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2006 May 6DQ?12 min Berryhill Baja Grill Tamales Eating Contest Houston, TX
2005 Oct 23rd218 min Krystal Square Off qualifier Dallas, TX
2005 Sep 242nd13.5 10 minGoldenPalace.com grilled cheese qualifier Albuquerque, NM

Levi Oliver has an interview on youtube in which he provides tips for competitors in the raw onion eating contest to be held at the Texas Testosterone Festival on August 9.

Link Buffet: April 26, 2008

The Indepedent of London has an article about the oyster eating challenge at Wintzell’s Oyster House in Mobile Alabama:

The genuine smile is harder to find in the US than anywhere else on earth. On the East and West coasts, people smile because they’re feeling smug. But in Alabama, people smile because they want you to be happy. It’s evident in the 1920s canteen-style interior of Wintzell’s, where the walls are covered with ancient, handwritten signs of folksy, homespun wisdom (“Unfortunately, there is a widespread view that the proper lubricant for a political machine is palm oil rather than elbow grease” is one example).

An Indepedent reporter took a tour with Famous Fat Dave in New York City.

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Link Buffet: February 19, 2008

San Diego corned beef musubi article and video
James Madison University grilled cheese eating contest, winner eats 12 sandwiches in 8 minutes
Shoo Fly Pie contest to be held June 21, $10,000 purse
“Eating Levi” does not make the South by Southwest festival
, but will appear on DVD and the Yes Network
Rio Wraps (Michigan) Burrito Bowl finals report and qualifiers gallery
Princeton Oyster Bowl video
Queen Mary chili cheese fries mini documentary
Rice and Bean Pot competitors eat burritos on Fox 25 news
Brooklyn Dodger forum thread about Nathan’s redevelopment plans

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“Eating Levi” trailer on youtube

The trailer for the “Eating Levi” documentary about Levi Oliver’s quest to win a tamale title is available on youtube. Badlands Booker, Tim “Eater X” Janus and others make cameos.

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Levi Oliver documentary screened in Amsterdam

The Shreveport Times has an article about director Gregory Kallenberg, whose first film was “Eating Levi”, a documentary about Levi Oliver. That movie was recently shown at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).Kallenberg hopes his film is accepted by the South by Southwest multimedia festival in Austin, TX.


Levi Oliver documentary completed

(From Levi Oliver) A documentary about Levi Oliver’s competitive eating career has been completed and a website for it has been set up at http://eatinglevi.com/ A trailer is available.


Levi Oliver completes first triathlon

Congratulations to Levi Oliver for finishing the Capital of Texas Triathlon on Memorial Day (400m swim, 10K bike, 5K run) in steamy conditions. The Austin Statesman has an article on how he did it.