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2008 Sep 2810th43 8 minKrystal Square Off finals Chattanooga, TN
2008 Sep 212nd51 8 minKrystal Square Off qualifier Memphis, TN
2008 Sep 132nd51 8 minKrystal Square Off qualifier Nashville, TN

Juris Shabayama’s Tesla Model S catches on fire

TeslaMotors.com has an account from Juris Shibayama on how his Model S caught on fire after he ran over a detached trailer hitch on an interstate highway. He says he believes that the Model S is a safe vehicle and would purchase another one. (via Silicon Beat)

In another competitive eating / high mileage car crossover, Horseman of the Esophagus author’s Jason Fagone second book Ingenious was released earlier this month. Ingenious describes the quest to produce an automobile that can exceed 100 miles per gallon.

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A segment (probably from 2008) about Juris "Dr. Shibayama" was recently replayed by Fox 17 for its "Video Vault" series.

Link Buffet: November 11, 2008

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Link Buffet: July 28, 2008

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Link Buffet: July 22, 2008

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Link Buffet: July 15, 2008

  • Final Denver hot dog qualifier report
  • Column criticizing Juris Shibayama for finishing “toward the back of the pack” that does not bother to find out his actual placing
  • Megamunch blog entry and gallery from the UEPa meeting at Gregory’s Steakhouse
  • Report on Tour de Donut in which cyclists can reduce their reported finishing times by eating donuts
  • The Serious Sports News Network reports that a congressional committee will investigate allegations that PEDs were used in the Nathans’ finals
  • Mini-essay contest for slots in the Bowie burrito eating contest, also lists expected ranked entrants

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Fox 17 Juris Shibayama video

WZTV (Fox 17/ Nashville) has an article and video about Juris Shibayama with footage from his medical office. The reporter surprises “Dr. Big Time” with a Twinkie eating contest, which the spinal surgeon wins.

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Columnist Ken Hoffman judges Nathan’s finals

Ken Hoffman of the Houston Chronicle has a column about serving as a judge at the Nathan’s finals, where he was assigned to keep track of Juris Shibayama’s total. Hoffman did not focus 100% on counting the amount of hot dogs eaten by “Dr. Big Time”:

Even though I was counting Shibayama’s hot dogs, I was videotaping Chestnut and Kobayashi’s furious assault on processed meat and enriched white bread. I looked like a total tourist with my badge and camera dangling from my neck.

While the contest was going on, my cell phone rang. It was my buddy Sean Pendergast. “I’m watching on TV — which judge are you?”

The column reports that the Major League Eating Wii game will be released next week, which would give it a Bastille Day release date and set up the possibility of a crepe eating contest to promote its launch.

George Shea describes how the overtime format was decided on:

“In most matches, we use a one-minute overtime to decide ties,” Shea said. “However, the speed with which Kobayashi and Chestnut eat would have made it very difficult to judge who had eaten more. I felt it would be more decisive to have a five-hot-dog eat-off.”

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Link Buffet #1: July 4, 2008

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2008 NO – the Dr. is in (Coney Island)

New Orleans qualifier results from Dr. Bigtime comment & IFOCE.com report:

1. Juris “Dr. Bigtime” Shibayama – 28
2. Peter Parker – 17
3. Damon Serignet – 16

Dunno after that.

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Eaters’ off-table training

Juris Shibayama article in the Tennessean

The Tennessean has a preview of the “Ham & Eggs” contest that will be televised on Spike TV during the halftime of the Super Bowl focusing on Juris “Dr. Bigtime” Shibayama

update The Daily Herald also has an article about Shibayama’s performance in the ham contest which mentions his new #8 ranking.


DoctorBigTime.com and other new URLs

Juris “Dr. Big Time” Shibayama has started a personal website at http://doctorbigtime.com with a page devoted to competitive eating.

There have been a lot of recent changes for Japanese websites. Sakura Takahashi has moved to miotakahashi.net Tomoko Miyake, Saori Nakayama and Kana Kanisawa have all moved their blogs to new URLS (See sidebar for links)

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Skinnyboy issues body fat % challenge

Andrew “Skinnyboy” Lane has challenged Juris “Dr. Big Time” Shibayama to reveal his body fat percentage in order to determine who deserves the title of the most fit eater in the IFOCE.

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Juris Shibayama in Nashville Medical News

(From Dr Big Time) An article on Dr. Juris Shibayama appears in the Nashville Medical News:

Throughout medical school, Shibayama competed in body building. While he doesn’t have the time for that anymore, he’s up at 5 a.m. for an elliptical workout daily and lifts three or four times a week. His best bench press was an impressive 500 pounds when he was 22. “I got it on videotape, because I knew I’d never be able to do it again,” he said.

Shibayama approaches competitive eating with a similar drive, preparing for last month’s competition by expanding his stomach. When training first began, he could drink a gallon of water in about six minutes, “and I felt terrible for like an hour. But now I’m to the point where I can drink it in 45 seconds, and I feel pretty good after about two or three minutes,” he said. Once he mastered that, he would drink a gallon of water in the parking lot of an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, and then head inside to eat all he could eat.


Another Juris Shibayama article

DNJ.com has another article about Juris Shibayama’s second place finish in the Nashville Krystal qualifier.


Dr. Big Time article in the Tennessean

The Tennessean has an article on Dr. Juris Shibayama’s second place finish in the Nashville Krystal qualifier:

Shibayama brought a cheering squad that included Linda Sykes, a patient he operated on in July.

She said she never thought she’d see the muscular doctor scarf down hamburgers so fast, but she expected him to do well in the contest.

As for herself, she expects to remain in the crowd watching.

“I like Krystals, but I don’t think I could do that,” she laughed.

The article also has video from the qualifier.


Juris Shibayama profiled in DNJ.com

DNJ.com has an article about Juris “Dr. Big Time” Shibayama, who will compete in the Nashville Krystal qualifier.

Last year, he ate 33 burgers. On Sunday, the surgeon is shooting for 40 burgers in eight minutes.

The strategy, Shibayama says, is to chew as little as possible: “Big bites.”

His mother isn’t as excited about the new competitive hobby than his friends.

“She just doesn’t think it is very healthy,” Shibayama said. “Everyone else thinks its pretty cool though, and if I get on ESPN, they’re going to love it.”

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