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big sandwich Super Duper Colossal Sandwich Chick and Ruth's Delly Annapolis, MD sandwich recommended to feed at least 5-6 people
6 pound milk shake The Colossal Challenge Chick and Ruth's Delly Annapolis, MD includes Colossal burger or sandwich
3 lb. burrito Burrito Challenge Latin Quarter Restaurant Annapolis, MD
(All Annapolis eating challenges and contests in database) has an article about a video produced by Miki Sudo and Nick Wehry to encorage Daniel "Chunky" Henson to compete in a muskrat leg eating contest in Cambridge, MD.
tweetphoto has pictures of tmonkjcoltrane and PWLawrence completing the Colossal Challenge at Chick and Ruth's Delly in Annapolis.
A crab cake eating contest on Saturday at Michael's Cafe Raw Bar & Grill in Annapolis, MD will award $500 to the winner.
The online Wall of Fame at Chick and Ruth's Delly in Annapolis, Maryland has been updated to report that Alexis "EatChugMore" Sierra finished two 6 pound milkshakes in under 30 minutes (with a 10 minute gap for the preparation of the second shake).

Man vs. Food October 21 (Washington, DC) episode links

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6 crabcakes in 2:42 called best crabcake performance

The Baltimore Sun has an article about the Phillips crabcake eating contest at the Maryland Seafood Festival. Walter Hughes won the contest by eating 6 crabcakes in 2:42.

Michelle Torres, director of marketing for Phillips Seafood Restaurants, said Hughes was the fastest crab-cake eater she had ever seen. The restaurant had sponsored four crab-eating contests in recent years, Torres said, and Hughes had outpaced all the other winners.

Sonya Thomas ate 46 crabcakes in 10 minutes to win the 2006 Phillips crabcake contest.

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Man vs. Food in Washington, DC this weekend?

An entry under “Just Fans” on the Man vs. Food facebook wall by someone claiming to work for the show reports that the program will record in Washington, DC this weekend. The challenge will probably be the burger & shake challenge at Chick & Ruth Delly in Annapolis.

update The Saval Foods twitter reports that Man vs. Food will record at Chick’s & Ruth’s Delly on Sunday at 7:30.

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Will Millender has a blog entry about being the first person to complete the burger & shake challenge at Ruth & Chick's Delly in Annapolis, MD and not appearing in an upcoming episode of Man vs. Food.

Link Buffet: April 26, 2008

The Indepedent of London has an article about the oyster eating challenge at Wintzell’s Oyster House in Mobile Alabama:

The genuine smile is harder to find in the US than anywhere else on earth. On the East and West coasts, people smile because they’re feeling smug. But in Alabama, people smile because they want you to be happy. It’s evident in the 1920s canteen-style interior of Wintzell’s, where the walls are covered with ancient, handwritten signs of folksy, homespun wisdom (“Unfortunately, there is a widespread view that the proper lubricant for a political machine is palm oil rather than elbow grease” is one example).

An Indepedent reporter took a tour with Famous Fat Dave in New York City.

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