CBS Sportsline’s report from Sunrise, FL

Roland Liwag of CBS Sportsline Spin has posted his report from the Nathan’s qualifier held at Sunrise, FL where he managed 4.5 HDB. Some notes from that writeup:

Nerves + hot dogs + OCS + craptastic weather = Last place.

Forget what your mom told you. Chewing your food in competitive eating contests is similar to running the 100-meter dash while wearing a ball and chain.

Even though Chip Simpson broke the Florida record by eating 39¼ hot dogs, it pales in comparison to Kobyashi’s mark of 53¾ by 14½ hot dogs!

My experience Saturday more than confirmed competitive eating as a legitimate fringe sport. Congratulations, Chip, and represent Florida well at Coney Island.

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  1. Liz said

    March 26, 2007 @ 6:07 pm

    I would have thought playing Viva Pinata and Dead Rising would have been an excellent pre-game warm up.

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