Man vs. Food category has an interview with the owners of Hoss and Mary's about the move of their restaurant from Old Orchard Beach, ME to Key West, FL later this month. They do not say if the new location will have the "Manimal", the eating challenge in the Maine episode of Man vs. Food.
The Independent has an interview with Adam Richman, who says that he has been a vegan for the past three month to prepare for his participation in the Soccer Aid charity game. The former host of Man vs. Food says he actually gained more weight doing the series that followed that program. In dismissing his status as a competitive eater, he makes the interesting claim that competitive eating is "unionized".
The Travel Channel will televise the debut episode of "Man Finds Food" tomorrow at 9pm EDT. The series was supposed to start in early July 2014, but was put on hiatus for almost nine months due to controversial social media comments by host Adam Richman.
Hoss & Mary's, site of the "Manimal Challenge" in the Maine episode of Man vs. Food will close its Old Orchard Beach location on April 26 and set up a new restaurant in Key West, FL.
The Hard Rock Cafe in Tulsa will hold eating contests on March 19, 26 and April 2 as part of its Brutus Burger Challenge. Adam Richman will host the final contest that will award $5,000.
The Ohio Deli, site of the Dagwood sandwich challenge in the Columbus episode of Man vs. Food was destroyed by fire early this morning.
Adam Richman traveled to Decatur, IL to visit fan Silas Martin, who is currently in a hospice with an inoperable brain tumor.
The LA Times has an article about Syrian rebels. The insurgent known as Qusai Zakarya was a big Man v. Food fan before he became an activist against the Assad regime.
Adam Richman was the guest on the debut episode of Men in Blazers, NBC Sports Network new soccer show.
The Telegraph has an article about Trek vs. Food, a tour by the UK travel company TrekAmerica, which will start in New York City, finish in New Orleans and stop at several Man vs. Food restaurants along the way.
Adam Richman's new show, Man Finds Food, was to have debuted tomorrow on the Travel Channel, but its launch has been delayed after the former host of Man vs. Food had an angry exchange with commenters who objected to his use of the Instagram hashtag #thinspiration, claiming it promoted anorexia.
Former Man vs. Food will play on the "Rest of the World" team in Soccer Aid, a charity game with teams of former players and celebrities to benefit UNICEF that will be played Sunday in Manchester. The manager of that side will be Jose Mourinho of Chelsea (Adam Richman might be the first American to be coached by "The Special One"). In the July 2014 UK issue of Cosmopolitan, Richman poses nude with a soccer ball strategically placed to exhibit a 70 pound weight loss.
The Pit in Durham, NC was robbed after posting a "No Weapons, No Concealed Firearms" sign in its window. The Raleigh location of the barbecue restaurant appeared in the North Carolina episode of Man vs. Food
A restaurant called "Man vs. Food" will open in London tomorrow. Customers will receive a free first round of drinks.  
HyperVocal reports that a Nazi-themed Christmas party was held at Gasthof Zur Gemutlichkeit, site of the eating challenge at the Minneapolis episode of Man vs. Food. The event was put on by WWII Historical Re-enactment Society Inc.
Variety reports that The Writers Guild of America is wants to unionize programs produced by Sharp Entertainment including Man vs. Food. The final episode of that show was recorded in late 2011; its termination was announced in February 2012.
Articles by the Irish Independent and Mid Ulster Mail both list Randy Santel as the star of the now cancelled program Man v Food. Randy is currently doing an eating challenge tour of Europe and was the second person to finish the breakfast challenge at Murphy's Law in Athlone, Ireland.
The Steak and Catfish Barn in Edmond, OK, site of the catfish challenge in the Oklahoma City episode of Man v Food will close at the end of this month so its owners can retire in Italy.
In a report, Anthony Bourdain claims Man v. Food inspires southwest Asians to commit acts of terrorism. For his example, he cites an "impoverished goat herder somewhere along the Afghan-Pakistani border" who happens to possess a television with a cable or satellite connection despite his poverty.

Prize of Man v Food Nation appearance reneged on

It has been one year since the final new episodes (Jackson, MS and Charlotte, NC) of Man v Food: Nation debuted on April 11, 2012. In August 2011, John Lomascolo was informed that the video he submitted for a contest held on the program’s facebook page received the most votes and he would claim the prize of an appearance on an episode featuring Albany, NY area restaurants. (The eating challenge site was to have been Wagon Train BBQ in Rotterdam, NY). The program never recorded in eastern upstate New York (episode list) and the series terminated before John Lomascolo received his prize. (I have made a twitter request to see if an alternate award was given out.)

Contest runner-up Lauren Takao did get to make an appearance in an episode recorded in Hawaii.

update April 12 I have been informed that John Lomascolo received a small compensation, but a future appearance on a Travel Channel program is unknown at this time.

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Man v. Food is the first program in BBC America's list of five US TV shows that are unexpectedly popular in Britain.
The LA Times reports that Manuel Rojas, owner of El Tepeyac Cafe, passed away. The restaurant's five pound "Manuel's Special" burrito was featured in the Los Angeles episode of Man vs. Food.
A casting call has been placed for "Man v. Food: New Orleans". The program will record tomorrow and Wednesday. update Jan 23 The program was actually "Super Bowl Tailgate Takeover" hosted by Adam Richam that will be televised Jan 30 on the Travel Channel.
Acta Diurna has an article (in French) about Man vs. Food calling it "Pornographie alimentaire".
BBC America has a blog entry about an upcoming program, British Man vs. Food. The host will be Arthur Richerman and the inaugural challenge will be Harridge's "Born to Be Mild" challenge, where diners will take afternoon tea at an improper hour.
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