Shahina “UK Chilli Queen” Waseem category

The Guardian has an article about the popularity of super spicy chili peppers focusing on the PuckerButt Pepper Company, whose new "Pepper X" claimed the record for the pepper with the highest Scoville rating from the Carolina Reaper. "UK Chilli Queen" Shahina Waseem is also interviewed.
SWLondoner has an interview with Shahina "Chilli Queen" Waseem, who hopes to extend her winning streak in spicy eating contests to 100 competitions.
The US Sun has an interview of "UK Chilli Queen" Shahina Waseem, who bills herself as the world's number on chilli eater.
The Daily Star has an article about Shahina "UK Chilli Queen" Waseem and her quest for 120 consecutive victories in spicy eating contests. She will compete at the Foodies Festivals to be held in England this summer.
"UK Chilli Queen" Shahina Waseem faced off against Jordan North in a pepper eating contest on today's episode of "Game of Talents" televised on the British network ITV.
The Guardian has an article about the world of spicy food challenges with quotes from Dustin "Atomik Menace" Johnson and Shahina "UK Chilli Queen" Waseem.