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Three random Cardiff eating challenges
extra large cod Man v Food Challenge O'Shea's Cafe and Takeaway Barry, Wales, UK includes 3 sausages, 3 fish cakes, 10 chicken nuggets, extra large chips, large milkshake, available 11-4 on weekends
bowl spicy chilli Possessed Chilli in Dough Bowl The North Star Cardiff, Wales, UK available Wednesday nights
6 pancakes Pancake Stack Sizzle and Grill Cardiff, Wales, UK topped w/ice cream, bananas or mixed fruit
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Wales Online reports that Sizzle & Grill, a Cardiff restaurant with numerous eating challenges, was cited with 18 food hygiene offences and received a food hygiene rating of 0 (it has been upgraded to 2). The owner, Paul Stevens, also admitted that he received £37,830 worth of illegal housing benefit and income support.  
The Daily Star has an article about the "Man vs Food" menu at the Sizzle and Grill in Cardiff, Wales which contains 40 eating challenges. update The Daily Mail also has an article.
The Cardiffian reports that Ieuan Lloyd, a member of a Great Britain swim relay in the London 2012 games, won a pie eating contest held in Cardiff, Wales with a total of 6.5 pies in 10 minutes. (video)