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Today marks the 10th anniversary of Molly Schuyler eating 363 wings in 30 minutes to win Wing Bowl 22, her first of three triumphs at that event. Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, who has become famous recently for his brother's relationship with Taylor Swift, also competed in that competition and ate 65 wings in 14 minutes but did not advance to the second round.
BBC Radio 4 has a segment about January's Wing Bowl (starts at 23:40) mentioning Dave Brunelli's reversal. The BBC News Magazine has a transcript of the segment with a picture of Badlands Booker, who did not compete.
Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, the first active professional athelete to compete in the Wing Bowl, signed a seven year contract extension today.
Dave "US Male" Goldstein has a behind the scenes video recorded at Wing Bowl 22. He also has a slideshow video of pictures taken at that event.  

Molly Schuyler eats record 363 wings in Wing Bowl 22

update Feb 11 Rake & Herald have a statement from the contest organizers standing by the results

update Feb 5

update Feb 1

Wing Bowl official final top 6

363 Molly Schuyler, new record
356 Pat Bertoletti, breaks Kobayashi previous record
304 Jamie McDonald
252 Jon Squibb, local winner
210 Dave “US Male” Goldstein
208 Uncle Rico

update 1:35 pm Both Pat Bertoletti and Jamie McDonald have issues with Molly Schuyler’s victory

Articles: ESPN | | CBSLocal |
Galleries: CBSLocal | | Courier Post | MCall
Videos: MyFoxPhilly

9:54 Joey Chestnut is not impressed with MLE’s just-released new wing techniques

Joseph McDonald says Bertoletti was robbed

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Wing Bowl 22 links, January 30

Comments (1) has an article about Wing Bowl 22 odds claiming that Pat Bertoletti ate 17 sandwiches in 35 minutes at Jim's Steaks to qualify. (His stunt was eating scrapple and cream cheese). This would smash the official record of 13 sandwiches set by Bob Shoudt in 2007. Lynda Kuerth claimed to have eaten 15 sandwiches in the 1970s.

Jan 29 Wing Bowl 22 links

Comments has an article about the health effects of competing in Wing Bowl focusing on defending champion Jamie McDonald.

Molly Schuyler eats 125 pounds in 108 minutes in 18 videos has an article about Molly Schuyler competing in Wing Bowl 22 where she is the favorite. On the day after the Wing Bowl, she will defend her title at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines and also compete in the IHOP Pancake Bowl finals.

A playlist of 18 videos where Molly Schuyler eats 125 pounds (her body weight listed in the article) in approximately 108 minutes follows:
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Official Wing Bowl 22 odds

The official list of odds for Wing Bowl 22 has been posted. The favorites

Molly Schuyler 2-1
Pat Bertoletti 2-1
Jamie McDonald 4-1
Jon Squibb 5-1
Dave Goldstein 15-1

Jon Squibb is the favorite for the local contest at 1-2 followed by Dave Goldstein at 3-1.

update Some more Wing Bowl 22 links

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John "Oink Oink" Bradley won today's in-studio Wing Off to receive a spot in Wing Bowl 22.
The King's Men is holding and Anti Wing Bowl Outreach and is calling for a boycott on the event's sponsors.
Kevin "Quazy" Ambs won the Wing Off finals on Thursday and will receive a spot in Wing Bowl 22.
Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce has announced that he will participate as an eater in Wing Bowl 22. He will be the first active professional team sports athlete to compete. has an article asking if Molly Schuyler is the favorite for Wing Bowl 22 also mentioning the return of Jon Squibb. A limited amount of tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 9am.
Jon Squibb says he will make a big Wing Bowl 22 announcement tomorrow morning. update Jan 14 He says he will compete.
Justin "The Jester" Vernon won last night's Wing Off at XFinity Live in Philadelphia.
"Farmer" Bob Garges won last night's Wing Off (final picture) at PJ Whelihan's in Cherry Hill, NJ. The "Ukraine Train" also competed and Dave "US Male" Goldstein used the contest as a training session. has an article about Dave "US Male" Goldstein's attempt to defend his local Wing Bowl title which says that 3 Jon Squibb will be considered a local if he decides to compete. Dave is selling T-shirts for the Wing Bowl.
John "Oink Oink" Bradley announces he won last night's Wing Off at the Sugar House Casino in Philadelphia.
Kevin "Quazy" Ambs won Friday's Wing Bowl 22 Wing Off (caption of last picture) held at PJ Whelihan's in West Chester, PA.
Brian Squibb says that his brother (presumably 3-time Wing Bowl winner Jon Squibb) will not be competing in Wing Bowl 22.
The Wing Off schedule for Wing Bowl 22 has been announced. The first Wing Off will take place on Friday at PJ Whelihan's in West Chester, PA. The finals on January 21 will award a spot in the finals.
The new poll asks who you think is the current favorite for the national contest in Wing Bowl 22.
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