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LPGA golfer Michelle Wie says her favorite sport to watch on television was the hot dog eating contest and plans to compete against Charlie Rymer of the Golf Channel in a rib eating contest. (picture of a "warmup")
People looking to increase their eating ability for future Thanksgivings might want to follow the advice of Tara, an Australian currently living in London, who describes how she increased her daily calorie intake from 1200 to 3500-4000 and repaired metabolic damage after starting strongwoman training. (Her instagram | a food diary).
Former golf phenom Michelle Wie has posted a picture of a pepper eating contest held in Mexico on her twitter.
Female distance runners on Nike's Oregon Project team dined at Salyer's Old Country Kitchen in Portland last night and took a picture with the restaurant's 72 ounce steaks. (No information is provided if anyone ordered the steak challenge.)
USA Today has an article about the 9,000 calories Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones eats every day to gain weight for bobsledding. Her daily intake includes 2,730 calories from protein shakes and McDonald's double bacon cheeseburgers. (via Bleacher Report)
In a Huffington Post column, ultramarathon swimmer Diana Nyad condemns competitive eating. During training for her long-distance swims in the 1970s, she claimed to eat 12,000 calories a day.
The cheerleaders from Sonora High defeated the football team from La Habra High at the La Habra (CA) Corn Festival today. The cheerleaders and football teams from the schools were to have faced off, but the Sonora High football team did not show up.
For her 10000th tweet, hurdler Lolo Jones announced she was eating a 10,000 calorie meal to gain weight for bobsledding.
Swedish female bodybuilder Sophie Arvebrink claims she ate 7,000-8,000 calories a day over three weeks.
Maggie KillNBrawl and Fractious Phoebe of the Savannah Derby Devils will compete in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier.
Repost: MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, who will headline UFC 157 tonight, talks about the possibility of crossing over into competitive eating in a Fight Hub interview video from March 2012 (2:30 mark)
In "Furious" Pete Czerwinski's most recent video he has an eating contest with IFBB fitness pro Jody Boam at the Mongolian Grill after they had an upper body training session. (In other Canadian female bodybuilder news, Amanda Lau completed the "Doris" burger challenge at Soda Jerks in Edmonton in July.)
Heather Mitts of the US Women's National Soccer Team claims she won $500 in a eating contest today.
CombosBrand has a video of a spicy eating contest between WWE wrestlers CM Punk and Eve Torres. (via WrestlingInc)

Mike Longo, Dale Boone win BGR Burger qualifiers

update Sept 19 Chris (last name not given) won the Tampa qualifier

update 10:15 Dale Boone won the Atlanta qualifier with 20 sliders

WUSA9 has an article about the Bethesda qualifier with full results and a video

Tito Jackson has a video

update 4:15 Bethesda Now has a gallery and short article

update 12:54 Mike Longo has the top 3 for the Bethesda, MD qualifier
1) Mike Longo 17 sliders, $500
2) Tyron Hill 11
3) John Henderson 7 (additional results will be added as they come in)

A qualifier for the National Cheeseburger Slider Eating Championship will be held today at BGR in Tampa (female bodybuilder Emery Miller will apparently compete). The date was originally announced as September 28. Additional qualifiers awarding $500 and a trip to the championship in May 2013 will be held tomorrow in Bethesda, MD, Coral Gables, FL, Atlanta and possibly Point Loma, CA.

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NewsDay is running a poll asking whether certain sports should be added to the Olympics. Competitive eating is currently at 11% (171 votes) for / 89% (1359 votes) against.
Judo bronze medalist Marti Malloy describes herself as "professional eater and 2012 Judo Olympian" in her twitter bio on @Martidamus.
Jack Loonam has pictures of Erin Duddy, a member of the University of Georgia equestrian team, finishing the 5.5 pound burger challenge at Stuffed Burger in Athens, GA. She was the first woman to finish the challenge and her time of 29 minutes was a quarter of the 1:56 it took Ben Jones, a lineman for the Houston Texans, needed to complete the challenge (gallery). update June 19 The restaurant facebook has a gallery.
Ronda Rousey, who will fight Miesha Tate for the Strikeforce bantamweight women's title tomorrow, says she inhales her meals in a video interview and discusses the possibility of competing against Takeru Kobayashi in an eating contest (2:40 mark)
An article about local pizzerias in the Vassar student newspaper lists Brittany Davis, a member of the cross-country team, as the sole finisher of the 30 inch pizza challenge at Marco's Pizza in Poughkeepsie, NY. (The challenge is for 2 people; her partner is not mentioned) (Video | Picture)
DailyMail.co.uk has an article about British bodybuilder Rene Campbell, who intends to eat 4200 calories a day until she weighs 20 stone (280 pounds). Her current weight is 13.5 stone (189 pounds).
61 year old ultramarathon swimmer Diana Nyad has just started her attempt to swim from Cuba to Key West. CNN.com has a page tracking her progress. She has been eating 9000 calories a day, mainly in non-solid form, to prepare for her journey, which is a decrease from the 12000 calories a day she ate in the 1970s. update Diana Nyad quit Tuesday morning after swimming 29 hours.
Jocelyn Bendijo, quarterback of the Lingerie Football League's Minnesota Valkyries, announced she wants to compete in an eating contest at the Minnesota State Fair.
The Orange County Register has an article about Damon Wells and Stephanie Torres competing in the Nathan's finals which reports that Stephanie Torres won a CIF-Southern Section Division II championship in cross country in 2003 earning her the title of OC Register Girl Runner of the Year.
The Facebook for Mac 24/7 in Honolulu has a picture of bodybuilder Nikki Warner, who finished the Mac-Daddy pancake challenge on April 16 and then ate an order of chicken wings. Her time of 25 minutes is listed as the third fastest overall behind Joey Chestnut (15 minutes) and the woman who finished the challenge in 24 minutes without leaving her name who was given the pseudonym "Jane Dough".
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