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The New Zealand Herald has an article about how Nela Zisser has stayed healthy over her decade long competitive eating career.
The New Zealand Herald reports that Nela Zisser ate 298 grams of chicken nuggets in one minute to break the previous Guinness World Record of 200 grams.
Nela Zisser and Jesse "Food Coma" Freeman collaborated on a project where they produced videos of themselves eating KFC Family Feast buckets as fast as possible. Daily Mail has an article about Nela's video. reports that Nela Zisser and Max Key, son of John Key, the New Zealand prime minister from 2008 to 2016, attempted to eat 500 chicken nuggets. They finished about 150 before both reversing. update The video has been released.
Nela Zisser has started a "Chairman Bao" challenge at her restaurant "Tucks & Bao" in Auckland, NZ. The sandwich will be free if her time of 23.29 is beaten.
The Southland Times has an interview with Nela Zisser containing her training advice.
At the end of a pizza challenge video, Nela Zisser announces that she is going to open an Asian restaurant in Auckland, NZ.
Te Waha Nui has an interview with Nela Zisser, who hopes switching to a one hot dog at a time strategy will put her in the top five in the women's division of the Nathan's finals.
Nela Zisser appeared Australia's Daily Edition to talk about her latest video where she ate 10 scorpions in Thailand. She hopes to surpass Yuka Kinoshita's mark of 62 McDonalds burgers in an upcoming video. (Daily Mirror article)
Yahoo7 has an interview with Nela Zisser, who says she has signed a MLE contract.
The New Zealand Herald has an article about Nela Zisser's preparation for the Nathan's finals. She plans to resume her New Zealand competitive eating career July 18 in a ramen eating contest awarding $1000.
Nela Zisser announces on her facebook page (in a comment) that she will be competing in Nathan's hot dog eating contest. update The Huffington Post confirms that Nela will receive a bye in the women's Nathan's finals (via comment) | Nela's latest Filet O Fish video | Appearance on Paul Henry Show where Nela says her goal is 30-40 hot dogs on July 4.
The Daily Mail has an interview with Nela Zisser about the video where she ate the 1kg burrito at Mad Mex in Auckland, NZ in 1:44. More coverage: Telegraph | Mashable | Maxim
Nela Zisser has uploaded a video of her eating the 1kg burrito at Mad Mex in 1:44.
Today's eating contest at Burger Burger in Auckland, NZ was won by Nela Zisser, Miss Earth New Zealand 2013.
Devo Dvious won today's eating contest at Sal's Pizza in Auckland, NZ to claim the first prize of $2500NZ. Colin "The Conqueror" MacLaurin was runner-up and defending champ Nela Zisser was 5th.
The Otago Daily Times has an article about New Zealand composer Jeremy Mayall, who claims to possess 15 competitive eating world records.
Nela Louise Zisser ate 11 slices of cheese pizza in 12 minutes to win a contest held at Sal's Pizza in Auckland, NZ.  
NewZealandHerald reports that Kiwi Prime Minister John Key competed in an oyster eating contest, placing third in his qualifier.

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Pizza regurgitated by Gene Simmons (KISS) for sale

TV3 of New Zealand has video of Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS competing in a pizza contest. (Extended video) Apparently the winner of the contest was credited with a Guinness world record. A New Zealand auction website lists the pizza regurgitated by Simmons. The starting bid is $1000.

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Link Buffet: February 27, 2008

Miami Herald columnist endorses Ryan Nerz’s call for a jalapeno eating contest between Obama and Clinton to determine the Democratic nomination
Maori wins New Zealand pizza contest
Frederick Kaufman (A Short History of the American Stomach) podcast on Seattle Public Radio
Munch Madness 2008, Connecticut team “bar bite” contest w/ 4 qualifiers, first prize is 4 Opening Day NE Patriot tickets (from Jill Stoler’s blog)
Emmanuel wins Chicago Wing Fest (see picture above)
PaulieSaurus Pizza prize now over $350
Cereal Mega Bowl challenge equal to 1 box of cereal in now closed Asheville, NC cereal restaurant
Kyoto tofu contest, won by Hiroko Kurita
Podcast of “Furious” Pete’s appearance on Frank Pastore’s radio show in which they discuss their 72 ounce steak marks (from AICE news)
Denver meetup group Feb 29 Slyder contest to award $100 gift certificate

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Private KFC eating contest draws ire of New Zealand officials has an article about a Kentucky Fried Chicken Eating contest in New Zealand. Even though the contest was an informal affair not open to the public, it still drew criticism from public officials:

The event drew the ire of Waikato District Health Board officials who said it sent the wrong message at a time when the district and country were facing an obesity epidemic.