Mexican eating challenges and contests category reports that 48 year old Hugo Ismael passed away after choking after eating a slice of French bread during a pozole eating contest held in Tinum, Mexico. Not only were there no EMT present at the contest site, no doctors at all were available at all in Tinum or the neighboring town of Uayama, requiring transport to Valladolid Hospital, where Ismael was declared dead. Pozole is a dish originally invented by the Aztecs which included flesh from warriors sacrificed in sun worship rituals. Spaniards replaced the human meat with pork. (original Spanish article).
Hyperallergic has a review of Raul Ortega Ayala's art exhibition Food for Thought currently showing in Mexico City. One of the screens has a competitive eater named Tim doing a training session with Nathan's hot dogs. The competitor is named Tim, but does not appear to be Eater X.
Registration is open on for the Taco Total International Taco Eating Championship that will award $5,500 to the winner on July 15 in downtown Los Angeles. Qualifiers will take place in the Los Angeles area and Mexico City.
MMA fighters competed in a taco eating contest held in honor of UFC 180, the first Ultimate Fighting Championship card held in Mexico. (via Will Millender)
Machete started a thread on reddit about finishing the La Peque burger challenge at Tetto's Burger in Hermosillo, Mexico which has over 300 comments.  
Jorge Esquer finished the 2.5+ kg burger challenge at Holy Cow Burger & Beer Joint in Hermosillo, Mexico.  
The twitter for Nathan's Famous of Mexico posted a picture of a hot dog eating contest.
Former golf phenom Michelle Wie has posted a picture of a pepper eating contest held in Mexico on her twitter.

Aspiring Mexican chili pepper champion

(Thanks Brian Subich) MSNBC has an article about Manuel Quiroz, a Mexican taxi driver who aims to be the worlds champion chili pepper eater, but who is impeded from his goal by the lack of any chili pepper eating contest. He won $2,000 in a contest sponsored by a Mexican TV station.

Chilies are the pride of Mexico,” Quiroz said. “The world chili-eating champion has got to be here.”

Quiroz said he has never been examined by a doctor to find out if there is a medical explanation for his extraordinary endurance to the spice.

“Why would I go and see a doctor?” he said. “There is nothing wrong with me. Eating chilies makes me feel great.”

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