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Molly Schuyler wins Wing Bowl 24

9:42 Top 5 from
1 429 Molly Schuyler
2 408 Pat Bertoletti
3 306 Bob Shoudt
4 234 US Male
5 191 Skin & Bones

9:01 The final top 2
1 429 Molly Schuyler
2 408 Pat Bertoletti
3 306 Bob Shoudt

8:57 The Wing Bowl twitter announces Molly Schuyler has won. Results have yet to be announced on the radio streaming.
8:52 The final 2 minute round is over

8:48 Top 5 at end of 2nd half
1 394 Molly Schuyler
2 374 Pat Bertoletti
3 291 Notorious B.O.B.
4 228 US Male
5 189 Skin & Bones

8:44 Penelope won Wingette of the year
8:41 Uncle Rico has been disqualified for reversing near Molly
8:35 Dave Brunelli has been disqualfied
8:30 Quazy has been disqualified
8:24 First Half Top 10
1 193 Molly Schuyler
2 191 Pat bertoletti
3 179 brunelli
4 163 Uncle Rico
5 153 Notorious B.O.B
6 143 US male
7 131 Quazy
8 125 Dave “Termite” Wood
9 121 Skin & Bones
10 118 Oink Oink

8:21 Danny the Marine has won best entourage. “Gravy” Brown was escorted from the stage by security. There has been a 4th disqualification disqualification. Blonde Mamba won the college division with 85 wings
8:11 The first half is over. LA Beast has been ejected.
8:09 “Anonymous” has reversed and been disqualified
8:06 WIP says Tim “Gravy” Brown has been disqualified for mixing plates of wings
8:05 Tim “Gravy” Brown has reversed and been disqualified
7:56 The contest has started
7:51 Pat Bertoletti has his eating contest trophies on his float
7:50 Molly Schuyler is riding on a rocket for her float
7:49 Bob Shoudt has entered his float is a giant replica of himself
7:47 Dennis Rodman has entered
7:36 Tim “Gravy” Brown is dressed as the Ppe and his float is a gravy boat
7:34 Dave Brunelli’s enters to “My Heart Will Go On” on a damaged ship float
7:31 US Male enters dressed as former Eagles coach Chip Kelly
7:17 Dave “The Termite” Wood is dressed as Hulk Hogan and has a wrestling ring in his float
7:08 Danny the Marine has a Humvee in her procession
7:07 LA Beast ate a cactus when he entered the arena

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Wing Bowl 24 previews

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Wing Bowl 24 competitors Dave "The Termite" Wood & Moe Train are the guests in the latest episode of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast. Tracy "Mmm Mmm" Goode's retirement was the main topic of the previous podcast.
The official odds for Wing Bowl 24 have been posted. Defending winner Pat Bertoletti is the favorite at 2-1, Molly Schuyler is at 3-1. The article contains an interview with Bob “The Notorious B.O.B.” Shoudt.
Nick Vadala of is covering this afternoon's weigh in for Wing Bowl 24 on his twitter. has a profile of Molly Schuyler billing her as "The LeBron James of Competitive Eating". has an article titled "Molly Schuyler Is Poised To Regain The Wing Bowl Crown". has an article about competitive eating training titled How Wing Bowl contestants eat 20 pounds of chicken in 30 minutes containing quotes from Dave "US Male" Goldstein. has an interview with Bill "El Wingador" Simmons about his life after getting released from prison. He will serve as a commentator for Wing Bowl 24 alongside Angelo Cataldi. In a Sports Skillet podcast (Jan 31, hour 2, minutes 6-21) The five-time Wing Bowl champion said he planned to release a book later this year and hopes to open a restaurant (via Stephanie Wu). has an interview with Bob Shoudt where he describes the origin of his nickname change from Humble Bob to Notorious B.O.B. has an interview with Dave Brunelli where he describes his wing eating techniques. He says his favorite Wing Bowl moment was finishing last year's competition without reversing.
CBS Philly has an interview with Pat Bertoletti about defense of his Wing Bowl title.
LA Beast has uploaded a video of a training session for Wing Bowl 24 that questions the safety of water training.
Citizens' Voice has an article about Dave Wood competing in Wing Bowl 24. He is using the event to raise money for the Blue Chip Animal Refuge.
WIP announced this morning that former NBA power forward Dennis Rodman will be the celebrity guest for Wing Bowl 24. has an article about Bob Shoudt's training session for Wing Bowl 24 tomorrow at Phamous Phil's BBQ in Collegeville Lower Providence, PA. update Jan 29 has an article and video about the session.
Dave "US Male" Goldstein is offering his final Wing Bowl 24 entourage pass in exchange for a $125 donation to Ainsley's Angels. has a report on last week's Wing Off at SugarHouse Casino won by Dave Brunelli. The Wing Bowl website has a contest video.
LA Beast will attempt to qualify for Wing Bowl 24 tomorrow morning by eating shelled eggs. The stunt will be webcast on Ustream. update Jan 19 LA Beast ate 24 shelled eggs in 3 minutes to qualify for Wing Bowl 24 update Jan 21 A video of the stunt is available
Danielle Gatlos ate 150 mussels to become the first female amateur to qualify for the Wing Bowl since Melissa "White Widow" Perzin competed in Wing Bowl 24. The Marine sergeant previously won the 2014 Mussel Bowl. Tim "Gravy" Brown also qualified by eating 10 hot dogs in 4 minutes while running on a treadmill.
Tomorrow's Wing Off at SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia will award $500 in addition to a Wing Bowl 24 spot.
Dave "The Termite" Wood ate 4 pounds of SpaghettiOs in 67 seconds to qualify for Wing Bowl 24.
Dave "US Male" Goldstein ate 24 balut this morning to qualify for Wing Bowl 24. (via email)
Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle will attempt to eat 24 shelled eggs in 4 minutes to qualify for Wing Bowl 24.
Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle says he was contacted by the Wing Bowl.
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