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Wayne Algenio ate 15 pork rolls in 2 minutes to win the first prize of $500 in last night's pork roll eating contest at Meadowlands Racing in East Rutherford, NJ. Joe Menchetti was runner-up and Will Millender was 3rd.
Will Millender took first place at tonight's contest at McDonaghs in Keyport, NJ to win a 50 inch TV and claim his first finish ahead of Joe Menchetti.
A podcast recorded at last week's BBQ eating contest held at Bear's BBQ in Hartford is available on youtube. MMA fighter Chael Sonnen and partner Brian Nichols combined to eat 4.7 pounds, which surpassed the 4.5 pounds eaten by restaurant owner Jamie McDonald. Will Millender offered advice to the winners and appears around the 32 minute mark of the podcast. (video recorded by Will Millender).
Barkpost.com has a gallery of Will Millender's pet, PBNJ, competing in a hot dog eating contest for dogs at Barkfest in Brooklyn on Sunday.

Molly Schuyler breaks overall DumplingFest record, Jamie McDonald sets men’s mark

update Oct 1 The Village Voice has a blog entry
update Sept 30 Joe Depace has a video
EatingWithZiggy has a blog entry claiming Molly Schuyler was from Tennesseee.
NYC Wanderer flickr gallery

Will Millender has videos of the rounds.

The final women’s heat has concluded, making the female top 3
1) Molly Schuyler 90 (new overall record)
2) Stephanie Torres 66
3) Floria Lee 43 (7 time winner)
4) Andrea Johnson 30

Unofficial Men’s division results:
1) Jamie McDonald 86 (new men’s record)
2) Dave Brunelli 72
3) Pat Bertoletti 71
4) Wayne Algenio 68
5) Joe Menchetti 57
6) Will Millender 46
7) Dimitry Shchupak 42
8) Mike Hoffman 29
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Wayne Algenio has a video of Sunday's hot dog eating contest for 3 person teams held at D & D Dawg's in Fair Lawn, NJ won by the "US Wonder Champs" with a total of 65 hot dogs in 12 minutes. The team consisted of Wayne "Wonder" Algenio, Dave "US Male" Goldstein and Will "the Champ" Millender".

2012 Jake’s Wayback Burgers Chowdown Showdown results

update August 13 Video of Nick Kehler winning at Newark, DE with a time of 2:42
Video by Johnnie Excel of contest won by Dave Brunelli
Pottstown Mercury article about Tyler Harshey’s victory
Will Millender’s video submission

update More winners – Armand Orlando – East Northport NY (gallery)
Kevin Ambs – Springfield, PA
Tyler Harshey – Pottstown, PA

Will Millender (1:52), Jamie McDonald (1:50), Pat Philbin, Joe Menchetti (2:07) and John “Oink Oink” Bradley (2:12) won their Chowdown Showdown burger eating contests held at various Jake’s Wayback Burgers locations. I will add other results as they come in.

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Will Millender has a blog entry recapping all the eating contest he has done in 2012.
BK Magazine has an interview with Will Millender, who says he prefers local contests where he is the definite favorite to larger events with stiffer competition.
NJ.com has an article and gallery about Will Millender's victory at Windmill in Hoboken yesterday. Will ate 11 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
NY1 has a video about the DietBet in which Will Millender, Joel Podelsky and others participated. (via Will Millender)
The Wall Street Journal has a blog entry about Thursday's hamantaschen eating contest sponsored by El Al.
Will Millender announces he won the Diet Bet pizza eating contest held at Ripley's Believe it or Not with by eating 1.5 giant pizza slices in two minutes. Joel Podelsky was the runner up. Brooklyn Fans has a video interview with Will Millender. update A press release about the contest is available.
The El Al facebook has a gallery of today's Hamantaschen eating contest held in New York City. Robbie Wizenberg won the amateur contest with 14, but did not beat Will Millender's total (25) which would have doubled his prize. The Lerman Report has a Purim message from Zhychick update A video is available. update The NY Daily News has a video & short article
Will Millender has a blog entry about the "Diet Bet" he is starting with Eric Dahl, Joe LaRue, Joel Podelsky, Mike Sisco and Todd Greenwald. The participants will be required to lose 4% of their body weight in 28 days. The diet will begin on March 9 with a "last meal" pizza eating contest at Ripley's Believe it or Not in Times Square. update A press release about the event is available.
The CompetitiveEat twitter announces the field for the National Spring Break Eating Championship on March 24 in Lake Havasu City, AZ: Ian Hickman, Will Millender, John Rivera, Kevin Ross and Stephanie Torres.
Will Millender reports that the three person team consisting of Dave "US Male" Goldstein, "Monster" Marcos Owens and Nick "Papa Gorgio" Kehler fixed failed to complete the 16 pound burger challenge at Super Heroes Shop & Deli in North Plainfield, NJ but finished all of the burger except for a small piece of bread. Dave Goldstein has a video of the start of the challenge.
Spreadshirt is selling new Will "The Champ" Millender T-shirts (fixed) with Will's new logo on them. (black shirts)
Will Millender announces that he won the wing eating contest held at Manchester Pub in New York City. Will has also started a new blog at bigwillthechampweightloss.blogspot.com
Will Millender has uploaded his appearance on the Discovery Channel's Dirty Money where he competes in a hot dog contest to obtain a discount at a flea market. (via twitter)
Will Millender has taken the lead in qualifying for Manchester Pub's wing eating contest by eating 15 wings in 1:34.
Jay Gorman won a wing eating contest held in Washington, DC this evening (Mike Longo was the runner-up) (contest video) and Will Millender won a wing eating contest held in Brooklyn.
Will Millender has posted a video of him eating 15 bananas in a minute at the Coney Island Talent Show.
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