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Link Buffet: October 18, 2008

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Kana Kanisawa releases music CD

Even though Gyaruru is on hiatus, a Japanese female competitive eater will release a CD this summer. Kana Kanisawa has put out a CD on the South to North label titled (according to Google translation) “Food Without grumbling to eat!”

Kana’s singing can be heard on a youtube karaoke video. She strips down to a bikini while performing.

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Link Buffet: March 1, 2008

Tim Brown answers 10 questions on IFOCE com
Indian traveler will spend a week in Chennai to see if Dale Boone can help him get started in “Kollywood” film industry, Dale Boone advises him to watch out for poisonous frogs
Don Lerman hires 25 people to handle his fan mail
Article about March 7 Lake Tahoe sushi / extreme food contest
Video footage from 2006 NYC grilled cheese eating contest
More on Canada’s tallest man 18 pound burger attempt
Request for videos of diners eating 4 HDB in less than 2 minutes
Kana Kanisawa & friend purchase a lot of food from Seibu Department store then eat it (Part 1, Part 2)
Pictures of Tomoko Miyake’s convenience store meals from yama3 (See above)
Japanese pancake eating contest for women only – first prize is a million yen and a trip to Hawaii

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DoctorBigTime.com and other new URLs

Juris “Dr. Big Time” Shibayama has started a personal website at http://doctorbigtime.com with a page devoted to competitive eating.

There have been a lot of recent changes for Japanese websites. Sakura Takahashi has moved to miotakahashi.net Tomoko Miyake, Saori Nakayama and Kana Kanisawa have all moved their blogs to new URLS (See sidebar for links)

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Kana Kanisawa swimsuit DVD


Kana Kanisawa, a member of the three person team competing against three Americans has released a DVD apparently consisting of her posing in bathing suits. She did an interview about the DVD and there is also some pictures from the press conference announcing the release.

There is no nudity in the links above, but they may not be safe for all workplaces.

In other news from the 3 person team contest, Jill Stoler says she is back from Japan in her myspace page.

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Washington Post on Japanese blogging

The Washington Post has an interesting article on the rise of Japanese blogging. The article reports that more blog entries are written in Japanese than in English, even though there are about 8 times more Anglophones than Japanese speakers. Japanese blog entries are more likely to be based on everyday life than on the opinions or expertise of the writer.

Kana Kanisawa’s blog
, which consists of over 8600 entries which are phonecam pictures with brief captions, exemplifies this characteristic.

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Gal Sone wins 3kg burger contest

In this week’s Wednesday morning contest, Natsuko “Gal” Sone defeated Kana Kanisawa in a 3kg (6.6 lb) burger eating contest. The only result provided is that Sone won, it is not listed if either burger was finished in the 30 minute time limit.


The most prolific competitive eating blogger

(From R Suzuki) If you cannot find enough competitive eating material on the internet, you might want to check out Kana Kanisawa’s blog at http://ameblo.jp/kana-de/ She might have more entries than all other competitive eating blogs combined. She made 615 posts in March (there were 145 entries last month on this website)

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