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Three random Portland, ME eating challenges
spicy bowl The Westbrook Blue Blaze Phoever Maine Westbrook, ME must have 5 minute "afterburn" period
hot wings Chernobyl wing record Binga's Wingas Portland, ME also have regular wing record
6 lb. calzone King Leonidas Calzone Jimmy the Greek's Old Orchard Beach, ME
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Maine.eater.com has an interview with the owners of Hoss and Mary's about the move of their restaurant from Old Orchard Beach, ME to Key West, FL later this month. They do not say if the new location will have the "Manimal", the eating challenge in the Maine episode of Man vs. Food.
Hoss & Mary's, site of the "Manimal Challenge" in the Maine episode of Man vs. Food will close its Old Orchard Beach location on April 26 and set up a new restaurant in Key West, FL.
Fresco Mexican Grill in South Sanford, Maine will hold a taco eating contest Tuesday awarding $200 Cash or a trip for 2 to Las Vegas.
Fresco Mexican Grill in South Sanford, Maine will hold a taco eating contest on September 24 awarding $200 or a seven day trip to Mexico for 2.
Bates College in Lewiston, Maine has started a competitive eating club called the FatCats. The club is billed as the second collegiate competitive eating club in the USA (the University of Maryland was the first).
Fresco Mexican Grill in Sanford, ME is holding a taco eating contest tonight awarding a trip to Hawaii. update Nov 2 A woman, Jackie Vo, won the contest.
Willy's Ale Room in Acton, Maine will hold a wing eating contest tomorrow awarding $525 ($300 to the winner).
Joe Menchetti reports that Jack McDonald (not Jamie) defeated him at a hot dog eating contest at a Portland (Maine) Sea Dogs game.
Senator Olympia Snowe will judge the Great Maine Lobster Eating Contest at the Portland LobsterFest on June 30.
A whoopie pie eating contest will be held tomorrow in Freeport, Maine awarding $400 in L. L. Bean gift cards (the winner will receive a $250 gift card).
Seacoast Online as an article about the Tradewinds Cafe, home of the Manimal Challenge seen on the Portland, Maine episode of Man vs. Food, changing its name to Hoss and Mary's and moving to a new location.
The Sun Journal has an interview with Dena Sutton, the first woman to finish the Manimal challenge seen on the Maine episode of Man vs. Food. She has also eaten a five pound calzone in 16 minutes.
Dena Sutton, the first woman to complete the "Manimal" Challenge at Tradewinds Cafe, won a chicken tender eating contest at Rivalries in Portland, Maine for the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show. (video | HQ video | gallery)
The facebook page for Jimmy the Greek's in Old Orchard Beach, Maine has a video of Dena (possibly the first "woman-imal") winning its bratwurst contest Saturday. She won a trip to Puerto Rico. (via email)
The facebook for Tradewinds Cafe reports that Dena was the first female to finish the Manimal challenge appearing in the Portland, Maine episode of Man vs. Food. Her time was reportedly 3 minutes faster than Adam Richman's.
Press Herald reports that Jimmy the Greek’s Brick Oven Restaurant in Old Orchard Beach Maine will hold a bratwurst eating contest on October 9. The winner will get to choose between trips to Las Vegas or the Caribbean.
Matt Stonie has uploaded his videos of his Manimal and Monster Manimal challenges at the Trade Winds Cafe in Arundel, Maine.

Man vs. Food September 8, 2010 (Portland, Maine) episode links

Travel Channel Episode Guide | Gallery


Press Herald article about episode recording
Pictures of Adam Richman’s trip to the Portland Art Museum
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Matt Stonie sets Manimal record

The facebook for Tradewinds Cafe in Arundel, Maine reports that Matt Stone set the record for the “Manimal” challenge. After completing the challenge consisting of 2 loaded kraut or slaw dogs, an “ocho” eight patty cheeseburger, a small order of fries, a can Moxie and a one pound milkshake in 5 minutes, less than a third of the previous record, Matt ate another kraut dog, a quarter pound burger, 3 chicken taquitos and 3 chicken quesadillas before the 20 minute time limit expired.

The Manimal challenge will appear on an upcoming episode of Man vs. Food

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Press Herald has an article about Man vs. Food recording in Portland, Maine this week. The challenge will be the "Manimal Challenge" at Tradewinds Cafe in Arundel, ME. (A gallery of the recording)
Adam Richman offers praise to a hotel in Portland, Maine, so Man vs. Food might have recorded an episode there.

Sonya Thomas wins Binga’s Tender Bender Challenge

update #2 WGME also has a video and article (from Pete Davekos)

update WCSH has a video and article

The top 4 & #5 – #7 of the Binga’s Tenders contest in Portland, Maine from the eatingcontest twitter:

1) Sonya Thomas 6.93 lbs.
2) “Notorious” B.O.B. Shoudt 6.595
3) Tim “Eater X” Janus 6.18
4) Nate Biller 4.055
5) Pete “Pretty Boy” Davekos 3.25
6) Crazy Legs Conti 2.85
7) “Wild” Bill Myers 1.75

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TheFlip.com has a video of the contest held on 107.5 Frank FM this morning to promote Binga's Tender Bender contest.
The MLE facebook lists several entrants for Saturday's chicken tender eating contest at Binga's in Portland, Maine: Bob Shoudt, Sonya Thomas, Pete Davekos, Micah "Wing Kong" Collins & Crazy Legs Conti. update The amateur contest registration form also lists Tim Janus, Nate Biller & Bill Myers.

Maine burrito contest documentary

A video clip from a documentary about the burrito eating contest held in South Portland, Maine produced by the New England Film Academy can be viewed on youtube. The video caption says that the full length documentary will be released in January.


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