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Long Shots in Chesapeake, VA will hold a pizza eating contest on August 6 awarding $1000.

Darron Breeden & Doris Garcia win Norfolk Harborfest qualifier

Darron Breeden and Doris Garcia have been announced as the winner of today’s Nathan’s qualifier at the Norfolk Harborfest.

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2018 Norfolk Harborfest Nathan’s qualifier

update 13News Now video | Pilot Online article

Facebook Live video

Official results
1) George Chiger 30
2) Brian Dudzinski 24
3) Crazy Legs Conti 16

1W) Rene Rovtar 6

George Chiger, Crazy Legs Conti, Brian Dudzinski and Rene Rovtar are expected to compete.

Local competitiors Jack Saladino and Sam Roewer did interviews.

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2017 Norfolk Harborfest Nathan’s qualifier

update Darron Breeden has a video

The Virginian Pilot has a contest report

Official results
More results
1) Darron Breeden 38
2) Josh Peters 16
3) Michael Deitz 12
?) Danny Meyers 5
?) Tias Schuster 5

1W) Deborah Bethea 6.5

Darron Breeden has won with 38 hot dogs. George Shea claimed it was a record (Sonya Thomas retains the top Norfoik qualifier total of 38.5)

Darron Breeden and Michael Dietz are expected to compete.

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Shuck-n-Suck in Cape Charles, VA will hold a steamed clam eating contest tomorrow awarding $200/$100/$50 and an oyster eating contest for male & female pairs on Saturday also awarding $200/$100/$50.
Darron Breeden, 3rd place finisher in Sunday's Nathan's qualifier in Norfolk, has a youtube channel with a video of that contest. In May, he was denied the $500 prize for Benny DeLuca's pizza challenge because the restaurant considered him a "professional" even though he had not previously done an eating contest.

2016 Norfolk Nathan’s qualifier

update June 14 Debbie has videos Part 1 | Part 2

update June 13 The Virginia-Pilot has a gallery and video
Robbie Hickman has a facebook gallery

1) Gideon Oji 33
2) Steve Hendry 31, new wild card leader update tied with Yasir Salem for wild card lead
3) Darron Breeden 28 (record for total unknown?)

1W) BeeJay Alexander 16.5

Steve Hendry, Gideon Oji and BeeJay Alexander are expected to compete.

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An amateur hot dog eating contest at Smithfield Foods headquarters in Smithfield, VA will be televised on the April 21 episode of NASCAR Race Hub on Fox Sports One.
The War of the Wings in Norfolk, VA will hold a wing eating contest on September 21 awarding $1,000. A qualifier will be held in the Chesapeake, VA Hooters on September 5.
Hampton Roads Mag has a list of six eating challenges in southeastern Virginia.
Hooters in Virginia Beach will hold a qualifier tonight for a wing eating contest to be held at War of the Wings on Saturday awarding $500 to the winner. has an article about Mike Leonard's attempt at the "Woo Woo" sandwich at the 3Way Cafe in Norfolk, Virginia. also has a report on the attempt.
Driver Days in Suffolk, Virginia will hold a hot dog eating contest on October 24 awarding $450 ($400 to the winner).

Sonya Thomas wins 2010 Nathan’s Norfolk qualifier

update 2:05 George Shea has the official top 2:

1) Sonya Thomas 34.5
2) Joe Tursi 14

update 1:55 The contest should be over by now. Sonya Thomas had 35 HDB according to a twitpic.

The contest should start at 1pm eastern according to a press release

Comments (34) announces that Sonya Thomas will be competing in the Nathan's qualifier at MacArthur Center in Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday.
The MLE facebook reports that Andrew Bosque won yesterday's Nathan's qualifier at Naval Air Station Oceana restricted to active military personnel by eating 12 hot dogs in 10 minutes. (Presumably the 20 HDB minimum is not in effect for the military qualifiers) announces that registration opens today at 3pm for a new June 13 Nathan's qualifier at WinStar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma (about 75 miles north of Dallas/Fort Worth). There is also information about the two qualifiers for military personnel at Fort Bragg and Naval Air Station Oceana. (It does not say if the 20 hot dog minimum will be in effect for the military qualifiers)
The Driver Days Fall Festival in Suffolk, Virginia will hold a hot dog eating contest on Sunday with a $160 purse ($100 to the victor).

Sonya Thomas wins 3rd Norfolk Nathan’s qualifier

update #2 4 pictures have been added to the article. The caption of the third picture confirms that Jay Gorman came in third.

update HamptonRoad has an article

Results from

1. Sonya Thomas, 36 HDB 3rd Norfolk qualifier victory
2. Joe Tursi 16.33
3. Jay Gorman 16
4. Will Schmeirer 15.5

Jay Gormand might be AICE strawberries runner-up & Baltimore sushi winner Jay Gorman

Twitpics from before and after the contest

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2009 Norfolk qualifier previews

The Daily Press has an article about William and Mary student Stuart Sheilds, who will compete in the Nathan’s Norfolk qualifier tomorrow.

update reports that Tim O’Brien will also compete

Youtube has a video of a contest on Fox 43 in which Joe Tursi participated

Comments (1) reports that Sonya Thomas is dedicating her performance in the Norfolk qualifier to recently deceased Carson "Collard Green" Hughes. The IFOCE has named the first weekend in June "Collard Green" weekend. has a preview of Saturday's qualifier at the MacArthur Center in Norfolk, VA. Sonya Thomas is the only listed expected competitor.

Carson “Collard Green” Hughes passes away at 49 and WLOCE report that Carson “Collard Green” Hughes of Newport News, Virginia passed away on December 26 at the age of 49. DailyPress has Hughes’ obituary and information about his funeral services. “Collard Green” competed in the 2003 Nathan’s finals and was the subject of a long profile in the New York Times that year.

update The Erwin Record has a longer article about Hughes (from Rhonda Evans)

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Sonya Thomas wins Norfolk qualifier

Norfolk qualifier results from

1. Sonya Thomas, 38.5 HDB (.5 off 12 minute personal best)
2. Russ Keeler 20.75
3. William Schierer 19.75
4, Joe Tursi 19

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WTKR: Sonya Thomas to do Norfolk qualifier

WTKR has a preview of Saturday’s Nathan’s qualifier at the MacArthur Center in Norfolk, VA which reports that Sonya Thomas is expected to compete. No other entrants are listed. The article says that truncating the qualifier to 10 minutes could work in Sonya’s favor.

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