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West Michigan Whitecaps Nathan’s qualifier

Full results of the Nathan’s qualifier at tonight’s West Michigan Whitecaps game. Darrien Thomas Instagram video update WCSG has an article

1st 22 Darrien “Cheesecurd” Thomas
2nd 20 Tanner Gray
3rd 14.5 Nathan Klein
4th 7.75 Paul Van Dussen
1st 8.5 Cherish “Five Pounds” Brown
2nd 7 Rubianne Garcia

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James Webb will do a Puerto Rican food challenge at The Mason Jar Lager Company in Fuquay Varina, NC on May 11.
Joey Chestnut did a White Castle eating contest at a 50th birthday party in Indianapolis and ate 42 sliders in 3 minutes.
The Manchester Evening News has an article about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran attempting the pie challenge at The Black Friar in Salford, England.

2024 Manor Palooza World Sausage Eating Championship

The top 8 from James Webb’s live video (10 minutes)
1) James Webb 51 sausages, new record
2) Geoff Esper 38
3) Nick Wehry 31
4T) Greg Wilson 20.5
4T) Christopher “Old Guy Eats” Dale 20.5
6 Tanner Gray, MLE debut
7T Yasir Salem 15
7T Alberto Bravo 15

Old Guy Eats has started a live video

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In a tiktok video posted this morning, Mo "MohMotion" Mbengue announced that he had been released from jail after being arrested in Galveston County on March 2 for narcotics possession.
The Brooklyn Cylones have produced a bobble-head doll of Joey Chestnut sitting on a hot dog throne that will be given to the first 1,500 fans that attend their July 3 game. In honor of the occasion, the team will be renamed the Coney Island Franks for one day.

Kobayashi announces retirement in Netflix documentary

Takeru Kobayashi is one of four subjects in the new Netflix documentary, “Hack Your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut”. His segment focuses on his inability to feel hunger after a 20 year competitive eating career. He decides to retire from eating contests to improve his gastrointestinal health: (youtube trailer) (transcript)

After analyzing Kobayashi’s poop and also performing other tests, including scanning his brain’s responses to images of different foods, doctors informed him that his microbiome was actually in good shape, but his brain scans were abnormal. This revelation means that getting to the bottom of Kobayashi’s lack of hunger will be more complex, and in order to focus on restoring his health, he’s decided to quit competitive eating. He has “mixed feelings” about it, but after years of ignoring his body’s signals, he’s eager to see if he can repair his gut-brain connection.

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Geoff Esper wins TV Tokyo’s “King of Gluttony”

Results from the final round of today’s “King of Gluttony” program televised on TV Tokyo: (Full program video)
1) Geoff Esper 26 bowls
2) Molly Schuyler 24
3) Kawaxile 23
4) Angela Sato 19

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Ricardo Corbucci has uploaded a video of a recent training session for Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest he did with Nick Wehry.
Joe Capozzi has an interview with Miki Sudo and Nick Wehry about competing in the National Sweet Corn Eating Championship in West Palm Beach on Sunday.
Yahoo has an article about Bob "Notorious B.O.B" Shoudt and Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" attempting the 42 item food challenge at the Cafe at the End of the Universe in Warrington, England.
WATE has a news video about Knoxville mayor Glenn Jacobs (WWE Hall of Famer "Kane") competing in the Ultimate Bologna Showdown in Knoxville on May 18. Joey Chestnut, Geoff Esper, James Webb and Gideon Oji are also expected to compete. (youtube video).
WECT has an article about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran attempting the "Megga Gregga" 8 pound lobster roll at Shuckin Shack in Wilmington, NC.
Knoxville Mayor Glenn Jacobs, who competed in WWE as "Kane", will be the only amateur entrant in the Ultimate Bologna Showdown in Knoxville, TN on May 18. Joey Chestnut and Geoff Esper are also expected to compete.
Bryan Times has an article about Randy Santel, Radim Dvoracek, Nathan Klein and "Magic" Mitch Dombrowski attempting the "El Jefe" sandwich challenge at LaBo's Gourmet Grilled Cheese in Bryan, OH.
Joey Chestnut ate 20 hot dogs in 90 seconds during today's "Grove Bowl Games" at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS. He was going to be a judge for the competition, but Coach Lane Kiffin called him in to compete. I think this is the first non-MLE personal appearance for Joey Chestnut in which he ate hot dogs. update LocalMemphis has an article about the contest. Joey entered a six minute eating contest after over 4 minutes had elapsed.
Joey Chestnut will attend a hot dog eating contest to be held during the "Grove Bowl Games" at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS on Saturday. It is not clear if Joey will compete or just judge the competition.
Miki Sudo and Nick Wehry appeared on WFLA this morning to promote their Cuban sandwich eating contest versus Tampa Bay celebrities in Ybor City on May 18. This will apparently prevent them from competing in the bologna contest in Knoxville that will take place on that day,
Julia of Hellthy Junk Food uploaded a video of her competing in the Sweet 16 Challenge held at Jojo's Shake Bar in Orlando last month. Wayne Algenio won the local contest. Does anyone know who won the national $2000 prize? With 3 million subscribers for her channel, Julia is now the most followed youtube account for an American or European female competitive eater. updateWayne Algenio won the national contest.
Wingstop will sponsor a wing eating contest at Kelce Jam, a music festival produced by Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to be held in Kansas City on May 18. has compiled a list of the best and worst food challenges on Beard Meats Food youtube channel.
Mercer County Outlook reports that Nathan Klein finished the Willow Warrior Challenge at the Willow in Celina, OH to claim a $250 jackpot. The challenge consists of 2 Bag O Burgers, 1 Big Daddy Fry and a Quart Shake.
WWE wrestlers Otis and Omos faced off in a pizza and cheesesteak eating contest in Philadelphia this afternoon to promote Wrestlemania this weekend. Akira Tozawa was the judge (video)
HertsLive reports that Max Stanford ate a 2kg kebab box in 6:37 to win a British Eating League event held at Chip-o-dee in Wrexhan, Wales. John "Food and the Beast" Dawes was runner up.
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