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Three random Montreal eating challenges
big bowl XXXL Pho Challenge Pho Thai Laval, QC, Canada
5 lb. burger Spank Me Burger La Belle et la Boeuf Montreal, QC, Canada diners who fail to finish burger will get spanked
big burger B44 Challenge - trio Robbie's Smokehouse & Burger Bar Kahnawake, QC, Canada includes fries and coleslaw
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MTLblog has a post about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran's trip to Montreal to attempt the Pizza Spano challenge and the "Spank Me" burger challenge from La Belle et La Boeuf.
Chez Ma Tante in Montreal will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 18 awarding $500 to the winner.
CBC has an article about Montreal competitive eating focusing on Veronica Boggia. The report documents her completion the challenge at Pizza Spanos in 17:10, about half the time (31:56) previous record-holder Randy Santel required. has an article in French about American competitive eating focusing on Bob Shoudt. Molly Schuyler, Raina Huang and Fink Beats the Stomach are also mentioned.
A video about the 15 pound "Heart Attack" poutine challenge at Poutineville in Montreal is currently the #1 trending video on Youtube.
Veronica Boggia finished The Great Pizza Spano Meat Lover Challenge at Pizza Spano in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec in 19 minutes, breaking Randy Santel's previous record by 12 minutes. update On July 12, Veronica was the first person to finish (in 25 minutes) the challenge at Le Gras Dur in Montreal, which consists of 5 pounds of poutine, a 2 pound burger, a root beer float and 4 fried Oreos.
Annie Leblanc, a runner on the University of Oregon track team from Montreal, announces she was the first female to finish the giant pancake challenge at Addi's 'S Diner in Springfield, OR.
Bud Light Canada has a video of former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell facing a fan in a hot wing eating contest held in Montreal.
MMA fighter Chuck Liddell competed in a wing eating contest at MacLeans Pub In Montreal tonight.
Journal de Montreal has a list (in French) of 5 Montreal food challenges. (via LilSon)
The student newspaper for Concordia University of Montreal has an article about the "chompionship" for Canadian college students. Takeru Kobayashi will be a guest competitor in the finals in Toronto on October 28. update accepts votes for entrants who have submitted videos.
Jamie McDonald will attempt to eat 15 pounds of poutine at Poutineville in Montreal tonight. update Jamie completed it in 25:35 update March 9 A video of Jamie's appearance on Global Montreal is available.
While the NHL lockout remains in force, P K Subban of the Montreal Canadiens ate a forty ounce steak in Delray Beach.
The student newspaper for McGill University has an article about its poutine eating contest against a team from Concordia University in Montreal tomorrow.
Epic Meal Time will hold a live performance in Montreal on July 27.
Jukebox Burgers reports that ABC's Nightline recorded a segment about Epic Meal Time at its Montreal location last night.
Jukebox Burgers in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec (Montreal area) has the Epic Meal Time Trio challenge on its menu, consisting of two 8 ounce patties topped with chili, macaroni & cheese and bacon served between two grilled cheese sandwiches along with an order of poutine and a milkshake.
Epic Meal Time has a video with footage of the team of "Furious" Pete Czerwinski and "Muscles Glasses" competing in Sunday's eating contest at Poutineville in Montreal. "Muscles Glasses'" reversal is not shown and the contest segment concludes with the team holding an empty dish while the narrator calls them the champs. (via email)
Midnight Poutine has a blog entry about Sunday's eating contest held at Poutineville in Montreal. The winning team had been finished for about 15 minutes when "Muscles Glasses" of Epic Meal Time reversed, disqualifying his partner "Furious" Pete Czerwinski.
ShutUpAndEatMTL reports that "Muscles Glasses" of Epic Meal Time reversed at today's eating contest held at Poutineville in Montreal which also disqualified his teammate "Furious" Pete Czerwinski. The Pineapple Express team won the contest. update Oct 3 "Furious" Pete has posted a picture that appeared in the Montreal Gazette.
PoutineVille announces that "Furious" Pete Czerwinski and Muscles Glasses from Epic Meal Time will be participating in its poutine eating contest in Montreal on Sunday.
PoutineVille in Montreal will hold the Défi Poutineville Challenge on October 2 awarding over $1500 in prizes.
The Montreal Mirror has an article about the French-Canadian roots of the team responsible for producing Epic Meal Time.
CTV has an article on Québécois' disappointment in holding the Toronto poutine contest outside of the birthplace province of the dish which states that Québéc residents are blocked from the three at-large contest slots due to provincial law.
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