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Business Insider has an article about a recent video by Yuka Kinoshita where she eats 9kg of food from Singaporean restaurants totaling 14,000 calories.
Yuka Kinoshita just hit a billion total views for her youtube channel.
AramaJapan has a post about Hajime Syacho, the Japanese youtube personality with the most subscriptions, cheating on his former girlfriend competitive eater Yuka Kinoshita.
A book containing photos of Yuka Kinoshita was released on amazon.co.jp today.
Yuka Kinoshita announces that she has passed 2 million youtube subscribers. This surpasses Matt Stonie's 1.94M total and I think that makes her channel the most popular channel with a primary focus on competitive eating. ("Furious" Pete Czerwinski has 3.3M subscribers, but Yuka Kinoshita has more total video views 554M to 550M).
Yuka Kinoshita has released a mobile video game starring herself: iPhone | Android
Manila.coconuts.com reports that some Chinese consider Yuka Kinoshita's recent video where she ate bananas as an insult to their country. One viewer theorized that the 137 bananas Yuka ate was intended to be a reference to the Chinese population of 1.37 billion.
A few days ago, Yuko Kinoshita surpassed one million subscribers on her youtube channel, which is less than two years old. I think that Matt Stonie and Pete Czerwinksi update & LA Beast are the only other competitive eaters to exceed that mark.
Yuka Kinoshita has surpassed Matt Stonie in total video views (192M to 175M) to become the most watched youtube channel solely focusing on competitive eating. Stonie maintains a subscriber lead (1.09M to .761M). ("Furious" Pete's channel has received 387M views).
The Daily Mail has an article about Yuka Kinoshita's latest video where she attempts to eat 100 slices of bread.
In a recent video, Yuka Kinoshita ate 5 one pound steak meals from Steak Gusto. She claims the total weight of her feast was 6kg (13.2 pounds).
The youtube channel for Japanese female competitive eater Yuka Kinoshita has passed the 500,000 subscriber mark. Her videos have also been viewed more than 100 million times.
Global Voices has an article about Yuka Kinoshita and her eating challenge youtube channel, which has reached 460,000 subscribers. English subtitles have been added to several of her videos, including a Q & A session.
Kotaku has a blog entry on Yuka Kinoshita and her youtube channel. She is termed a “gluttonous beautiful woman” (大食い美女 or oogui bijyo) in Japan.
It has been one year since Yuuka Kinoshita started her youtube channel on May 21, 2014. During that time she has acquired over 263,000 subscribers and 45 million views, by far the highest totals for a female competitive eater. Her most watched video is an attempt to eat 100 McDonald's burgers (she manages to eat 62).
The Oogui facebook page has a link to a video where Angela Sato and Yuuka Kinoshita alternate eating huge videos that concludes with a joint attempt at a 14.34 kg (31.5 pounds) dish. Yuuka has a youtube channel and twitter and it appears that she will be a member of the Japanese team that will compete at Battle of the Big Eaters in Los Angeles this weekend along with Angela Sato and Tomoko Miyake.