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Joshua Currier profile

The Fayetteville (NC) Observer has an article about Joshua “Jabber-Jaws” Currier and his rise to prominence this year. Currier says he will compete in the pulled pork sandwich contest in Dover, Delaware and the Coney Island hamburger contest. He hopes to become a member of the team that will compete in Japan at the end of this year.

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Wing Tut in NY Post

(Via “Pleasure and Payne”) Derek “Wing Tut” Payne designed some anti New England Patriot T shirts. The New York Post mentioned that line of clothing:

Derek Payne, 28, of Pittsburgh, designed a line of “18-1” shirts that are being sold on

On his shirts, the numeral 1 is replaced with a graphic of a hand flipping the bird.

“I’m a Steeler fan, so I’ll give the Pats the middle finger as much as anybody,” he said. “I was definitely cheering for the New York Giants as they knocked the Pats off their perch last night.”

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AICE news: Tomoko Miyake repels “The Invader”

AICE News reports that Tomoko Miyake defeated Ian Hickman by being the first to finish over 9 pounds of curry.

The blogs of Tomoko Miyake, Takuya Yamamoto and Saori Nakayama report that they recorded a television appearance today, but have no results or pictures of Americans.

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Wing Tut blog ends hiatus

Derek “Wing Tut” Payne has resumed blogging at He intends to blog about non competitive eating topics in addition to eating contest news.

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Article on 123 pound burger

The Clearfield Progress has an article about the unveiling of Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub’s 123 pound burger. The burger took 6-8 hours to cook and a heat shield had to be installed on the oven. The burger meat will be used in chili and other non-burger items.

The article also mentions the UEPa meeting, the German television crew and Ian Hickman breaking the 2 lb burger record. The previous record of 15 minutes was set by Daryl Teats of Woodland, PA in 1993. Dave Schoffner is quoted.

A shorter version of the article was produced by the Associated Press which has been picked up by dozens of outlets. (From flash383)


Feb 2-4 independent contest results

(from AICE news) National Hard Boiled Egg Eating Championship, Marina Grille, Brick, NJ

1. Goose Gilbert, 46 eggs
2. Mark Lyle, 42 eggs
3. Joe Menchetti, 41 eggs

Mark Lyle believes that his plate had 35 eggs when it should have had 25 and that his actual result is 10 more than his listed result.

Rio Wraps Burrito Bowl, Dearborn MI, gallery

1. Justin Swarbrick, 4 burritos in under 10 minutes

Oyster Bowl VIII, Princeton, NJ

no official results yet, but Joe Menchetti says that last year’s winner, Kristina Costa, repeated with 82 oysters in 2 minutes.

(Women’s) Wing Fling III

no official results yet, but a competitor says the winner ate 25 in 15 minutes, one more than Keighrah ate in 45 seconds in this youtube video.

update Feb 9 This post is now closed to comments

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Bob Kuhns wins pierogie eating contest reports that Bob “Killer” Kuhns won a pierogie eating contest at Clara’s Pittsburgh Pierogies on Sunday after repeating in the Wing Championship Series on Friday. There will be an AICE pierogie contest at the restaurant on June 23.

updated A video clip can be seen at (Thanks Boy King) Click on the Entertainment category.

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Bob Kuhns repeats in Pittsburgh wings

From AICE News:

1 Bob Killer Kuhns 132
2 Ian ‘the Invader’ Hickman 124
3 Joe Menchetti 117

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Mark Lyle wins twinkie video contest reports that Mark Lyle won the video based twinkie eating contest, extending his winning streak to two contests. The next video contest will be announced on February 1.

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The Human Wet/Dry Vacuum

Mark “The Human Vacuum” Lyle has submitted another taco challenge video to youtube at “Picnic” rules are not used in this video and Mark Lyle is able to approximately halve his time to about 2 minutes.

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Mark Lyle takes 10 taco challenge lead reports that Mark “The Human Vacuum” Lyle has submitted a video of himself performing their 10 soft taco challenge in 4:23, almost halving The Masked Muncher’s time of 8:05.

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Ian Hickman completes McD’s dollar menu in under 4 minutes

Videos of Ian “the Invader” Hickman eating all the items on the McDonald’s dollar menu in under four minutes are available on youtube: Part 1, Part 2

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Skinny Scott & Doginator retire

(from rvs889) AICE news reports that “Skinny” Scott Soifer and Dominick “Doginator” Cardo have both retired. Both Soifer & Cardo were originally members of the IFOCE. Soifer finished second in the infamous 2004 matzo ball contest and Cardo won the beef tongue contest in the 2002 Glutton Bowl. Let’s congratulate them on their competitive careers and wish them the best in their post-eating lives.

updatedDon “Moses” Lerman got 2nd in the 2004 matzo ball contest and Soifer was 3rd. The database has been corrected.

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Competitive eaters invade the Rockford Corner Bar

(Thanks Bob Shoudt) The Rockford Squire has an article about recent attempts to break the Rockford Corner Bar’s chili dog record. The majority of the article is devoted to the endeavors of three AICE members on March 9 ; Tim Janus’ earlier record breaking attempt is mentioned only in passing. The Rockford Corner Bar website has yet to be updated with Janus’ new record.

Updated March 18, 12:30 am – an article about Tim Janus can be found further down the page. Eater X also did a malt challenge and another pizza challenge earlier this month.

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Chowhound Chapman vs. Wing Bowl has an article describing the complaint Arnie “Chowhound” Chapman lodged with the Federal Communications Commission. Chapman claims that his being prevented from competing in the 2005 Wing Bowl after successfully completing his qualifying stunt violates the FCC statute that on-air contests must have fair and consistent rules. A video clip of the Chowhound’s stunt in which he ate 28 clementines is available.

In other Wing Bowl news, the Philadelphia City Paper claims that the 2005 Wing Bowl was probably fixed so that Bill “El Wingador” Simmons could beat Sonya Thomas.