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Steve Hendry wins Santa Cruz qualifier

update July 1 DailyDemocrat and TimesHeraldOnline have articles

Here is the top 5 as best as I can figure out (twitter thread)

1st 25 Steve Hendry
2nd 15.5 Sergio Reyes-Raya
3rd 13 Kirk Taylor
4th 12 “funubergames”
5th 11 Jon Davis

Steve Hendry won tonight’s Nathan’s qualifier in Santa Cruz. No females competed. updateMatthew White has a video | Preview video

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2017 Taste of Syracuse Nathan’s qualifier

update Jun 4 American Fast Food Stories has a video

update has a report

Official results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
After no femaleless qualifiers from 2011-2016, the Syracuse qualifier appears to be the 2nd uncontested women’s division in 2017 after the Miami Marlins qualifier 🙁

1) Steve Hendry 30
2) Dan “Killer” Kennedy 26
3) William “Wild Bill” Myers 14.5
4) Tom Moore 10
5) Roger Green, Jr. 9
6T) Charles Curio 5
6T) Erik Johnson 5
6T) Allen Walz, Jr. 5

Steve Hendry and Bill Myers are expected to compete.

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2016 Norfolk Nathan’s qualifier

update June 14 Debbie has videos Part 1 | Part 2

update June 13 The Virginia-Pilot has a gallery and video
Robbie Hickman has a facebook gallery

1) Gideon Oji 33
2) Steve Hendry 31, new wild card leader update tied with Yasir Salem for wild card lead
3) Darron Breeden 28 (record for total unknown?)

1W) BeeJay Alexander 16.5

Steve Hendry, Gideon Oji and BeeJay Alexander are expected to compete.

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Michelle "Cardboard Shell" Lesco and Steve Hendry are the guests on the latest Fink Beats the Stomach podcast. The interviews start around the 18 minute mark.

Joey Chestnut wins 2016 Knott’s boysenberry pie contest

update March 22 Mike from LA video

update March 21 Jon Davis & Carlene LeFevre tied with 3.5 pounds each

Blogs: MiceChat | Behind the Thrills

Videos: Coaster Guy | Janice Yamanaka | OldeCam

Coaster Guy picture of Joey

update Articles OC Register |

DAPs Magic video

Picture of post-contest debris

Full Results: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

1st 14.5 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut record
2nd 10.25 Steve Hendry
3rd 9.5 Miki Sudo 2nd non-top 5 loss in 2016
4th 9 Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco
5th 8.5 Rich “The Locust” LeFevre
5th 8.5 Justin Mih
7th 3.5 Jon Davis
7th 3.5 Carlene LeFevre
9th 3 Lesley Ryder
10th 2.5 Daniel Lujan
11th 1.5 Lillian Canales
11th 1.5 Barbara LaBarge

The field: Daniel Luhan, Lillian Kanali (?), Justin Mih, Barbara LaBarr, Lesley Ryder, Carlene LeFevre, Steve Hendry, Rich LeFevre, Michelle Lesco, Miki Sudo, Joey Chestnut

Parks and Cons has a periscope

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The Reporter has an article about Steve & Angie Hendy. has an article about Steve and Angie Hendry competing in the Nathan's finals.

Hendrys win Lincoln, NE qualifier

update June 24 The Cornhusker Bank produced a video

The Lincoln Journal Star has an article WOWT news video

Results from today’s Nathan’s qualifier in Lincoln, NE Part 1 | Part 2

1 Steve Hendry 21, 1st Nathan’s finals berth
2 Mo Vavra 15
2 Mike Williams 15
4 Matt Raible 12
5 Andrew Kogutkiewicz 10

1W) Angie Hendry 4
2W) Claire Borer

Charity celebrity contest
1) JP on KX ?
?) Adam Krueger 6

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2014 Nathan’s Sonoma qualifier

2014 St. Paul Nathan’s qualifier

update June 9 City Pages has an interview with Yasir Salem. Sean Nichols has a video

update June 3 has a gallery. The female winner / sole participant was Margo Hill. Andrew “The Bear” Kogutkiewicz also competed

update June 2 City Pages has a blog entry has a contest report. Yasir Salem also reversed in the overtime.

The top 3:
1) Yasir Salem 27.5
2) Steve Hendry 27.5 – reversed in overtime
3) Josh Miller 19
1W) Margo 9

update #2 Raya Zimmerman reports that Steve Hendry reversed in overtime giving Yasir Salem the victory

Update Raya Zimmerman reports that Yasir Salem and Steve Hendry have tied after 10 minutes with 27.5

Yasir Salem will attempt to qualify after competing yesterday in Illinois. Josh Miller, Steve Hendry and Matt Raible are also expected to compete.

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