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The Brooklyn Paper has an interview with Joey Chestnut, who partially attributes his 2015 Nathan's finals loss to the breakup of his relationship with Neslie Ricasa after their engagement during the 2014 Nathan's finals.
Stephanie Wu noticed that Neslie Ricasa has been removed from the #36 spot in the MLE rankings. Liz McClurg has been inserted at #48. Joey Chestnut proposed to Neslie Ricasa during the 2014 Nathan's finals; the engagement has since been called off.
The New York Post has an article about the termination of the relationship between Joey Chestnut and Neslie Ricasa. The planned date for their wedding was May 9. has a podcast of Joey Chestnut's appearance yesterday on the Kevin Klein show. He says that he has broken off his relationship with Neslie Ricasa after proposing to her during last year's Nathan's finals and that MLE prevented him from wearing an item promoting a military charity during a previous Nathan's finals.

2014 men’s Nathans finals

Official Top 3 (Full results – July 8)
1) Joey Chestnut 61 8th victory in a row, proposed to Neslie Ricasa before contest
2) Matt Stonie 56
3) Tim Janus 44
4T) Brian Dudzinski 34
4T) Erik Denmark 34
6) Juan Rodriguez 32
7) Adrian Morgan 29
8) Marcos Owens 26
9) Badlands Booker 25
10) Yasir Salem 19.75
11) Aaron Osthoff 19.5
12) Pablo Martinez 17
13) Ronnie Hartman, 14
14T) Sean Gordon, 10
14T) Sgt. Horacio Chanyau, 10
16) Colin Shirlow 3

Jeff Butler missed the contest due to a cancelled flight

Post contest coverage

The men’s Nathan’s contest will be live at noon eastern on ESPNews and It will be rerun on ESPN2 at 2pm eastern. If the France / Germany World Cup game goes to overtime / penalty kicks, it will cut into that program. The contest will also be rerun at 6pm eastern today and July 5 and 6.

Matt Stonie has defeated Joey Chestnut in two of their last three matchups. He has also posted a training session video where he ate 66 hot dogs; if he can replicate that today, he could threatens Joey Chestnut’s Nathan’s streak.

Pre contest coverage

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2014 Nathan’s Sonoma qualifier

Joey Chestnut and Neslie Ricasa are doing a fundraiser for Patriot PAWS in conjuction with their combined totals in the Nathan's finals on July 4 where they hope to exceed 90 hot dogs. (Neslie Ricasa has yet to qualify for Coney Island.)
Neslie Ricasa will replace Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle and Juliet Lee will replace Bob Shoudt in the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship on August 17 in Los Angeles.

2013 Nathan’s Boston qualifier

update June 24 Full results via Bill Myers
1st 47 Matt “Megatoad” Stonie San Jose, CA, personal best
2nd 21 “Buffalo” Jim Reeves Buffalo, NY
3rd 15 William “Wild Bill” Myers Breinigsville, PA
4th 12 Joao Paulo
5th 8 Pete Twiraga
6th 7.25 Robert Mulhausen
7th 6 Stuart Angus while wearing a hot dog costume.
8th 5.75 Thom Beck

1st Neslie Ricasa 13
2nd Terri Reeves 7

1M) Matt Stonie 47 personal best highest of 2013

1W) Neslie Ricasa 13

Richard Shea announced that Mia Davekos was the only woman to register as of March 20. Jim Reeves’ wife Terri will also be competing today.

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