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Manny Cambra ate 21 lobster rolls in 10 minutes to win the eating contest held at the Hampton Beach (NH) Seafood Festival. Defending champion Joe Menchetti ate 16 rolls.
Stephanie Wu announces that she and Manny Cambra set the house record for the challenge pizza at Randy's Wooster St in Connecticut. They are the 5th duo to succeed in over 2062 attempts.
Bodybuilder Manny "The Manimal" Cambra won this morning's packzi eating contest at Eddy's Bake Shop in Ansonia, CT with a total of 12 paczkis in 5 minutes. update The New Haven Independent and WTNH have articles.
The New York Times has a review of Bear's Smokehouse in Hartford mentioning owner Jamie McDonald's competitive eating career. OmNomCT has a blog entry abour the Bearwich sandwich challenge awarding $500 available at that restaurant, which will be attempted by bodybuilder Manny Cambra today.