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2008 Dec 131st76 12 min2008 Florida State Chicken Wing Eating Contest Bonita Springs, FL
2007 Oct 288th49 8 minKrystal Square Off finals Chattanooga, TN
2007 Sep 161st49 8 minKrystal Square Off qualifier Knoxville, TN

Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint announces that Chip "Burger" Simpson set a record for its challenge with a total of 18 burgers. He has been minimally active in competitive eating since leaving MLE in 2007 after attaining a Nathan's personal best of 39.5 burgers.
Naples News reports that the Florida State Chicken Wing Eating Contest will take place at Buffalo Chips in Bonita Springs, Florida on Saturday, but the restaurant's web site reports the contest was on December 12. Chip Simpson won last year's contest, the article says he has not decided if he will defend his title.

Link Buffet: January 2, 2009

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Link Buffet: December 21, 2008

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Chip Simpson wins SW Florida wing contest reports that Chip Simpson ate 4.75 pounds of meat in 12 minutes at a wing eating contest held at Buffalo Chips in Bonita Springs, Florida. Simpson has not competed in an IFOCE contest since the 2007 Krystal finals and was the sole participant in the professionals division, which was created by the restaurant manager just before the contest started to make the contest more fair for the other entrants. Austin Anderson won the amateur division with 2 pounds, 9 ounces of meat. also has an article

update has an updated article in which Chip Simpson claims he defeated Kobayashi in a wing eating contest. (As far as I am aware, Kobayashi has competed in one wing eating contest in his career which Chip Simpson did not participate in.)

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EatCast #5: Dale Boone & Chip Simpson

The fifth episode of eatcast is available. Chip Simpson is a guest and Beautiful Brian calls in to tallk about the Dale Boone cookie controversy (Direct MP3 link) (corrected 10:45, thanks anonymous)

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Chip Simpson wins Knoxville Krystal qualifier


Knoxville Qualifier top 3:

1. Chip Simpson, 49 burgers
2. Paul Egger, 27
3. Rick Petralia, 21

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Chip Simpson graduates with Ph. D.

From a Katherine Searight email:

I just wanted to say congratulations to Chip Simpson who graduated from
graduate school yesterday with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I guess all the
eaters will now have to call him Dr. Chipburger. Thought maybe you would want to
post it on eatfeats so he can get the recognition he deserves.


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Steakbellie on Broadway (at the Beach)

Steakbellie has a writeup of last month’s Ultimate Eating Tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC. He also has a gallery of over 100 pictures from Myrtle Beach and South of the Border.


Urban Honking Chip Simpson interview

Liz interviewed Chip Simpson for (A question from that page:).

Pat Bertoletti is right on Joey’s tail, and you’re right on Pat’s tail. Koby aside, are you going into these next months thinking of your most immediate competition as Joey or Pat?

I think I am close to Pat in some foods and close to Joey in some foods. I feel my worst foods just seem to be the ones that they are best at. Any sandwich type food seems to give me trouble and those seem to be primarily what the majors (Nathan’s and Krystal) are.

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Top 8 Broadway at the Beach results

(From Kevin Ross) The top 8 finishers of Saturday’s Broadway at the Beach have been listed at it contests page:
1. Chip Simpson: 9 pts
2. Juliet Lee: 6 pts
3. Eric “Steakbellie” Livingston: 3 pts
4. Micah “Wing Kong” Collins: 2 pts
5. David Brickhouse Braunstein: 2 pts
6. William “Wild Bill” Myers: 1 pt
7. Chris Tarpy: 1 pt
8. Brad Sciullo: 1 pt

Steakbellie has provided his round by round results after the jump
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MyrtleBeachOnline on Broadway at the Beach has a writeup
of yesterday’s Broadway at the Beach eating tournament focusing on runner up Juliet Lee. Juliet ate 4 hot dogs in 1 minute 18 seconds.

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Beautiful Brian’s Broadway at the Beach results

From Brian Seiken email:

OJ, Chip Simpson won broadway on the beach just edging out Juliet in the final ice cream rd. Some of the foods were wings , hot dogs, ice cream and one other. 12 eaters it came down to both of them. I will have the totals later in a little while

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CBS Sportsline’s report from Sunrise, FL

Roland Liwag of CBS Sportsline Spin has posted his report from the Nathan’s qualifier held at Sunrise, FL where he managed 4.5 HDB. Some notes from that writeup:

Nerves + hot dogs + OCS + craptastic weather = Last place.

Forget what your mom told you. Chewing your food in competitive eating contests is similar to running the 100-meter dash while wearing a ball and chain.

Even though Chip Simpson broke the Florida record by eating 39¼ hot dogs, it pales in comparison to Kobyashi’s mark of 53¾ by 14½ hot dogs!

My experience Saturday more than confirmed competitive eating as a legitimate fringe sport. Congratulations, Chip, and represent Florida well at Coney Island.

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Preliminary Sunrise results from BB: Chip Simpson wins w/39 HDB

From an email from Brian Seiken:

unofficial results and winner from the stadium arena PR firm Chip Simpson wins with 39

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Chip Simpson coaches Orlando columnist

Chip Simpson offered advice over the phone to an Orlando columnist competing in a single hot dog eating contest for local celebrities.

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Chip Simpson article in SRU newspaper

The website for Slippery Rock University’s student newspaper has a long profile of graduate student Chip Simpson.

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Chip Simpson wins Atlanta Krystal qualifier

4:39 The official count is Simpson 53, Janus 52.5 Chip lead throughout the contest, but Eater X had an impressive last minute rally. Tim Janus is almost certainly guaranteed a wildcard spot

9:53 Full results are available at Justin Mih continued a string of impressive performances with 33. I assume the “mystery eater” from the Waffle House contest did not show up.

(Thanks Brian Cooley) 11:01 Chip Simpson makes the front page of, which has an article that requires registration or

The liveblog is available after the jump

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Simpson survives Syracuse sausage sandwich showdown

from World Sausage Sandwich Eating Championship, New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY

Chip Simpson–13.25 sandwiches, $2000
Humble Bob–13 sandwiches, $1000
Tim Janus–12.5 sandwiches, $750
Crazy Legs Conti–9 sandwiches, $250

Full results are available on

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Humble Bob & Beautiful Brian interviews in Digest

Liz has uploaded interviews of the 1st and 3rd place finishers, “Humble” Bob Shoudt and “Beautiful” Brian Seiken, at Sunday’s Shea Stadium Nathan’s qualifier.

Updated 9:24 PM – The Chip Simpson interview has been appended to the Pat Bertoletti interview.


Pioneer Press article about Mall of America qualifier

The Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN) has an article about yesterday’s Nathan’s qualifier at the Mall of America won by Chip Simpson with 38 hot dogs.

Updated 6:27 pm – Brian Seiken has commentary

7:13 pm – a volunteer judge has a myspace blog entry about the contest

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June 17 Great Lakes contest results: Chip Simpson upsets Pat Bertoletti

From, Andrew Lane’s blog & Liz K.

Bloomington MN – Mall of America Nathan’s qualifier

Chip Simpson 38 HDB
Pat Bertoletti 32 HDB
Andrew “Skinnyboy” Lane 12 HDB
Kevin Carr 11 HDB
16 other locals

Chip is one of four people to eat 38 or more hot dogs (Joey Chestnut, Kobayashi & Nobuyuki Shirota are the others)

from Domenico Alesi’s comment:

Milwaukee Harley Davidson Johnsonville bratwurst qualifier
top 5 qualify for Johnsonville bratwurst finals in August

Tim “Eater X” Janus (NY)- 29 Brats
Frank Wach (Chicago)- 20 Brats
Tim Brown (Chicago)- 19 Brats
Crazy Legs Conti (NY)- 17/18 Brats
Jim “Hammer” Hammerick (Springfield, IL) -14 Brats
Domenico “The Sicilian” Alesi (Chicago)- 13 Brats

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Houston Tamale results posted has posted their writeup of Saturday’s Tamale contest at the Berryhill grill in Houston won by Chip Simpson. I am curious if any notables besides Chip, Pat, Rich, Tim & Levi competed and what were the circumstances of Rich’s post-contest reversal.

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