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Three random Norfolk eating challenges
5 lb. meal The Dirty Challenge The Dirty Buffalo Norfolk, VA 1 lb of home fries, 1 1/2 lbs of mac & cheese, 2 chicken tenders, 2 burger patties w/ cheese, 2 hot dogs, 10 oz of pulled pork and 2 slices of bread
4 lb. sandwich The Woo Woo 3 Way Cafe Norfolk, VA
12 Spicy Wings Atomic Wing Challenge Jake's Smokehouse Virginia Beach, VA
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Va. Beach hot dog eating challenge has an article about Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs which mentions the restaurant’s hot dog eating challenge: a diner who can break the record of 22 hot dogs in 90 minutes will receive his or her meal free.

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Washington Times article on Juliet Lee

The Washington Times has an article about Juliet Lee which compares her to Sonya Thomas.

The AP article about the Norfolk qualifier has been picked up by a lot of outlets.

updateWUSA also has an article and video clip (from & Joe Callow)
ABC news has a video clip on Yahoo (from the Sicilian)

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Don Lerman episode available for free

The Don “Moses” Lerman episode of Brian Seiken’s television show is now available for free at

Brian also has a commentary on the Nathan’s qualifiers and a report on Juliet Lee’s victory in Norfolk.

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Juliet Lee wins Norfolk with 26 HDB

Norfolk results From
1) Juliet Lee, 26 HDB
2) Joe Tursi, 15.5 HDB

Juliet Lee becomes the 4th woman in the IFOCE era to reach the Nathan’s finals (Sonya Thomas, Carlene LeFevre, Takako Akasaka)

update has an article about the contest It is surprising the Juliet Lee was apparently the only ranked eater to compete.

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June 16 Norfolk Nathan’s qualifier added

A June 16 Nathan’s qualifier in Norfolk, VA that was not in the original list has been added to the qualifier schedule on and


Brian Subich Digest interview

Liz interviewed “Big” Brian Subich after he won the Norfolk Nathan’s qualifier on Saturday.

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Brian Subich wins Norfolk Nathan’s qualifier

from & Brian Seiken – Norfolk Nathan’s qualifier results:

1. Brian Subich, 20.5 HDB
2. Hall Hunt, 20.375 HDB
3. Seaver Miller, 18 HDB
4. Justin Mih, 17 HDB

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Ex-vegetarian from India to compete in Norfolk qualifier

The Hampton Roads Daily press has a profile of Partha Peddi, a former vegetarian from Hyderabad, India, who will compete in the Norfolk Nathan’s qualifier on Saturday. (Perhaps Peddi has learned the secrets of Indian competitive eating that Dale Boone has boasted about in his comments)

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Slots available at Norfolk Nathan’s qualifier has a preview of the Nathan’s qualifier to be held a week from Saturday at the MacArthur Mall in Norfolk, VA. Some spaces are available in that contest according to the article.


Peeps world record attempt

After the MacArthur Center in Norfolk hosted Sonya Thomas’ record for Nathan’s qualifiers last year, eaters at that location will try to set another record. A Peep eating contest will be held at that location tomorrow.

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