Dessert Eating Challenges category

Kyle Gibson (Kyle v Food) attempted to eat every sweet item available in Lidl's bakery section in under 20 minutes.
A clip of Nela Zisser's Nutella video posted by The Sun's twitter account currently has 3.9 million views, about 4 times the viewership of the recent Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest on ESPN.
Andrew Puhl ate 12 Swiss rolls in 34 seconds to win the third Elite Eats Entertainmnet video contest. Travis "Boomer Eats" M. was runner-up and Mike Hornacek was 3rd.
Raina Huang was challenged to eat 15 pounds of milk & cookies in a video for Buzzfeed's "Bring Me" series. is a blog by Jackie Voigt documenting her quest to complete every dessert eating challenge in the country. Her latest entry documents her conquest of the Earthquake sundate at the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop in San Francisco. (facebook | twitter)
Naader Reda has a blog entry about his trip to Tuscon in January, where he attempted the five pound burrito at La Botana and the Sugar OD at Something Sweet Dessert Lounge.
Clarion Online has an article about the challenge offered by The Cookie Mill in Azuza, CA consisting of 8 scoops of ice cream between two big cookies.