submitters are granting the Travel Channel a “non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, fully paid up license to make use of and distribute your photograph”.

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