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Theo Malini produced a video (longer video) French food challenger Alan FoodChallenge a fake for spitting out food while recording his videos. (He apparently forgot to edit out his regurgitation). The criticism of Alan FoodChallenge has gone viral in French-language media with LeParisien, and Independant producing articles about the alleged deception. Alan has responded by saying he will do a live uncut taco eating challenge on Sunday. updateSunday, Alan attempted to eat what he claimed were 5 GigaTacos, but could finish only about 1.5. The restaurant supplying the tacos said they were smaller XL tacos and not Gigatacos

Kate Yup passes 1 million youtube subscribers

The Kate Yup youtube channel (started in March 2018) just passed one million subscribers despite releasing no new videos in over 14 months. If you consider her a European food challenger (she originally gave her location as France or Belgium), she is the first female in that category to reach that milestone.

The channel stars a woman wearing a mask and the top half of her head is never shown. She is recorded behind a table loaded with food (usually seafood) which she eats with her bare hands. There are no other people in Kate Yup’s videos and information is conveyed with on-screen graphics instead of talking. All videos are recorded indoors at an undisclosed location.

In 2019, speculation about Kate Yup’s channel took a negative turn, with theories circulating that she was being forced by kidnappers to make her videos. Kate addressed those allegations in an August 2019 video titled “I Am Alive”, which failed to dispel the rumors.

The most recent video Kate uploaded was on November 10, 2019, in which she continued with a seafood feast despite losing two teeth during her meal. Since that date there have been no videos or other social media posts from her.

I do not currently have any hard evidence about the Kate Yup situation, but I plan to do a series of posts curating the information I do possess to facilitate other people’s investigations.


Former professional cyclist Conor Dunne attempted to eat the diet of a Tour de France competitor which consists of 6,000 to 7,000 calories.
The French series L’EFFET PAPILLON (Butterfly Effect) televised an episode about American competitive eating. The program appears to focus on Wing Bowl 26. Raina Huang also appears.
Parisian Kate Yup has started a food challenge / ASMR youtube channel. In her latest video, she eats 5kg (11 lbs) of salmon, which she bills as a world record.
Team Chomp, consisting of Joey Chestnut and Tim "Eater X" Janus, was eliminated from season 30 of The Amazing Race after they had difficulty solving a puzzle based on a Van Gogh painting at the end of last night's episode recorded in south France. They were beat out for the final spot by Team Wellstrung, a pair of bodybuilding violinists. Other challenges Team Chomp did yesterday included boating with a single person sailboat, catapult construction, sandal making and a bocce style game called petanque. Team Chomp was the only duo to attempt the painting challenge; other teams did a challenge in a Roman arena now used for bullfighting.

QZ on 18th century Frenchman has an article about Tarrare, born in 1772 in Lyon, France.

By the time he was 17, he was reportedly 100 pounds (about 45 kg), and consumed a quarter of a cow’s worth of beef per day. He ran away from home and joined a freak show, where he delighted attendees by eating anything—literally anything—they gave him, which ranged from a basket of apples, dozens of eggs, and even wine corks and flints.

Comments (1) has an article in French on how Takeru Kobayashi and Randy Santel prepare their stomach for large Christmas meals.
Today's featured Wikipedia entry is Charles Domery, a Polish soldier whose extreme hunger resulted in desertion from the Prussians to join the French Revolutionary Army in 1792 in search of better rations. As a prisoner of war in Liverpool, he received 10 times the normal amount of food. He reportedly ate 174 cats in a calendar year and would eat 4 or 5 pounds of grass a day if no other food was on hand. (via Wild Bill)
The Wire has an article about the daily diets of Tour de France riders which contain up to 9,000 calories. (via Justin Zoradi)
Cookware manufacturer Le Creuset produced a cartoon of a coq au vin eating contest for the new All You Can Eat Issue of Lucky Peach magazine. is accepting votes on who you think would win the contest.
Nathan's finals reruns will be televised on the Extreme Sports Channel in the UK from April 21 to April 28. The French Extreme Sports Channel will televise the finals starting on May 12.  
A fake trailer video (may not be safe for work) has been produced for "Feed to Kill", a horror movie set in the world of French competitive eating. Project blog | facebook (via Dread Central)
The Guardian has an article about a 0.6 kg pound (1.32 pounds) burger named after soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic available at Doddy's Cafe in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. (video)
The French network TV 2 did a segment about Joel Podelsky and his weight loss. (via email)
Acta Diurna has an article (in French) about Man vs. Food calling it "Pornographie alimentaire". has an article about competitive eating in French calling competitive eaters "les ogres modernes".

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