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In 2009, the Seattle Business Journal wrote a report on the "Tatonka Bowl", a wing eating contest held for employees of Andy Jassy, who was recently named as the replacement for CEO Jeff Bezos, served as MC for the event. Jonathan Squibb, Wing Bowl winner from 2009 to 2011, won the contest. (via Eater Seattle)
Tim Janus and Jonathan "Super" Squibb appeared in the same segment on MyFoxNY but did not compete against each other. "Eater X" promoted tomorrow's cannoli eating contest in Brooklyn while Squibb did a wing eating contest.
Molly Schuyler announced that she will defend her title in Wing Bowl 23. Jon Squibb also said he plans to compete.  update Dave "US Male" Goldstein announced he has retired from Wing Bowl.      

Molly Schuyler eats record 363 wings in Wing Bowl 22

update Feb 11 Rake & Herald have a statement from the contest organizers standing by the results

update Feb 5

update Feb 1

Wing Bowl official final top 6

363 Molly Schuyler, new record
356 Pat Bertoletti, breaks Kobayashi previous record
304 Jamie McDonald
252 Jon Squibb, local winner
210 Dave “US Male” Goldstein
208 Uncle Rico

update 1:35 pm Both Pat Bertoletti and Jamie McDonald have issues with Molly Schuyler’s victory

Articles: ESPN | | CBSLocal |
Galleries: CBSLocal | | Courier Post | MCall
Videos: MyFoxPhilly

9:54 Joey Chestnut is not impressed with MLE’s just-released new wing techniques

Joseph McDonald says Bertoletti was robbed

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Jan 29 Wing Bowl 22 links


Jon "Super" Squibb has started a blog at
Jon Squibb says he will make a big Wing Bowl 22 announcement tomorrow morning. update Jan 14 He says he will compete. has an article about Dave "US Male" Goldstein's attempt to defend his local Wing Bowl title which says that 3 Jon Squibb will be considered a local if he decides to compete. Dave is selling T-shirts for the Wing Bowl.
Brian Squibb says that his brother (presumably 3-time Wing Bowl winner Jon Squibb) will not be competing in Wing Bowl 22.
Will Millender reports that the team consisting of Dave Brunelli, Joe Menchetti and Jon Squibb won the wing eating contest in a controversial manner at the New Jersey State Barbecue Eating Championship in North Wildwood, NJ today. The winning 3 person team received $2500.

Jamie McDonald wins Wing Bowl 21, US Male top local

10:01 reports that Bill “El Wingador” Simmons is considering a comeback for Wing Bowl 22.

9:49 report
9:27 has a contest report

8:59 Final top 4 results
1) Jamie “The Bear” McDonald 287 wings
2) Jon “Super” Squibb 282
3) Dave “US Male” Goldstein 266
4) Skin & Bones

8:53 Tiger Wings has been DQed

8:49 The top 5 with the 2 minute final round left
1) Jamie McDonald 265
2) Jon Squibb 252
3) Dave US Male 247
4) Dave “Tiger Wings & Things” 220
5) Skin & Bones 202

8:42 The second round is over

8:36 US Male’s 148 wings is not a first half record; Kobayashi ate 165 last year

8:24 First Round totals (via CSN live blog)

Dave US Male 148
Jon Squibb 138
Jamie McDonald 130
Tiger Wings & Thing 128
Skin & Bones 126
Not Rich Razzi 102
Uncle Rico 97
Snack Jack Diamon 92
Ukraine Train 87
Wayney Wonder Algenio 81

8:18 3 of the national eaters will advance to the second round, 7 locals will move on

8:06 The first half is over. Jamie McDonald is reportedly behind Jon Squibb and Dave “US Male” Goldstein is among the leaders. The Dallas representative Jordan Avalos, reversed eight minutes into the contest, which is not surprising since he was selected on “trash talking” instead of eating ability. “US Male” has won best entourage

7:50 The contest has started

7:44 New Eagles coach is on site and currently being interviewed

7:34 The “World” eaters are entering and the crowd is throwing debris at the out of towners

Wing Bowl 21 Coverage

Competitor Profiles

Comments (385) has a report on Jon Squibb's quest to regain his Wing Bowl title and the Drexel University paper has an article about MBA student Anthony “Wiz-Kid” Wisniewski, who qualified for Wing Bowl 21 by eating a cow tongue in five and a half minutes. The Wing Bowl twitter claims a big announcement will be made tomorrow at 8 eastern. update Jan 21 also has an article about Squibb.
Michael Baturin produced a video promoting Jon Squibb's quest to win a fourth title at Wing Bowl 21. update The video has been moved to new URL.
Jon "Super" Squibb will compete against a pig in a corn eating contest for an upcoming episode of Animal Science.
Will Millender reports that the team of "Furious" Pete Czerwinski, Jon Squibb and Dave Brunelli repeated at the Bud Light Wing Challenge held at the New Jersey State Barbecue Championship in North Wildwood, NJ and won a prize of $2500. update July 17 "Furious" Pete has a video.
Jon "Super" Squibb has a link to a video of his appearance on Fox 45 in Baltimore this morning.
6ABC has a video about the training techniques of "Notorious" Bob Shoudt and "Super" Jon Squibb. Bob Shoudt says he sees a sports psychologist 7 days a week and makes over $100,000 from competitive eating in a good year. update In a June FoodRepublic interview, Crazy Legs Conti said the second best-paid MLE eater after Joey Chestnut made $40,000. has an article about Wing Bowl 20 preparations for Jon Squibb and Dave "US Male" Goldstein.
CBS Philly has a preview of the Wing Bowl focusing on Takeru Kobayashi, Bill "El Wingador" Simmons and Jon Squibb describing the three "in tremendous physical shape, like highly tuned athletes". The falsehood that Kobayashi has never competed in a wing eating contest is repeated.
Will Millender reports that a team consisting of "Furious" Pete Czerwinski, Jon Squibb and Dave Brunelli won $2,500 at a wing eating contest for three person teams at the New Jersey State Barbecue Championship in Wildwood, NJ today.
Jon Squibb announces that he will appear in a documentary about competitive eating.

Jon Squibb threepeats Wing Bowl with new record

Wing Bowl 19 top 5 (official scorecard picture)

1) 255 Jon Squibb, breaks Joey Chesnut’s 2008 record of 241
2) 254 Bill “El Wingador” Simmons
3T) 211 “Not Rich” Rich Razzi, third top 5 finish (also 2009 & 2010)
3T) 211 Dave “US Male” Goldstein, third top 5 finish (also 2007 & 2008)
5) 195 “Furious” Pete Czerwinski, early leader

update Feb 9 12:03

update Feb 5 12:21

update Feb 4 10:44

9:16 WPVI has a video of Kobayashi’s cheesesteak exhibition

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Jon Squibb produced a video about his quest to threepeat the Wing Bowl next month.
Jon Squibb has started at twitter page at
JerseyMan Magazine has an article about Garden State "Food Pounders" (starting page 38) featuring Jon Squibb, Bill "El Wingador" Simmons, Dave "US Male" Goldstein and Elliot Maruffi-Cowley (Dale Boone makes a cameo). (via Jon Squibb facebook).
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