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Three random Long Beach eating challenges
big burrito Monster Challenge El Coyote Mexican Restaurant San Pedro, CA
3 ft. sub 36 Inch Philly Cheesteak Sandwich Big Mike's Sandwiches Hermosa Beach, CA
5 lb. burger The Five Alarm Burger Buffalo Fire Department Torrance, CA total weight 5 lbs. 1 lb. bun, 2 lb. meat, 1 lb. cheese, 1 lb. toppings and 1lb. of fries.
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Chili Cheese Fries entrants

QueenMary.com has a list of entrants for today’s chili cheese fries contest. All eaters ranked #2-#8 are expected. The full list is available after the jump. The contest is expected to take place between 1 and 2 pm (4 and 5 pm eastern)

There has been little press coverage for this contest. This brief article about Jed Donahue was the only preview I could find.

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Queen Mary Chili Cheese Fries II Feb 17

The second Queen Mary World Chili Cheese Fries Eating Championship will be held in Long Beach on February 17. The purse is $10,000. Last year’s chili cheese fries contest was the last time Sonya Thomas defeated Joey Chestnut in an event she won. There contest will be held in conjunction with the Scottish Festival and an amateur haggis contest will be held.


LA Weekly article by chili cheese fries entrant

“Dog” Davis, the last place finisher in the Queen Mary chili cheese fries contest, wrote an article for LA Weekly about his experience in that event.


Long Beachcomber article on chili cheese fries contest

The Long Beachcomber has an article about last Saturday’s Wienerschnitzel World Chili Cheese Fries Eating Championship at the Queen Mary. The article gives “El Toro’s” real name and also claims that a father & son duo (which the author probably mislabeled Joey and Paul Chestnut) competed in the event.


Full list of chili cheese fries results

Thanks to IFOCE.com for providing a full listing of chili cheese fries finishers along with amounts eaten. A prize money breakdown besides the $4,000 first place amount is still not available.

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Losanjealous covers the chili cheese fries contest

Ryan of the losanjealous blog has a writeup of yesterday’s chili cheese fries contest at the Queen Mary. He was asked by George Shea to help judge the contest. Several pictures are available.


Queen Mary chili cheese fries results thread

Please post any results or other information about the chili cheese fries contest in Long Beach in the comments for this entry.

Updated 7:35 pm – Official results from IFOCE.com and SonyaTheBlackWidow.com:

Updated 11:02 pm – almost complete results from Loren “Bubba” Yarbrough

1st 8.125 Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas Alexandria, VA
2nd 8.0625 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut San Jose, CA
3rd 5.969 Tim “Eater X” Janus New York City, NY
4th 5.703 Jed “The Jalapeno King” Donahue Huntington Beach, CA
5th 5.625 Rich “The Locust” LeFevre Henderson, NV
6th 4.875 Chip “The Phenom” Simpson Harrisville, PA
7th 4.844 Ron Koch Las Vegas, NV
8th 3.906 Ken “Mongo” Federighi Ocean City, MD
9th 3.469 Erik “Gumby” Denmark
10th 2.8125 Paul Chestnut stopped eating to cheer Joey
11th 2.781 Larry “The Legend” McNeil Atlanta, GA
12th 2.125 “El Toro”
13th 1.9375 “Dog”
14th ? Unknown

A breakdown of the $10,000 prize money allocation would be appreciated.

Sonya mentions on her website that she is going to cut down on the number of events she enters. I hope her reduction in contest frequency is her own choice and not the result of other factors.

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Queen Mary chili cheese fries preview

The Queen Mary website has a page about Saturday’s chili cheese fries contest. The list of expected entrants includes the top two finishers in last Friday’s Wing Bowl 14, Joey Chestnut and Rich LeFevre, along with Southern California’s top eater, Jed Donahue. Sonya Thomas is not listed as one of the expected competitors. Garret Morris, a member of the original Saturday Night Live cast, will compete in a celebrity sausage eating contest.

Updated 2/9 9:48 am The LA Times has a brief preview of the contest

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