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Dave Wood wins Kennett Square mushrooms

Results from Saturday’s eating contest at the Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square, PA (via Moe Train Eats email)

1st 4 lbs Dave “Termite” Wood ($1000)
2nd 3.5 lbs John “Tank” McDowell (also local winner $700)
3rd 3.25 lbs Dave “US Male” Goldstein ($500)

Local Amateurs
1st: 3.5 lbs John “Tank” McDowell ($200)
2nd: 1.5 lbs Tyler “Fungi-Ty” Smith ($100)

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The team of Wayne Algenio, Dave Brunelli and Dave Wood won the first prize of $1500 in today's pizza eating contest at Zoi's Pizza in Seymour, CT. update April 22 WPLR has a gallery
Nathan's qualifier registration notifications came out yesterday. Dave "The Termite" Wood was denied a spot in the Pocono qualifier despite being second in the wild card race last year.
Wing Bowl 24 competitors Dave "The Termite" Wood & Moe Train are the guests in the latest episode of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast. Tracy "Mmm Mmm" Goode's retirement was the main topic of the previous podcast.
Citizens' Voice has an article about Dave Wood competing in Wing Bowl 24. He is using the event to raise money for the Blue Chip Animal Refuge.
Dave "The Termite" Wood ate 4 pounds of SpaghettiOs in 67 seconds to qualify for Wing Bowl 24.
The Weekender has a report on Dave "The Termite" Wood's victory in the national Bar Louie Rock the Tot tater tot eating contest last month. His total of 4 pounds 2 ounces will be recognized as a Guinness World Record even though Molly Schuyler ate 6 pounds in 2013.

Dave Wood wins 2015 Rock the Tot finals

Ray Maas has uploaded a video of yesterday’s Rock the Tot finals in Cleveland. The amounts of tater tots eaten in 3 minutes according to that video:

1st 4.125 David “The Termite” Wood
2nd 3 Raymond Maas
3rd 2.9375 Mark “The Gripper” Kolbusz
4th 2.8125 Ian “The Invader” Hickman
5th 2.625 Pete “Broken Wing” Maurizio

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Dave "The Termite" Wood announces he won yesterday's contest at the NJ Taco Festival in Augusta, NJ.
Dave "The Termite" Wood ate 16 cannolis in 5 minutes to defend his title at La Festa in Scranton yesterday. Russ Keeler was runner up with 11.
Dave "Tiger Wings & Things" Brunelli won tonight's crab fries eating contest at Chickie's & Pete's in Philadelphia. Dave "The Termite" Wood was the runner up.
Bob Shoudt ate 17 Buffalo dogs in five minutes to win an eating contest held at the Rising Sun Inn in Telford, PA on July 4. Dave "The Termite" Wood was the runner up.
Dave "The Termite" Wood is the guest on the latest FBTS ppodcast. The current Nathan's wild card leader hopes to guarantee a finals spot by winning the Pocono qualifier.

April 16, 2015 Nathan’s wild card leaders

Dave Brunelli wins Rock the Tot finals

Dave Brunelli won tonight’s Rock the Tot finals in Cleveland with a total of 3 pounds and 12.7 ounces. Guinness is crediting that amount a record even though Molly Schuyler ate over 6 pounds in last year’s contest. (via Chance DeWerth) update Oct 27 The Times Tribune has an article about runner up Dave Wood.
update Oct 28 The finals results are now posted on rockthetot.com

1) Dave Brunelli
2) Dave Wood
3) Bob Kuhns
4) Tedy Delacruz
5) Amory Ronquillo

Joe Menchetti was originally listed as a finalist. His place was taken by Amory Ronquillo

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2014 Dover Nathan’s qualifier

update Oct 13 Joseph Cerulli has a video

update Oct 2 Berks County Eats has a contest report

update #2 Joseph Cerulli has a video

update Official results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

1W) Juliet Lee 35

1M) Eric “Badlands” Booker 32
2) Dave Wood 27.5
3) Micah Collins 23
4) Eric “Steakbellie” Livingston 20
5) “Wild” Bill Myers 17
6) Mike Barton 16
7) Tony Colbert 10
8) Eric Senzer 8
9) Lee Bibb 5
10) Jim Holloway 3

I have yet to see any results for today’s Nathan’s qualifier in Dover, Delaware. According to this picture, Eric “Badlands” Booker had at least 32 and Juliet Lee had at least 28.

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