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Tom Balmforth reports that a female victor of a vareniki (dumpling) eating contest in Lviv, Ukraine died on stage while receiving her prize. has an English article about the fatality. update Nov 20 The Express gives the name of the deceased as 53 year old Lyana Koroleva.
RIA Novotski reports that an unnamed 19 year old girl was hospitalized after choking in a banana eating contest held in the Ukrainian town of Grebensky on December 22. reports that a 77 year old man died after winning a dumpling eating contest held in The Ukraine. The Gazet van Antwerpen uses a picture of Kobayashi at Nathan's to illustrate it article about the death. update Sept 21 The Guardian has more about the death.

US vs. Ukraine team dumpling contest in 2009?

Youtube has a news video about a vareniki dumpling eating contest held in Kyiv, Ukraine. A photo gallery of the competition is also available. Anatoliy Klepach won the contest by eating 90 dumplings in 7 minutes and was presented with a trophy in the form of a giant dumpling. The contest was held outside in the snow.

The caption contains the following information about a possible upcoming contest:

The real fan of Ukrainian cuisine is Alexander Gutmakher, organizer of the event. The first time he held this championship was in New York with the support of the Mayor. Next year he is planning to hold the Championship with Ukrainian and American teams.

The New York contest mentioned might be the 2002 pelmeni eating contest. The New York Times reports that Alexander Gutmakher has promoted events in New York City. reports
that Klepach’s next opponent will be Oleg Zhornitskiy, who has not competed in an IFOCE contest since the US Open of Competitive Eating in 2005

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Link Buffet: October 21, 2008

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Let me hear your belly-achers ringing out

Yahoo news has a slideshow of a salo (pig’s fat) festival in Lutsk, Ukraine. A salo eating contest was held in which Volodymur Stregalin ate a kilogram of salo in 25 minutes. A 141 foot long salo sandwich was also assembled during the festival.