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Three random Switzerland eating challenges
giant taco Giant Deep Fried Taco Diamond Dave's Kennesaw, GA
pounds The Wholly Grail Wholly Cow Abilene, TX burgers have 8 patties & cheeses, includes large fries & shake
8 lb. pizza Monster Marconi Pizza - defunct - place has been closed since before 2008 Marconi Bros. Pizzeria Hannover Twp, PA for 2 person teams
Radim Dvoracek ate 15 veggie burgers in 30 minutes to win the first prize of 1000 Swiss Francs (about $1010) in today's eating contest at the Grand Casino in Basel, Switzerland.
The Grand Casino in Basel, Switzerland will hold a veggie burger eating contest on November 16 awaring 1000 / 500 / 250 Swiss Francs (about $1000/$500/$250).