Indonesian eating challenges and contests category has an Indonesian article about Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas which does not mention her absence from contests since 2018 and also claims that a Krystal Square Off burger eating contest took place in 2020 (the competition was terminated in 2009).
Cal "Hulk Smash Food" Stubbs announces he ate 54 bunless hot dogs in 4 minutes to win an eating contest held on the Indonesian television program XtraOrdinary.    
Takeru Kobayashi ate 22 plates of Indomie Goreng noodles in 3 minutes at the Jakarta Fair in Indonesia this weekend. reports that Fredy Jayadi passed away after choking in an eating contest held at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Jakarta, Indonesia. The competition was a qualifier for a nationwide contest that would have crowned a champion on June 3. update March 12 The grand prize for the contest was to have been Rp 5 billion ($385,000), by far the largest contest payout I have seen. The contest website (2nd page in English) announces the competition has been terminated.
The Jakarta Post has an interview with Takeru Kobayashi in English. He says that his peak year for Japanese competitive eating income was 2001, when he earned about $250,000. He also says he has landed an endorsement deal with Nike and that he has no plans to retire.
Takeru Kobayashi appeared on CNN Indonesia to promote tomorrow's eating contest at Bread Life.
Takeru Kobayashi will do a bread eating exhibition in Indonesia on August 29.
Greg "The Floss" Moss appears in this week's episode of Asian (golf) Tour Highlights competing in a burger eating challenge against fellow golf professionals in Jakarta, Indonesia (picture)
A sushi eating contest in Jakarta, Indonesia with 692 competitors (320 male, 372 female) was recognized by the Indonesian Museum of Records for the most participants in an eating contest.
Fatburger in Indonesia and Burger King in Singapore will hold burger eating challenges tomorrow.