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Former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula, who has the most wins in NFL history with 347, passed away at the age of 90. His chain of steakhouses probably had the most famous 48 ounce steack challenge in the USA.
Tiffany Greene has an article and video about finishing a 48 ounce steak from Shula's Steak House at a gathering of central Florida journalists in Orlando. Scott Joseph also has a blog entry about the event.
Rabbitman333 has videos of Adam Richman attemping the 48 ounce steak from Don Shula's steakhouse during the live episode of Man vs. Food: Part 1 | Part 2

Site of a free 48 ounce steak

The 48 ounce steak at Shula’s Steak House does not offer any awards besides being added to the finishers list, but Sam’s Steakhouse in Terre Haute, Indiana and Marshall, Illinois has a 48 ounce steak that is available for free. The time limit is 20 minutes, same as Adam Richman’s goal time. Bodybuilder Isabelle Turell received a free 48 ounce steak in 2008.

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Man vs. Food February 3 (live from Miami) episode links

Travel Channel Episode Home Page | Episode Guide | Slideshow | Fan v. Food photo contest

Babe v Food promo videos: Nori (milkshakes) | Jen (chili cheese fries)


411Mania interviews Adam Richman about the episode

list of Miami area eating challenges
in the eatfeats database

updated Feb 11 Episode writeups: Slashfood | Sun-Sentinel

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“Live” episode of Man vs. Food filming tomorrow reports that a portion of the “live” episode of Man vs. Food will be recorded at Don Shula’s Steakhouse at the Alexander Hotel in Miami tomorrow between 1 and 2:30 pm. The session is open to the public.

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The twitter for the Alexander Hotel reports that the live February 3 episode of Man vs. Food will be televised from the Shula's Steak House located inside that Miami Beach resort.

Man vs. Food live in Miami Feb 3

Today’s episode of Man vs. Food announced that a live episode of the program will be televised from Miami on February 3. (The Super Bowl will be played in Miami that week).

update BurgerBeast relays a rumor that the program will be televised at K_____m. (There is only one restaurant on the Miami eating challenges list which fits this pattern)

update #2 The program description lists the 48 ounce steak at Don Shula’s steak house as another challenge.

Comments (14) Former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula talks about the 48 ounce steak offered by his chain of steakhouses, which has been completed more than 34000 times.

The world’s largest competitive eating database

In researching eating challenges, I discovered the database of diners who finished the 48 ounce steak at Don Shula’s Steakhouse. The website claims that over 32000 people have finished the 48 ounce steak. If all those diners are in the database, it would be much larger than eatfeats. (Eatfeats has about 3000 eaters and 6000 contest results)

The website reports that Taft Parker has consumed the 48 ounce steak over 175 times.

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