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If you are looking for competitive eating content, "Swallow Your Pride", a documentary about Wing Bowl 13 (2005), can be viewed on youtube for free. The focus is Bill "El Wingador" Simmon's quest to retake the title from Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas. Bob Shoudt (then known as Humble Bob), Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman, Dave "Coondog" O'Karma, Hank "The Tank" Goldey and Augie "Yao Wing" Chung are also featured. Conflict between IFOCE (MLE) and AICE is a secondary theme of the film. At 30:45, AICE co-founders Chapman and O'Karma discuss their grievances.
The denial of a spot in Wing Bowl 13 for Arnie Chapman after he already qualified by winning a Wing Off appears in a list of cases about Federal Communications Commission contest rules. The lesson: "Eligibility is a key material term and must be included in both the official rules and broadcasted or written announcement". calls Jenny Drumgoole's show at Moore College of Art & Design "hyperactive, comedic and narcissistic". The installation includes a documentary about serving as Sonya Thomas' wingette in Wing Bowl 13.
Jenny Drumgoole's documentary about Sonya Thomas defending her title at Wing Bowl 13 is part of the Nexus Foundation's Supergirl exhibition about video superheroines. (via

WIP Wing Bowl 13 fine cancelled

RadioInk reports that the $4,000 fine 610 WIP received for FCC violations has been cancelled, but the station will still pay that amount to the federal government:

The new consent decree ends the investigation and cancels the forfeiture. Instead, CBS Radio will make a voluntary contribution to the Treasury and create a compliance plan within 30 days that will include a memo to all WIP programming staff that explains FCC contest rules and station procedures.

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FCC Wing Bowl fine upheld

Radio Ink reports that the FCC upheld the $4,000 fine it levied against 610 WIP in 2007 for not following its listed rules when Arnie Chapman was prevented from competing in the 2005 Wing Bowl.

update Radio-Online also has a post which claims that the Wing Bowl’s rival organization was “AISE”.

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Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis calls competitive eating the fastest growing sport and has a link to Swallow Your Pride which is now available in its entirety on

Full Swallow Your Pride on

The full version of the 2005 Wing Bowl documentary Swallow Your Pride can be viewed on for free. The previous version was missing the last 20 minutes.


Swallow Your Pride on

(From indiewire) The first 66 minutes of the 2005 Wing Bowl documentary, Swallow Your Pride, can be viewed for free at The video is billed as the full version of the movie even though the last 20 minutes are missing.

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“Swallow Your Pride” on sale at

(From Brian Dwyer comment) The Wing Bowl 13 documentary Swallow Your Pride is for sale on at a price of $19.99. Angelo Cataldi, Al Morganti and Bill Simmons are listed as the stars.

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“Swallow Your Pride” available on itunes

Mike Westinghouse commented that the Wing Bowl documentary Swallow Your Pride is available on itunes. The cost is $3.99 to rent, $14.99 to purchase.

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Swallow Your Pride official release coming soon

Josh Camerote, director of the 2005 Wing Bowl documentary, Swallow Your Pride, reports that his film will be officially released by Cinetic Media. The release date was supposed to take place last month, but the film has yet to come out. The movie’s official website just says “Check back soon”

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“Swallow Your Pride” screening liveblog

A live blog is currently being conducted for tonight’s screening of the 2005 Wing Bowl documentary “Swallow Your Pride”. At least two (and possibly three) of the six protagonists of the film are in attendance.

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Link Buffet: November 13, 2008

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El Wingador at “Swallow Your Pride” screening Nov 14

The Wing Bowl 13 documentary “Swallow Your Pride” will be screened in Philadelphia during the First Person Arts Festival on November 14. El Wingador will attend and serve wings with his wing sauce.

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Link Buffet: August 10, 2008

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Link Buffet: July 11, 2008

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“Swallow Your Pride” website

A website about the Wing Bowl 13 documentary “Swallow Your Pride” has been set up at The site has a trailer and a page with “eater cards” about the six competitors featured in the film.

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Bunless hot dog contests in Philadelphia

As far as I am aware, Lynda Kuerth’s 1977 mark is still the unofficial Philadelphia record for bunless hot dog eating:

1977 Veterans Stadium, Lynda Kuerth, 23 hot dogs in 3:10, recognized as Guinness hot dog record until at least 1988
2005 Wing Bowl stunt, Humble “Bob” Shoudt qualified by eating 20 hot dogs in 3:40
2007 Wing Bowl stunt “Dr. WingLove” (3rd place in 2006 Wing Bowl) DQed attempting to eat 25 bunless hotdogs in 5 minutes
2008 Wing Bowl stunt “Sticky” Pete “Philly Guy Miernicki, ate 12-14 hot dogs in 3:30, needed to eat 20 hot dogs


Don “Moses” Lerman in the Wing Bowl

Don “Moses” Lerman has a blog entry about his history in the Wing Bowl and his negative experience in Wing Bowl 13. Lerman’s difficulty in entering the arena in that event is mentioned on page 185 of “Horsemen of the Esophagus” by Jason Fagone:

The media-door supplicants aren’t all pretenders. Some are even participants, like Mr. IFOCE himself, George Shea, his neatly slicked hair and sharp suit putting the Philly mooks to shame. Butter champ Don Lerman is here, too. I’m standing right next to him. I know it’s Don Lerman because it says so on his wool hat.

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“Swallow Your Pride” added to NYC Food Film Festival

The schedule for the New York City Food Film Festival has been updated and the Wing Bowl 13 documentary “Swallow Your Pride” has replaced “Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating” on the listing for June 21.

Watching the films are free but food must be preordered.

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“Swallow Your Pride” trailers available

Three trailers for the Wing Bowl documentary “Swallow Your Pride”, all about two minutes long can be viewed at

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“Swallow Your Pride” Cleveland screening May 31

Josh Camerote, director of the Wing Bowl 13 documentary, “Swallow Your Pride” has set up a website and blog at The blog announces that a viewing of “Swallow Your Pride” has been scheduled for May 31 in Cleveland, but details have not been finalized yet.

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WIP fined $4,000 for banning Chapman from Wing Bowl 13

(From AICE News) ADLAW reports that the Federal Communciations Commission has fined CBS, the owner of 610 WIP of Philadelphia, $4,000 for banning Arnie “Chowhound” Chapman from competing in Wing Bowl 13 for being a member of AICE when no explicit rule prohibiting eaters from that organization existed:

The station said it disqualified him from competing in Wing Bowl 13 because he belonged to a competitive eating association, the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters (AICE). CBS stated that AICE is a rival of the group historically associated with the Wing Bowl, the Independent Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE).

CBS argued that Mr. Chapman should have known that he could not compete in the contest because members of IFOCE-rival associations previously had been disqualified from participating in the Wing Bowl 12 for the same reason. CBS also pointed to contest rules that allowed the station to disqualify contestants for subjective criteria, and a rule requiring contestants be station listeners. Mr. Chapman did not reside within the station’s broadcast area, so he could not be a listener, CBS argued.

The FCC noted that according to its rules, broadcasters are required to “fully and accurately disclose the material terms” of a contest. Further, such contests must be conducted “substantially as announced or advertised.”

The FCC concluded that CBS willfully violated these rules and fined the station $4,000.

update More information can be found in the document detailing Chapman’s complaint at CBS claimed that Joe Menchetti’s disqualification from Wing Bowl 12 should have made Chapman aware that non-IFOCE members were not welcome:

[Chapman’s] participation was incompatible with the IFOCE’s participation. Chapman had at least constructive or presumptive knowledge of this from the facts surrounding Gentleman Joe’s disqualification from Wing Bowl 12 and from the realities of the competitive eating world . . . In Wing Bowl 12, WIP established that with IFOCE eaters included as Wing Bowl competitors, professional eaters allied with national organizations that are active IFOCE rivals would not be welcome as competitors.

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Swallow Your Pride Wing Bowl documentary status?

I am curious if anyone has any news about “Swallow Your Pride”, a documentary filmed at the 2005 Wing Bowl. The movie’s website. is now defunct and I have not been able to find any information about screenings after the documentary won an award at the First Glance Film Festival in Philadelphia this summer.


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