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Molly Schuyler has uploaded a video of her visit to The Rockford Corner Bar in July 2021 to attempt to break Tim Janus' 2006 record of 43.5 chili dogs. (article about the challenge)
Molly Schuyler ate 50 chili dogs in 22 minutes to set the house record, which was previously held by Tim "Eater X" Janus, at the Rockford Corner Bar in Rockford, MI. I think she is the first female to eat 50 hot dogs with buns in any eating competition or challenge. has an article about Stephanie Wu completing the chili dog challenge at the Rockford Corner Bar in Rockford, MI and setting the house record for the hot dog challenge at Dog Central in Mt. Pleasant, MI.
The Corner Bar in Rockford, MI was destroyed after a fire that started in a dumpster triggered a gas line explosion. The restaurant started mainting a "Hot Dog Hall of Fame" for customers that could eat 12 or more chili dogs.
The 5 pound stromboli at Papa Piccione's in Kent City, MI was the top entry in the online poll ran by to determine the most extreme food challenge in Michigan. Rockford Corner Bar's chili dog challenge was the runner up.
The Rockford Corner Bar announces that the amateur record holder for its chili dog challenge (43 chili dogs in 4 hours), Balinda Gould-McIntosh, passed away on September 2 at the age of 46 after a struggle with cancer.
A Rockford Independent article about the Rockford Corner Bar's quest to appear on Man vs. Food calls the host of that program "Adam Richardson" twice.
MLive reports that the Rockford Corner Bar's "Not Dog" vegetarian hot dog challenge has received the first Animal-Friendly Eating Competition Award from PETA. A facebook group has also been started to encourage Man vs. Food to record at the restaurant. reports that the Rockford Corner Bar in Rockford, Michigan will start adding diners who eat 12 or more veggie dogs to its Hot Dog Hall of Fame, which currently has over 5,000 members. A contest will take place at 6pm tonight to see who will be the first veggie dog Hall of Famer. update Nicole Rowland ate 8.25 veggie dogs, the best of the initial challengers.
After this weekend, the Rockford Corner Bar will require diners to eat at least 20 chili dogs to receive the hot dogs free. A 12 hot dog minimum has been in place for the holiday season.
The facebook for the Rockford Corner Bar announces that during the holiday season diners who can eat 12 or more chili dogs in 4 hours will receive their hot dogs for free in addition to having their names listed in The Hot Dog Hall of Fame. 20 is the usual minimum for free hot dogs.

Rockford Corner Bar contest Sat, 1st prize LCD TV

The Rockford (Grand Rapids area) Corner Bar will hold a hold a hot dog eating contest at Comstock 09 on Saturday. The first prize is an LCD TV. The Corner Bar twitter reports that previous chili dog record holders Sharon Van Duinen and Balinda Gould will be present.


Rockford record attempts remembered

MLive has a blog entry (for June 26) about the attempts to break the Rockford Corner Bar’s chili dog record last year:

Wolfe has tried to get Janus (who is ranked No. 7 by the IFOCE), Chestnut and others such as Patrick Bertoletti and Hall Hunt to come back and compete again, but it hasn’t come together.

“They are under contract, so it’s not that easy,” he said.

So, if Nathan’s Famous contest only lasts 12 minutes, and the Corner Bar allows four hours to eat your chili dogs, how long did it take for Janus to eat 43 1/2 of them?

“It took him the whole four hours,” Wolfe said.

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25th anniversary of Sharon Scholten’s chili dog mark

On March 13, 1982, Sharon Scholten (now Sharon VanDuinen), a petite 5’3″ and 110 pound 25 year old, broke the chili dog record at the Rockford Corner Bar by eating 42.5 chili dogs in four hours. That record would last for almost 24 years and only Tim Janus and Balinda Gould have been able to better that performance.

The archived article about Ms. Scholten provides some interesting background information about her feat:

Saturday looked to be a normal day until her brother-in-law Jimmy Scholten suggested that she try for the record

That was after she had eaten lunch – a Mexican pizza for two, a half order of nachos, four baskets of chips and an enchilada.

But she thought she’d give it a try. After all, she met the woman’s mark two years ago by swallowing 20 franks. And there wasn’t much else to do that night.

“We were just talking about it that afternoon,” she said, “It wasn’t something I planned. I didn’t think I could do it. But Jimmy told me he had bet $600 that I could do it so I thought I’d better try.”

It turns out Jimmy had no money riding on her meal, but his white lie was enough to get Sharon to break the record.

“I was upset,” she said. “I thought I had all this money coming. He told me I’d get 75% of the profit.”

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Rockford Corner Bar website updated

The website for the Rockford Corner Bar has been retooled. The hot dog “Hall of Fame” has been updated to list Tim Janus’ record breaking performance from March, but only three names are listed on that page. Janus is listed as the professional record holder while Balinda Gould is the amateur champion. Sharon VanDuinen’s (Scholten) 23 year reign is mentioned, but the article about her has been removed.


Rockford results reporting changed from opt-out to opt-in

At the request of Kevin Carr, I will not list any results from the Rockford Corner Bar unless I receive an email from an eater asking me to report his result (or he could just state his result in a comment.) I was originally going to list those results tonight unless someone emailed me today to not post his total. Thanks to Kevin Carr again for an excellent submission.

The Rockford Corner Bar has an online Hall of Fame, but no there are no links to it from the restaurant’s home page. All results are from 2003 and 2004 so it is apparently not being updated. No ranked IFOCE or AICE members are present in the online Hall of Fame. The highest amount is 20 chili dogs, reached by Kurt, Brian Johns, Nate McManus and Erin VanDeffelen

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Kevin Carr reports from the Rockford Corner Bar

Thanks very much Kevin Carr. Kevin made a trip north to Michigan yesterday to attempt the Chili Dog Challenge at the Rockford Corner Bar and try to learn the identies of the eaters who have recently attempted the record.

Kevin learned of four other IFOCE members other than Tim Janus who have recently attempted the challenge. All four eaters reached the 20 chili dog mark (at which point the meal is free) with two breaking the 30 dog level, but at least one eater vomited. I have omitted the identies of those eaters from Kevin’s report. I will list their identities tomorrow at 10 pm eastern unless they email and request that his (they are all male) result not be posted.

In his report, Kevin mentioned that he is on standby for a Nathan’s qualifier spot. Spaces must be extremely tight if a ranked eater who competed in last year’s US Open is not guaranteed a spot.

Kevin emailed me this report:


After hearing the news of Tim “Eater X” Janus’s recent victory at the Rockford Corner Bar, I was naturally curious about the challenge. It was only a 5 hour drive from my home, so I thought I’d run up there and take the challenge myself. I’m on stand-by for a Nathan’s qualifier, and I’ve never eaten hot dogs in a contest, so I wanted to test my mettle so to speak.

Also, there have been conflicting reports in the press and the eating community about what’s been going on up there. Call it the writer in me, but I wanted to go to the source to get the full story.

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Competitive eaters invade the Rockford Corner Bar

(Thanks Bob Shoudt) The Rockford Squire has an article about recent attempts to break the Rockford Corner Bar’s chili dog record. The majority of the article is devoted to the endeavors of three AICE members on March 9 ; Tim Janus’ earlier record breaking attempt is mentioned only in passing. The Rockford Corner Bar website has yet to be updated with Janus’ new record.

Updated March 18, 12:30 am – an article about Tim Janus can be found further down the page. Eater X also did a malt challenge and another pizza challenge earlier this month.

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Speedeat reports that Tim Janus breaks Corner Bar chili dog record reports that Tim Janus broke the Rockford (Michigan) Corner Bar chili dog record by consuming 43.5 chili dogs in 4 hours. If correct, this is the first time in almost a quarter century that a male eater has been the chili dog champion (Sharon Scholten ate 42.5 hot dogs in 1982 and Baldina Gould consumed 43 last December). The $500 bounty for breaking that record is no longer offered.

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More Balinda Gould articles

Two new articles in the Rockford Squire and the Advance about Balinda Gould’s feat of eating 43 chili dogs in 4 hours, which beat the 23 year old record set by Sharon Scholten/VanDuinen, are now available.


Balinda Gould breaks Sharon Scholten’s hot dog challenge record.

(from Balinda Gould, a 41 year old single mother who works part-time in at deli counter, broke Sharon Scholten’s 23 year old record of 42.5 chili dogs in 4 hours by a half a hot dog at the Rockford Corner Bar in Rockford, Michigan. Ms. Gould had apparently not eaten competitively before except for two attempts at the record in November in which she consumed 20 and 28 hot dogs.