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Full Gluttonous Queen 2006 available

The entire broadcast of last year’s Gluttonous Queen program is available in 10 parts at http://www.youtube.com/user/iwasakinyama


Gluttonous Queen 2006 & other Japanese videos

Gluttonous Queen 2006 clips
Tokyo Qualifier – Miyuki Iwata vs. Tomoko Miyake
Osaka Qualifier – Gal Sone vs. Nurse

Clips from a show where Gal Sone eats food items with national flags on a conveyor belt. There are women in the audience from the countries corresponding to the flags.
Part 1
Part 2

Reuploads of removed videos
Gal Sone’s 40000 calorie journey
Gal Sone’s karaoke with speedeating interlude

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Miyake & Miyuki dine

Tomoko Miyake has a blog entry about her dinner with Miyuki Iwata, who was runner up in last year’s “Gluttonous Queen” and Tokyo Nathan’s qualifier, but has had a low profile since those events.

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First round of 2005 “Gluttonous King” available on youtube

The first round of the 2005 “Gluttonous King” contest televised on TV Tokyo has been uploaded to youtube. Natsuko “Gal” Sone avoided elimination by eating 6 grams more of bread than Miyuki Iwata.

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Japanese female competitive eater news

(Since some readers don’t care for posts about Japanese eaters not named Kobayashi, I will combine these links into a single post to make them easier to ignore)

Miyuki Iwata has an interview (in English) from after her victory in Shanghai.

Tomoko Miyake has a video (apparently some type of audition tape). Toro has a translation of the transcript.

Natsuko “Gal” Sone was crowned “King” after completing 5 eating challenges at gansotorokatsu curry. It took her only 2 days to complete all five challenges.

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Miyuki Iwata wins Asia Eating Contest in Shanghai

The Shanghai Daily reports that Miyuki Iwata (岩田ミユキ) , runner up in last month’s “Gluttonous Queen” contest, won the Asia Eating Contest held at the Shanghai Jiuguang Department Store. Iwata’s non-contest meals are at least as impressive as her contest performance. A typical meal for her weighs 6kg (13.2 lb, more than Denny’s 96er burger) She claims to spend most of her salary on food and once spent $3,548 on food one month. This is Iwata’s second Chinese contest in 2006; she won a Hong Kong contest in January.

Updated 10:52 PM: China Daily has a photo gallery of the contest

Updated May 29 12:55 AM: Shanghaist has a blog entry about the contest.

Updated May 30 12:48 AM: People’s Daily has a photo gallery

A Chinese language report and preview are also available

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Gluttonous Queens on You Tube

You Tube has a 9 minute video of the final contest of the “Gluttonous Queen” program broadcast last month at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAm8AJ-RMfk
Natsuko “The Gal” Sone claimed the crown by eating more bowls of spicy noodles than the other two finalists: Iwata and “The Nurse.”

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Oogui 2006 : Gluttonous Queen of Japan

oogui 2006 qualifiers

I have been able to track down information about the Japanese television series about female competitive eaters I wrote about earlier this week. The show, Oogui 2006, is broadcast on TV Tokyo and the second episode will be televised Sunday night. (The program debuted on Tuesday.) The program’s home page is http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/oogui2006/ (Google translation) If Japanese competitive eating can command 2 hours of broadcast television in prime time Sunday night, it cannot be doing that badly.

In the contest, seven competitors are chosen from two qualifiers and then a series of contests are held which eliminate the last place finisher until only the champion remains. A similar event open to both genders was held last fall. Three qualifiers in the women’s contest also qualified for the open contest: Miyuki Iwata, Tomoko Mikaye, and Natsuko “The Gal” Sone. I am assuming that no slots in the open contest were reserved for women. Those three are the favorites for the women’s contest. Iwata is generally considered the top Japanese female competitive eater after Takako Akasaka (she lost the 2005 Tokyo Nathan’s qualifier by just one hot dog), but “The Gal” has more “upside” because she is only 19 while Iwata is 32. (I hope to write individual posts about the above three competitors later this week.)

Japanese Blog entries about the contest can be found at: Everyday of the R sea bass gluttony (Google translation) and Much & Fast (Google translation)

Click below for screen captures from the contest and additional information

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