Bunless hot dog contests in Philadelphia

As far as I am aware, Lynda Kuerth’s 1977 mark is still the unofficial Philadelphia record for bunless hot dog eating:

1977 Veterans Stadium, Lynda Kuerth, 23 hot dogs in 3:10, recognized as Guinness hot dog record until at least 1988
2005 Wing Bowl stunt, Humble “Bob” Shoudt qualified by eating 20 hot dogs in 3:40
2007 Wing Bowl stunt “Dr. WingLove” (3rd place in 2006 Wing Bowl) DQed attempting to eat 25 bunless hotdogs in 5 minutes
2008 Wing Bowl stunt “Sticky” Pete “Philly Guy Miernicki, ate 12-14 hot dogs in 3:30, needed to eat 20 hot dogs


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